Episode 278: Why The WWE Evolution Event is a Glorified Distraction


The WWE is kind of in a bind right now. Roman Reigns, the company’s poster boy, is leaving wrestling to deal with a serious medical issue, leaving everything up in the air who’s going to be the new face of the WWE. But that’s the least of their problems now. The biggest kerfuffle in Triple H and Vince McMahon’s list is the upcoming Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia. This was a deal the WWE made a long time ago but, ever since the weird “disappearance” of the outspoken reporter who was against the current Saudi Arabia government blew up, the company has been under a lot of pressure to pull out. The WWE is holding their ground and it looks like Crown Jewel will still push through, leading to a lot of negative comments from fans from both side of the aisle.

Now, this post isn’t going to be about Crown Jewel or my opinion if the WWE should cancel the show and possibly break a multi-million dollar contract they signed months before the “crisis” happened. No, this post is going to be about the upcoming WWE Evolution show. This show will be the first ever all women’s pay-per-view event in the company’s history. WWE Evolution is supposed to be a landmark event that shows how far women’s wrestling has become and that women can hold their own against the men in the world of professional wrestling. It’s because we all demanded it so we’re getting it.

Excuse me. I like to call bullcrap on this.

Yes, the upcoming WWE Evolution is going to be the first all-women pay-per-view the WWE has ever put out and I’m excited to see it because of the lineup of matches. And I’m not saying that the current roster of women’s wrestlers don’t deserve their own show. I’ve always felt they have for the longest time already. But when Stephanie McMahon said that this was because of fan demand, I say she’s lying. She doesn’t really care if this is what the fans wanted or not. I mean, it may have been but that wasn’t the reason why we’re getting Evolution.

No, the reason why we’re getting Evolution is because of two things: the Greatest Royal Rumble and the upcoming Crown Jewel. Why? Because those shows specifically will not have any women participating in the event.

Let’s go back to April this year. The WWE held the first ever Greatest Royal Rumble. Ha! False advertising right there in the name because the Greatest Royal Rumble was, at its best, a mediocre show. They really should’ve called it the Biggest Royal Rumble instead because, well, it did have the Royal Rumble with the most number of participants in it. But, overall, the Greatest Royal Rumble was hardly memorable. If the most unforgettable spot of the show involves an unscripted moment where a wrestler trips and slides under the ring to hilarious effect, then you have a problem.

Besides that one funny spot, there was another thing that really stood out to me about the Greatest Royal Rumble. That would be the lack of female WWE Superstars. I generally understood why they weren’t there and why they weren’t allowed to participate. That’s because of the culture over there in Saudi Arabia. Now, far be it for me to tell anyone that another country’s culture and values are bad because every country has a different culture and values. But the WWE took a lot of flak for this from Western countries, which, in my opinion, is kind of unfair. It’s not like the WWE can put something on the card that the host country would find offensive and expect to be well received, right? Right or not, Triple H and Vince McMahon had a lot of explaining to do about the lack of women’s matches in Greatest Royal Rumble.

Fast forward a couple of months later and the WWE knows they’re going to have to put on another show in Saudi Arabia. Like I said, this is big money for the WWE so how could they refuse the paycheck? This would unfortunately mean that, once again, the WWE would put on a show without any women on the card. Obviously, they would want to get ahead of all the bad press since they know it’s going to come anyway. So, what were they supposed to do? I bet there was one genius in the Creative team who suggested that, since the upcoming Crown Jewel is going to essentially be an all-male pay-per-view, why not make an all-woman show as well? No one can get upset that Crown Jewel will only feature male performers if they air a show that only had female WWE Superstars! It makes sense, doesn’t it?

In short, Evolution, the “landmark” all-women WWE show, is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors meant to distract that Crown Jewel will only have males. Am I upset at this attempt of subterfuge of the WWE? Actually, not as much as you would think. I do think that’s it’s scummy that the WWE is still putting on a show in Saudi Arabia and is, in a way, saying that what happened to that reporter is a non-issue. But I don’t think it’s the WWE’s fault that they can’t have any women on Crown Jewel. That’s just the way Saudi Arabia’s culture is right now.

What I do think is duplicitous of the WWE is saying that they’re producing Evolution for honorable reasons, as if they’re doing it as a favor to the fans. They’re making it out to seem as if they’re doing it to show how far women’s wrestling has evolved and that they can have their own pay-per-view because they can hold their own against the men. Even though this is just a PR stunt and the WWE can point to Evolution whenever they have an all-male pay-per-view and say, “See, we have an all-women show so you can’t get angry at us ever again!”

Will I still go see WWE Evolution even though I know it’s just a clever stunt on their part to make it appear they’re forward thinking? Yes, I will. While the entire show may have been put together because of less than noble reasons, Evolution has some matches that I really want to see. Trish Stratus and Lita vs Alexa Bliss and Mickey James should be really good. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair may be the match of the night. I do hate that Nikki Bella is back and has a chance of winning the RAW Women’s Championship from Ronda Rousey because, well, we all know how I feel about Nikki Bella. So you can say I’ll be watching this match with great intensity because I really want Rousey to just lock the armbar on Nikki Bella and call it a night. Yeah, wrestling may be fake but I really want her to hurt and end her lousy acting while you’re at it.

So, yeah. Looking forward to WWE Evolution. Yes, it’s a sham but it’s a sham I’m willing to buy into for now.


What do you think of WWE Evolution and it being an all-female show? Let me know in the comments section below!

2 thoughts on “Episode 278: Why The WWE Evolution Event is a Glorified Distraction

  1. I think the Saudi problem for the WWE is magnified by the death of the journalist in the news. The WWE probably is looking for investors for something they wanna fund down the road. Strange.

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