I’ll Review Anything: WWE Super Show-Down


The WWE must be financially successful these days. Never mind the WWE app and if it’s actually making the company any money now. What they seem to be concentrating on is collecting big paychecks from other countries so they can put on big shows for them. A while back, it was Saudi Arabia. This time, it’s Australia, the land of shrimp on the barbie and where men carry big knives… that’s the extent of my knowledge of the country anyway.

I do wish the WWE creative team utilized their, well, creativity in naming the Australian show. Are they calling it Super Show-Down because it’s being held in the “Land Down Under”? If it is, that’s incredibly lame! Is the lame name a harbinger of what’s to come? Let’s go look at the matches one-by-one to find out!

Match #1: The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods with Big E) vs The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship

I don’t predict any big surprises here so I’m picking The New Day to retain for now.

I still find it weird whenever Big E isn’t in a New Day title defense match, especially against powerhouses like Cesaro and Sheamus. But the team of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods held their own remarkably well against The Bar, utilizing their speed and quickness to outmaneuver the more powerful duo early on. This was short lived, however, as The Bar used their strength to eventually get the upper hand to dominate most of the match.

The finish came after Kofi Kingston broke up Cesaro’s sharpshooter leglock on Woods. Sheamus tried to take out Kofi but both ended up landing on the outside of the ring. Cesaro tried to use the middle ropes for leverage to pin Woods but Kofi broke that up as well. Sheamus grabbed Kofi but got a Trouble in Paradise for his troubles. Woods then tossed Cesaro into Kofi for a kick in the head. This stunned The Swiss Cyborg long enough for Woods and Kingston to perform a backstabber-double foot stomp combo to get the pinfall victory and retain the Smackdown Tag Team Championships.

While there was nothing really special about the match, it was still a solid bout. Woods and Kingston’s blistering double teams worked really well but Sheamus and Cesaro seemed to just be on autopilot for the most part. No funny antics from The New Day this time around. It was still a great way to start out Super Show-Down.

Rating: 6.5 of 10.0 antic-less New Day matches

Match #2: Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

I really like the new heel attitude Becky Lynch has so I’m rooting for her to retain the title.

With the new attitude, Becky Lynch’s style has definitely changed as well. She seems much more vicious in the ring. Oddly enough, they kind of did the same thing with Charlotte as she lost her flamboyant personality as of late, which kind of sucks. The action was a traditional back-and-forth match, which wasn’t bad but, despite the new attitudes of the participants, didn’t come of as nasty as it could’ve been.

The finish was really weird, in my opinion. The Irish Lass Kicker wormed her way out of a boston crab and attempted to leave to retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship via DQ. The Queen chased down the champion and tossed Becky and the championship belt into the ring. Charlotte speared Lynch and then locked in the figure four. Charlotte started to bridge into the Figure Eight but Becky got hold of the belt and (lightly) swatted at Charlotte’s legs. The referee disqualifies Lynch but she still retains the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Charlotte is upset and chases down Lynch as she’s leaving. However, The Irish Lass Kicker gets the upper hand in the end.

This was the match I was predicting to steal the show. Unfortunately, there was essentially nothing special about it in the end. The ending wasn’t well executed as Lynch couldn’t really hit Charlotte with the belt in a convincing manner. To add insult to injury, Becky Lynch even beat down on Charlotte, even after the latter chased her down! Solid match, but kind of a letdown as a whole.

Rating: 5.5 of 10.0 light taps with the championship belt

Match #3: John Cena and Bobby Lashley vs Elias and Kevin Owens

John Cena’s making his return in the ring? I guess he’s going to win, then.

Sometimes, I really question the WWE and their matchmaking process. This is one of those times as putting these two team together feels totally random. Not only that, incredibly inconsequential as well. Anyway, everyone did their part, except for Bobby Lashley, who seemed lost and directionless at some points. He was the guy that Elias and Owens beat up until the hot tag to his partner, John Cena… and I didn’t believe a single minute of it. There were even times when Lashley would start dominating over his opponents before being cut down in a weird way!

After the hot tag, it was pretty much all over. John Cena ran roughhouse on Elias. Cena then used the 6th Move of Doom, the “Lightning Fist” (once again, really “creative” name), a short backfist to the face, to knock Elias out and get the pinfall victory. Afterwards, Cena thanked the crowd yadda yadda yadda.

I wasn’t expecting much and my expectations were met. Nothing exciting at all happened and this was booked to just grace the Australian fans with John Cena’s presence. Oh, and the 6th Move of Doom looks ridiculous!

Rating: 3.5 of 10.0 stupid 6th Moves of Doom

Match #4: Asuka and Naomi vs the IIconics

Despite this being the IIconics hometown, I don’t think they’ll allow Asuka to job to them at this point in time.

I actually like the IIconics. Their antics remind me of Lay-Cool from the late part of the Attitude Era. The problem is, unlike Lay-Cool, the IIconics keep losing. Once again, I question the WWE for making the new Women’s wrestlers/Superstars lose consistently, despite being in a stables like the Riott Squad (which I’ll get to later). The duo actually seem like decent in-ring performers so why don’t the WWE give them even the slightest push? Okay, they’re not the best as demonstrated in this match, but they’re at least on the level as the “veteran” Bella Twins (which I’ll also get to later on).

