Five Games To Cut Out from the PlayStation Classic (and Five Games to Replace Them)

I was very excited for the PlayStation Classic. The first PlayStation was one of my favorite video game consoles of all time and I had a ton of games for that system. Take note that I used the word “was” when referring to my level of excitement for the upcoming PlayStation Classic. While I’m still eager to get one, my excitement level has been downgraded from “very” to “moderate” since Sony released their complete list of games that will be included in their upcoming “mini” system.

The list itself is not garbage as there are some real gems in there. I think there’s a law that states that, if Sony ever released a retro PlayStation console, it would have to include Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid because there would be riots on the streets and governments would be overthrown if it didn’t. After all, those are the games that people identify the console with.

Even so, there are some head-scratching games that’s coming to the PlayStation Classic and some truly fantastic games that Sony left out. With the understanding that Sony would have to include “just” 20 games in the PlayStation Classic, here are five games that they could remove to make room for these better games.

Oh, and to be fair, the games I’m getting rid of have to be replaced by something equivalent. So, a platformer would have to be replaced with another platformer and so on.

Game to be replaced: Destruction Derby

I understand this game has a following… but was it really popular enough to include in the PlayStation Classic?

Destruction Derby is a hybrid racing/car combat game that was released during the early years of the PlayStation. At the time, it was rather amazing. The graphics looked good (for the time period) and the animations were smooth. The controls are also responsive as well. Destruction Derby even spawned several sequels, with the last game being released on the PlayStation 2.

The game probably has its fans but I don’t think it’s just popular enough to include. There are many more racing games that are so much better; Ridge Racer Type 4 has it beat hands down. And, well, you already have Twisted Metal on the PlayStation Classic so Sony already has the car combat genre handled. Destruction Derby will just get lost in the shuffle in between those two. Which is why I would remove Destruction Derby and replace it with…

Game to replace it with: Gran Turismo

I was never big on racing games. That is, until Gran Turismo came along.

Sure, I still sucked at them but there was something about Gran Turismo that kept me coming back. Maybe it was the stunning graphics. Maybe it was the mind-numbing number of cars and modifications you can do. Maybe it was the number of tracks and modes you can play. 

Whatever the reason, Gran Turismo was something that revolutionized the car racing genre. Not only that, it can stand out as it was the first true driving simulator, taking real physics into account instead of the simple adrenaline rush of arcade styles driving games like Ridge Racer Type 4.

Game to be replaced: Tom Clancy’s Rainbox Six

It’s one of the granddaddies of first person tactical shooters and, unfortunately, it doesn’t have any business on the PlayStation Classic.

That’s not to say that the first Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is a bad game. It was fine; the PC version of the game was actually fantastic. However, since it’s going to be on Sony’s upcoming “mini” system, that means were getting the inferior PlayStation version! A major issue would be the controls. You can play it on the standard PlayStation controller but it’s clunky as hell! This was made with the DualShock in mind but, since the PlayStation Classic only comes with the standard controller, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is going to be a crappy game because of crappy controls.

Game to replace it with: Tomb Raider

No Lara Croft in the PlayStation Classic? For shame!

Although the first Tomb Raider was ported to several other video game consoles, the game franchise has become synonymous to the Sony PlayStation console. Like Gran Turismo, Tomb Raider was a landmark game which changed the landscape of the video game world. It was kind of like the PlayStation’s version of Super Mario 64 in that it was a 3D exploration game… but with guns. It also introduced Lara Croft, one of video game’s most popular heroines ever. 

It’s an injustice that Tomb Raider isn’t on the PlayStation Classic as it is one of the games that helped Sony’s fledging console to hit the mainstream. It may not be as iconic as Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid but it’s definitely a big part of the PlayStation experience and it should’ve been one of the games on the PlayStation Classic, period.

Game to be replaced: Rayman

“What? You’re getting rid of a classic like Rayman?” you exclaim. Yes, I’m shocked as well but I have my reasons…

Rayman is actually a really solid side-scrolling platformer. The graphics are appropriately cartoony and fluidly animated. The music and sound effects are great. The controls are responsive and all of these elements mix together to make Rayman a great game and something worth playing.

