Episode 271: The Worst DLC Costumes in Street Fighter V


A week or two ago, I put up a list of the best costumes you can purchase in Street Fighter V. I know the topic regarding cosmetic DLC is rather polarizing but, for me anyway, I’m not against it as long as they look good. I’d be willing to spend money on some digital clothing that makes my character look stylish but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be forking over my hard earned paycheck for each and every costume there is. Which is why I find it strange that Capcom would even bother putting some of the more ridiculous and ugly looking DLC outfits in Street Fighter V! And, boy, there are a lot of really stupid looking costumes in there!

So, let’s go take a gander at the worst DLC costumes Capcom thinks people will buy in Street Fighter V! Since there are a lot of them, I’m not going to count them. In fact, I’m going to lump a bunch of them in one category because ugly birds of a feather deserve to flock together!

1. Ryu and Chun-Li’s Love and Hip-Hop Costumes

Man, talk about out of character!

Lil’ Wayne and Nikki Minaj are in the game?

Let’s start out this list with probably the most WTF costume idea in the game. We all know Ryu as the super-serious World Warrior who travels the globe looking for stronger opponents. We also know Chun-Li as the Chinese Interpol agent versed in Kenpo. Those have been both their character traits since the beginning. So why would Capcom think that dressing them up as gangster rappers would make sense?

I would say I can almost accept Chun-Li’s weird overly tanned trashy look because I can still imagine her doing this for some undercover work or something like that. But Ryu? Why the heck would he wear a getup like that? He even has the weird Lil’ Wayne oversize clock necklace! Oh, I’m also not sure if African-Americans should be offended by these outfits because of cultural appropriation because that’s a thing these days. I’m not saying they should but I’m not saying they shouldn’t, either!

2. Ed as a stripper

When did Ed join the Village People?

Eww! And they gave him a bulge in his pants? EWWW!

This is one disgusting costume in so many levels. I’m pretty sure Capcom was trying to make Ed look like a tough guy by showing off his muscular thighs and bare chest but, well, they made him look like a male stripper. I’m sorry! But that’s all I can see with this costume! They made him have his jacket open, making it look like he was in the middle of disrobing before he got called out for a fight!

But the biggest “stripper” highlight has to be the three bulges in his pants. Of course, it’s hard to miss the weird growth purposefully placed right in Ed’s crotch area and it just grosses me out. The other two bulges are his misshapen thighs. They have this unnerving Popeye-shaped forearm shape that just doesn’t look natural. I kind of want Ed to go see a doctor because those legs just aren’t right!

3. R. Mika as a Phoenix?

There’s gaudy and there’s this costume.

This girl is on fire!

I actually like most of R. Mika’s outfits but Capcom went a little too crazy with this one. I know a lot of males like this costume because of how “sexy” it looks, thanks to R. Mika proudly promoting her middle bosom for everyone to see. I don’t actually have a problem with that. What I don’t like about it is it’s just too busy and not functional. They gave her too many bells and whistles that it steps over the line into distracting.

First, they gave her these humongous wing-like appendages that are protruding from the sides of her head. They also gave her a fur shawl around her neck as well. Isn’t that a little too much frilly stuff for a wrestler? I mean, real wrestlers would take those things off before actually getting into a match! It’s just too much stuff on the character.

4. Ken in street clothes

Ken’s rich, right? He should be able to afford a stylist to make him not look like a fool.

Totally no fashion sense.

I thought Capcom really dropped the ball with Ken’s default design because of they gave him an “uncanny valley” looking face and banana hair. But his street clothes look makes him look like they dropped his face onto the pavement a little too often! First off, the outfit is so unimaginative! All they did was give Ken a jacket and jeans and called it a day! While they had done this with a lot of other characters, this look is just boring and doesn’t highlight Ken’s showboat-y nature. Also, this outfit looks like that a 10-year old thinks is cool. Yeah, a biker jacket and blue jeans are sooooooooo hip!

Amazingly, Capcom managed to make Ken’s ugly mug look even worse in this costume! I’m guessing it’s the same face model but, since they gave his a weird flattop hairstyle, you get a better glimpse of how misshapen his face really is!

5. Cody wearing Big Boy pants

Almost another stripper outfit… almost.

Because he’s wearing the pants in the house?

I really like what Capcom did with Cody. I honestly despised that they made one of the heroes of Final Fight an escaped convict in earlier entries of the Street Fighter series. But I like his story of redemption as he took over from Mike Haggar to become the new Mayor of Metro City. But did they really have to give him the costume where he tries to fill in the Big Boy pants of Haggar? It looks disturbing! It’s like he was in bed with Jessica when Haggar, her father, came home early. He couldn’t find his pants so he just grabbed what was handy in Haggar’s closet and leapt out the window!

Another thing that irks me about this outfit are the proportions of Cody’s body. I’m guessing those are the same measurements for his forearms in his other costumes. But here, they look too small! They look like toothpicks compared to his ginormous fists! Also, the oversized pants gives the illusion that he’s a skinny guy with large muscles… which just doesn’t look right!

6. Chun-Li as a baby?

Because a lot of little boys want to sleep with Chun-Li?

Is… that a bib around her waist?

Capcom gave Chun-Li a ton of additional costumes and, to their credit, most of them work. Sadly, there was bound to be one outfit that would fall into the ugly category and this is it. This outfit is just weird and I’m betting it was added for the people who have a weird baby fetish. I know it’s supposed to be her Pajama’s alternate costume but those don’t look like any pajamas I’ve seen anywhere! This is clearly a baby outfit because they gave her a bib! You can remove the bib via a code but it reveals Chun-Li is wearing stretchy gym short shorts underneath the bib, which bears the question? Who the heck wears hot short shorts when they sleep? Oh, and they gave her Crocs? Ugh!

Honestly, if they really wanted to give her a Pajamas outfit, at least they should’ve made it the oversized dress shirt she wore during the Street Fighter Animated movie. That would have, at the very least, been a cool Easter Egg.

7. Alex in… pretty much everything

They gave Alex an assortment of new outfits. All of them are terrible.

Alex can’t catch a break, can he?

Alex’s character model in Street Fighter V is already weird. They gave him this weird fighting stance that makes his front leg look like someone cracked the back of his knee so that he couldn’t straighten it anymore. They also made his face look more like a square, making it more punchable than it should. His default outfit was already bad. So why did Capcom think giving him several more terrible outfits was a good idea?

The Pajama outfit makes me feel uneasy because his idea of sleepwear is a tight fitting shirt that shows off his midriff and a headband because those are always comfortable when sleeping, right? His battle outfit makes him look like some crazed surfer dude who doesn’t really know how to surf and the backwards baseball cap makes him look like a doofus. But it’s his firefighter outfit that takes the cake because of how unpractical it is! You’re telling me he put on a protective hat but forgot to put on a shirt? That shirt is extra protection against heat and burning stuff, Alex!

BONUS: Birdie as MenaRD

Was this the best you could’ve thought of, MenaRD? Really?

So, MenaRD admits he looks like the overweight Birdie?

For those who don’t know who MenaRD is, he’s the guy who won last year’s Capcom Cup tournament. Besides earning a boatload of money, he also was given the opportunity to design a special outfit for Birdie, the character he used to win. There are so many things he could’ve done with this chance. He could’ve gave him a steampunk look. Or made him a legit biker. Or change his chains into sausage links.

Instead of being creative, MenaRD decided to use his regular clothes and put it on Birdie. BOO! Lame!


What your least favorite Street Fighter DLC costume? Let me know in the comments section below!


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