Anyway, this did seem like this was going to be one of those matches where the more seasoned Women wrestlers, in this case, Asuka and Naomi, were going to dominate the IIconics when Billie Kay stopped Naomi from doing a springboard splash on Billie. Billie then took out Asuka by slamming her into the barricade. The IIconics performed a grab-knee strike double team on Naomi to get the pinfall victory!

I actually found this rather entertaining but I know this wasn’t a good match in the least. All of my enjoyment came from the utter weirdness of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce’s acting and them actually sneaking in a win. Still much better than a Bella Twins match

Rating: 5.0 of 10.0 better than the Bella Twins

Match #5: AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a No Disqualification Match

It’s a longshot but I’m betting Samoa Joe will win here and become the new WWE World Champion. I’m just saying this because the WWE has to pull out a surprise some time in the show!

I’ve been very amazed at the consistent quality of all of the AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe matches. I don’t like the idea that Samoa Joe is “stalking” Style’s family as it’s a cheap way to get heat and show that he’s a really bad guy. But if it means that the two will tangle in the ring, I’m all for it. This match was no different. I really love the way the two of them build up the offense even though they always start off strong and fast. I love how both Styles and Joe sells the brutality of each strike and hold. I also love that, although this was a No Disqualification match, they didn’t go overboard with the foreign object use and mostly relied on pure wrestling action.

The finish was amazing, to say the least. The Phenomenal One dragged Joe into the ring after nailing him with a flying forearm. Styles signaled for the Phenomenal Forearm but Joe countered with a Coquina Clutch. Joe suplexed Styles but the latter kicked out. Joe set Styles up for the Muscle Buster but the Samoan’s knee gave out. This gave The Phenomenal One the chance to roll up Joe but Joe reversed it into another Coquina Clutch. Styles reverses it into a pin and Joe has no choice but to release the hold. Styles then locks in the Calf Crusher and Joe taps out. AJ Styles is still your WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

This was an excellent match with great pacing and went on just long enough to tell the story they wanted to tell. Styles and Joe put on another hell of a performance. Giving Styles the clean victory probably signals that this is the last match, which is good. As much as I love the two’s chemistry, it’s time for Styles and Joe to move on and pull of great matches with other opponents.

Rating: 8.0 of 10.0 no need for No DQ stipulations

Match #6: Ronda Rousey and the Bella Twins vs the Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan)

Ronda Rousey’s in the match? She’s going to win, obviously.

It may be my bias against the Bella Twins talking, but this was seriously lacking in energy. There were even some weird botches, like Brie Bella supposedly grabbing on Liv Morgan’s tongue when she really didn’t have a good grip and it would slip out during the close up. It was also incredibly predictable as one of the Bella Twins would be dominated by the Riott Squad and, once Ronda Rousey got in the match, she cleaned house.

The finish was interesting but poorly executed. The entire Riott Squad tried to attack Rousey but the Bella Twins stepped in. Nikki managed to take out Ruby Riott but Liv Morgan managed to fight off Brie. Liv then broke up an armbar attempt by Rousey. The duo tried to double team The Baddest Woman on the Planet but Rousey powered out of the attack. Rousey then locked an armbar on both Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan for the submission victory. It should’ve been awesome but it looked awkward as hell.

Nothing to write home about this match except for the misuse of the Riott Squad. The trio should be dominating the RAW Women’s division but the WWE is just making them lose constantly, which makes them look weak. This also didn’t do the Bella Twins any favors as, while Rousey made decimating the Riott Squad look easy, the twins had difficulty with them. Blah!

Rating: 4.0 of 10.0 double arm bar submissions

Match #7: Cedric Alexander vs Buddy Murphy for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Haven’t been watching 205 Live so I don’t have a horse in this race. I’m going to say Cedric Alexander is going to walk away with the win just for the heck of it.

I expected fast, high-flying action from the Cruiserweights but I did not see this coming! This was extremely hectic and exciting, with Aussie Buddy Murphy having the hometown crowd behind him. This enhanced the action tremendously as each move Murphy did got the crown jump out of their seats. Cedric Alexander, to his credit, also did a great job. He did a great job at selling the hits as well as performing some really excellent moves himself.

The finish was also something great. Alexander went for flurry of high flying offensive attacks and even hit his finisher, the Lumbar Check, on Murphy but Murphy kicked out, stunning everyone! Alexander went for a springboard attack but Murphy reversed it with a high knee. Murphy then combos it into Murphy’s Law for the pinfall victory to become the NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion!

Hands down, this was the match of the night. Really great action and a really intense crowd combined to deliver a high octane match. Having the title change hands for the local made this extra special.

Rating: 8.5 of 10.0 stealing the shows

Match #8: The SHIELD (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose) vs Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Hmmm. I have to say Braun Strowman’s team should win it here just to show that the SHIELD has some cracks in the team.

