What I Want in a PlayStation 5

Sony will not be attending next year’s E3. This has come as a shock to the entire gaming world as this will be the first time the company has decided to skip the annual trade show. It’s not like Nintendo not attending E3 because they still make their presence felt with their Nintendo Direct shows. No, it looks like Sony will be taking the cold turkey approach and just not show up. 

Why would Sony ditch E3 after being a loyal follower for so many years? Well, rumors and speculation regarding this move revolve around the strong possibility that Sony is readying for a huge announcement for 2020. Most fans are guessing that Sony is skipping next year’s E3 since they’re readying for the unveiling of their new console, the PlayStation 5, two years from now!

Okay, this is all speculation at the moment, but the timing does fit. It’s been just a few days the PlayStation 4’s five year anniversary and, while the console seems to just be hitting its stride, we’re all starting to wonder when Sony will be announcing their next console. Heck, we’ve been thinking that for a while now!

So, with that in mind, I’d like to go over a few things I’d want to see in Sony’s next next generation console.

Let’s start with something easy. Call it the PlayStation 5. There are rumors that Sony is planning to rebrand their next iteration of consoles and I can sort of see why it may seem like a good idea. Saying something is the fifth in a line does come off as something that’s just aging and plain old. This is probably why Nintendo calls their systems something different and why Microsoft eschews the “classic” numbering system with the Xbox line.  

But the thing is, Sony already has strong brand recognition with the PlayStation name. It’s something gamers know and have gotten comfortable with. Letting go of the PlayStation brand kind of seems like sacrilege now. So I say Sony should just go use the traditional numbering… for now, anyway.

Another thing I would want for the PlayStation 5 is backwards compatibility. Yeah, it’s something that PlayStation users have been begging for Sony to put back in their consoles ever since they introduced the “revolutionary” process in the PlayStation 2. The PS3 at launch was backwards compatible with PS2 games but this function was removed much later. You could still play PS1 games on any PS3, which is kind of odd, in my opinion.

It kind of seems like a pipe dream now since Sony has practically ditched backwards compatibility since the PS4. But there is some hope that Sony can develop the PS5 around the idea that it has to be backwards compatible with games from their older systems. I wouldn’t expect them to develop the PS5 to be backwards compatible with PS4 games as that would may prove too difficult to emulate.

I do think it’s totally possible for Sony’s next generation system to play the earlier generation of games from the PS1 up to the PS3. However, it may be possible since Microsoft managed to get the Xbox One have some form of backwards compatibility with a lot of Xbox 360 games. Hopefully, Sony takes a page from Microsoft in this aspect.

This actually segues nicely to the next thing I’d want in a PlayStation 5: it has to be able to run games from a disc. I mean, how’d you expect to run your library of old games if it didn’t have a disc drive? But in all seriousness, I really still want the PS5 to allow game discs.

I do understand that there’s the entire convenience factor for purchasing everything online and just downloading them from the comfort of your own home. There’s also the other, mostly unspoken issue regarding disc drives wearing out, rendering your console unable to run games. But, honestly, I just love holding the games in my hand! Oh, and there are other factors, such as retail stores slashing prices on physical games while games on the PlayStation Store keeping their prices up for much longer than necessary. So call me an old fogey all you want. I still want new consoles to have some kind of way to access physical media and not go fully digital at this time and especially for the PlayStation 5.

But you know what’s the biggest thing I want for the PlayStation 5? Strangely enough, it that Sony doesn’t try to be cute and load it up with gimmicks. I want the PlayStation 5 to be a straightforward video game console that I can plug to my TV and play games. Okay, maybe stream some Netflix or something but that’s it!

I don’t want Sony to fall trap to the success that Nintendo has seen with their systems. It is terribly tempting to look at the success of the Wii’s motion controls and the Switch’s portability aspect and try to emulate what they’ve done. Look, I like Nintendo and I love the Switch and how creative it is. I mean, a gaming unit that’s both a home console and a portable gaming system? That’s just all sorts of genius!

But that’s not what made Sony nor the PlayStation the household name that it is nowadays. The only real innovation Sony did with their gaming consoles was enable them to play DVDs on the PS2 and even that was just a way to get their foot in the door because, at the time, it was the cheapest DVD player available! Every other “innovation,” from playing Blu-rays to playing Netflix and YouTube sprung from that. I wouldn’t even call browsing the Internet something worth mentioning because, c’mon! Who really wants to use Sony’s browser on any of the PlayStations they’ve created.

Sony didn’t have to reinvent the wheel each time they rolled out a new PlayStation but it’s not like they didn’t try. They tried to break into the portable gaming market with the PlayStation Portable and PS Vita and those systems bit the dust quickly. They’ve even dabbled with motion controls with the PS Move and even that little light bar on every DualShock 4 controller! Motion controls didn’t last as well… because we all like the tactile feel of buttons! Even today, they’re trying out the new fangled tech called PlayStation VR. Do you know anyone who has one or actually still plays games with the PlayStation VR? I certainly don’t!

Sony just kept on making their consoles more powerful and that’s all they really need to do with the PlayStation 5. I hope they just make it as powerful as they can… with all the other bells and whistles I’ve mentioned so far. That’s all Sony needs to do to make the PlayStation 5.

While Sony may be bowing out of next year’s E3, that doesn’t mean they’ll no-show the E3 after that. In fact, I fully expect them to return in full force in two year’s time. With the PlayStation 5 announcement in their back pocket, of course. Oh, what a return it will be when that happens!

What do you want in the PlayStation 5? Let me know in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “What I Want in a PlayStation 5

  1. I always imagined that Microsoft Microsoft eschews the numbering because they are behind the Playstation in counting. So it would not look very good in marketing to put XBOX 2 to compete with Plasytation 3. 3 is modern and advanced than 2, right? Well, while this argument may seem stupid, advertising works at a rather primitive level inside people’s heads and I see some real logic in that.

    Backward compatibility has a serious issue: people are far more than willing to buy the same game again in a new system, so why Sony would not sell the same game twice? So backwards compatibility is a shot in the foot from a sales perspective.

    And while i dont mind a disc drive (a PS5 without one would be unlikely anyway), i really would love a cheaper disc driverless (is this a word?) version. Actually, i would love a cheaper full PS5 “no bullshit edition”. Only a wi-fi conection and play games. I dont care about social media, streaming, no motion detection, no webcam, no internet browser, netflix, keeping up with friends or any dick measuring shenanigan. I just want an OS quick as mercury to boot and good to go to play.

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