So why would I want to nix Rayman? Well, because it was either this or Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. While Rayman has definitely built a legacy over the years, I just feel the Oddworld games deserves a little more time in the limelight as it’s a severely underrated series. Oh, and I had to replace a great 2D platformer with another great 2D platformer…

Game to replace it with: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

“What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!” God, don’t you just love Castlevania: Symphony of the Night!

You may think this to be cheating as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as isn’t “just a 2d platformer.” It’s more like an RPG as you collect weapons and equipment, gain new spells and abilities and even beat enemies to gain experience points. But that’s precisely why it should be the default “2D platformer” on the PlayStation Classic: it’s a whole lot more than just your one-of-the-mill “2D platformer” out there!

Symphony of the Night was the first game in the Castlevania series to use the Metroid style of traversing the map and, well, it just works! But it’s much more than just a hybrid Castlevania-Metrod hybrid. It’s a gorgeous game with gorgeous sprites and music. It’s a huge game and, if you’re really good, you explore a whole new way of going through Dracula’s castle, making the game twice as long!

It’s a sin that Symphony of the Night isn’t in the PlayStation Classic. I think the biggest reason is that, if they do license the game from Konami, it would be the “sanitized” version and not the one where Dracula spouts the iconic speech with over-the-top voice acting. Essentially, it would be the one on the PSP and not the original PlayStation version.

Game to be replaced: Cool Boarders 2

Of all the extreme sports type games out there, we’re going with Cool Boarders 2? Really, Sony? Really?

I’ve never been a sports gamer so I’ll be honest: I’ve never even touched Cool Boarders 2. I have no nostalgic love nor can I say that it’s a terrible game that should’ve been included. I’ve only seen videos of it in action for research for this article and it looks like an okay game. It doesn’t look bad but, for a racing game, it looks slow. It’s not exactly ugly but it does look better than Cool Boarders 1 so it has that going for it.

So why am I cutting it from the PlayStation Classic? Because we can do so much better with…

Game to replace it with: Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Now, this is an extreme sports game worth mentioning!

Tony Hawk Pro Skater is the quintessential extreme sport game. For one, the timing of this game was perfect. The X-Games was just becoming a big thing and Tony Hawk’s popularity was nearing its peak. Gamers were ready for something more “radical” and Tony Hawk Pro Skater was it.

It certainly helped that the game controlled excellent and it had numerous modes that you can mess around with. It was one of those games where you can just play Free Mode and just do tricks all day and have a grand old time. 

Game to be replaced: Mr. Driller

Well, they needed a cutesy game for the PlayStation Classic, didn’t they?

This is going to sound strange but… I don’t really have a problem with Mr. Driller being on the PlayStation Classic. It’s actually a really relaxing game and something you can just boot up at night and play “just one more level” over and over again until you realize it’s morning. It’s addictive and almost puts you on a zen-like state if you play it long enough. 

So, why am I also cutting out Mr. Driller? Two reasons. For one, while it’s addictive, you actually have to play it to start getting addicted to it. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be tempted to play Mr. Driller on the PlayStation Classic if it already has killers like Ridge Racer Type 4, Jumping Flash!, Grand Theft Auto and the other games bundled with the system. My second reason is that it’s just not that iconic enough of a cutesy game. The PlayStation had a plethora of them and they’re not on the system! Games like Spyro, Klonoa and even freaking Crash Bandicoot aren’t on the PlayStation Classic yet Mr. Driller gets the nod?

Those other games are great. But there’s one iconic cutesy game that seems to have slipped everyone’s mind…

Game to replace it with: PaRappa the Rapper

Kick! Punch! It’s all in the… you all know the rest.

There are so many gamers putting up their own lists on what games they want to put in the PlayStation Classic. They all have various reasons, like they loved the game as the kid, it was revolutionary on some level or it’s an iconic game that everyone identifies with the original PlayStation console. It’s usually a combination of those three factors.

Well, PaRappa the Rapper ticks off all those checkboxes! It was one of the first rhythm games ever created. The music is still memorable and it still looks good! It also fulfilled the cutesy aspect, making it okay for younger kids to play. I get why people are upset that Symphony of the Night and Tomb Raider aren’t on their list of games that needs to be on the PlayStation Classic. But why doesn’t PaRappa the Rapper get any love?

What games would you cut out from the official games list of the PlayStation Classic? What would you replace them with? Let me know in the comments section below!

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