The match started out really hot and heavy as everyone started brawling even before the bell was rung. The action was standard for the most part but I didn’t like Dolph Ziggler overdoing the taunts to the guy they were beating up. It was too predictable that the faces were going to mount a comeback soon after. I do like that they still made Braun Strowman look like a powerhouse for the most part. However, I have noticed that they’ve been sneakily powering him down since becoming a bad guy.

They did try some interesting things. At one point, Roman Reigns accidentally decked Ambrose with a superman punch, leading to them teasing that the Lunatic Fringe would backstab the SHIELD. It didn’t happen but I like how they’re planting seeds of dissent even here.

The finish came after Braun steamrolled both Reigns and Rollins in the outside. Ziggler tossed Ambrose out so The Monster Among Men can do the same to the Lunatic Fringe. But before Strowman could connect, Reigns delivered a spear from out of nowhere, smashing through the barricade, taking both of them out! Ziggler tosses Ambrose back in the ring with the intention of finishing the job but Rollins runs interference, taking out McIntyre before getting tossed out by Dolph. Ambrose takes advantage of the distraction and nails Dirty Deeds on Ziggler for the pinfall victory.

This was a decent match with decent spots and decent action. They did a decent job hinting at Ambrose turning against his SHIELD brothers. There were decent surprises and decent work from everyone involved. Overall, a decent match.

Rating: 6.5 of 10.0 spears from out of nowhere

Match #9: Daniel Bryan vs The Miz for the #1 Contender Spot for the WWE World Championship

Sorry, Miz. But you’ve just been winning over Daniel Bryan too much lately! Bryan’s going to win here and get that #1 Contender spot!

There really isn’t all that much to say, actually. This match was really quick. Basically, Miz focused on Daniel Bryan’s injured ribs throughout the match. Miz then goes for the Skull-Crushing Finale but Bryan counters with a small package and gets the pinfall win from out of nowhere!

Even though I wanted to see the two go at it as they can pull out a great match, I was pleasantly surprised with this simple win. It defied all expectations and it also made Bryan look like a genius from stealing the pinfall victory without anyone even realizing it was a pinfall victory! Even the audience in Australia didn’t realize that Bryan won and it took them a few seconds for them to comprehend the quick win! I loved it.

Rating: 6.5 of 10.0 quick pinfall wins

Match #10: Triple H (with Shawn Michaels) vs The Undertaker (with Mayor Kane) in a No Disqualification Match

With the announcers repeating that Triple H hasn’t beat The Undertaker, I’m predicting that’s all going to change in the Super Show-Down match.

Okay, what are the Australians smoking over there? They were chanting that this was supposedly an “awesome” match. But it totally wasn’t! I guess it does feel awesome since you get to see four of the biggest WWE Superstars ever in one match but the action itself wasn’t all that great! Age has obviously caught up with The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Even Triple H seemed like he was struggling throughout! That’s probably why they had to throw in the No DQ stipulation so they can introduce weapons. But even that didn’t make a whole lot of sense! Early in the match, Shawn Michaels set up a table in the outside but Triple H didn’t even attempt to use it in any way! It felt so obvious that it was there for later use!

After two referees were taken out, we finally got to the end game. The Deadman locks in Hell’s Gate (even if there’s no referee to call a submission) but Triple H still has the sledgehammer and chokes out the Undertaker with it. The Heartbreak Kid retrieves the sledgehammer but Kane comes in and signals for a chokeslam. Shawn gets out of it with a low blow but The Undertaker tosses Shawn to to the outside. At this point, The Undertaker really looked like a deadman as he was breathing really heavily and like he was at death’s door… for real!

Taker takes the sledgehammer but Triple H recovers and attempts a Pedigree. Undertaker gets out with a back body drop. He nails a chokeslam and then goes for a Tombstone but Shawn Michaels runs in and nails Taker with Sweet Chin Music. Taker manages to block a second superkick and teases a Tombstone piledriver but The Cerebral Assassin nails the Deadman with the sledgehammer. Shawn and Triple H do the Sweet Chin Music-Pedigree combo and the referee recovers enough to count the pinfall victory for the COO of the WWE.

But it wasn’t over. While it looked like everyone was going to show respect for each other, Undertaker and Kane turn on Triple H and Shawn Michaels and lay them out.

This match could’ve been good if it was shorter because, by the end, everyone in it looked dead tired. I guess the audience liked it but, objectively, this was all style over substance and a vehicle to give Shawn Michaels a reason to return for the upcoming Saudi Arabia match between the four of them.

Rating: 3.5 of 10.0 old men wrestling

Overall rating for WWE Super Show-Down:

There were definitely some matches that made WWE Super Show-Down worth picking up. The Styles and Joe match was excellent as usual. And the Cruiserweight Title Match surprised me in a good way. I was really disappointed with the main event as it wasn’t well planned out and should’ve been much shorter. Overall, not a dud but not a winner by any stretch of the imagination.

Rating: 6.0 of 10.0 Not so Super Show-Down


What did you think of the WWE Super Show-Down? Let me know in the comments section below!

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