Episode 269: Seven Street Fighter V DLC Costumes Worth Your Money


I really with is was possible to purchase all of Street Fighter V’s DLC costumes using Fight Money. Capcom unfortunately didn’t because they, of course, wanted your real money. But that’s okay because, unlike most old-school gamers, I’m totally okay with buying cosmetic DLC items. As long as they appeal to me and they aren’t priced exorbitantly, I’m willing to part with some of my cold, hard cash. Yes, I’m a sucker but, if it makes my character look cool, then I think it’s money well spent.

Capcom releasing new costumes for Street Fighter V on a rather regular basis (they want your money, remember?) and some of them are really, really cool looking. Cool looking enough to be worth the money. So, here’s my list of seven Street Fighter V costumes that look really good! Oh, and one costume per character only and this list is in no particular order.

1. Ryu as Hot Ryu

Okay, I don’t find him “hot” but I think the bearded look on Ryu is pretty cool, though.

I like clean cut guys but he does look manly.

I understand that Ryu is probably the most iconic character in the Street Fighter series but I’ve never found his design all that appealing. What’s so interesting about a guy in a Japanese guy in a karate outfit? But when Ryu’s Battle Outfit, otherwise known as Hot Ryu, came out, the character stood out to me a little more. The biggest reason isn’t that Hot Ryu is a gorgeous hunk of man meat that the Internet has made him out to be.

What I really liked about his look here is that he looks like the wandering vagabond warrior that he’s supposed to be. He didn’t cut his hair and he doesn’t bother to shave. His trousers are all torn apart and he just wrapped his hands in rags to protect them. This made Ryu look like a guy who’s only concern was when the next fight was coming. This made Ryu look totally like the character he’s supposed to be and made him much more interesting, in my opinion.

2. Chun-Li in Slinky Dress

Come on! Capcom gave her the most number of costumes! Of course she was going to appear on the list eventually!

I wonder how long I’d have to work out to have thighs that muscular?

Chun-Li’s Battle Outfit was the first DLC costume I had to get for several reasons. For one, it just suits her. Sure, it’s skimpy and all that but Chun-Li has always been a girl that has never been shy about showing off her muscular legs. Second, Chun-Li just makes it look classy instead of trashy. It’s a dress that would make other female characters look slutty but Chun-Li makes it work.

Finally, it’s actually rather practical for her to wear a dress like this. Chun-Li doesn’t show her massive thighs to distract her opponents… at least I don’t think she does it intentionally. The dress actually looks like it’s easy to move around without it falling apart. And since most of her attacks generally revolve around her using her powerful kicks, having a massive double slit where the skirt should be would make it easy for her to put the hurt with her lighting legs.

3. Juri in School Uniform

Did she even go to school? Whatever the case, this looks cool!

Not exactly the girl next door, is she?

Even way back in Street Fighter IV, I’ve always liked Juri’s design. No, I can’t play using her all that well but Capcom did a great job fleshing out her homicidal/psychotic personality that it’s hard not to be drawn to her. She’s always been a wild card and her punk-like school uniform outfit definitely highlights it. From the obvious stuff like the crazy dual-dyed hair and torn black stockings to the little details like the various piercings adorning Juri’s face, this outfit really emphasizes her personality.

One thing I have to mention that Juri’s school uniform outfit can be modified to either have her wear the blazer or not. While she does look fantastic both ways, I really prefer her with the blazer on. It just adds a bit more flair to the outfit. Just had to mention that.

4. Akuma overflowing with Satsui No Hado


“He’s gonna blow!”

I really don’t like Akuma’s regular outfit in Street Fighter V. I guess Capcom tried to make him look like a lion to make him seem more fierce but it just looks ridiculous! He kind of look like a giant, walking flower! But with the slight alteration of making him look like he’s overflowing with power, so much so that it’s breakout out of his skin, all of a sudden, Akuma looks awesome!

Like with Hot Ryu, the biggest reason why I find this alternate take on Akuma so great is it fits his storyline. He’s been consumed by the Satsui No Hado that the power is just trying to escape from his body and it’s starting to show. Also, I do like the look glowing look. He still looks like a giant flower but now it’s a giant, nuclear flower that’s about to explode and nuke half the city!

5. Kolin as Gill’s Secretary

From background character to main roster, Kolin’s lived an interesting life.

“It’s so nice to meet!”

Kolin is one of those characters that already has a good looking normal outfit. However, her nostalgia outfit, where she’s all neatly dressed in a business suit, is much better. It’s a classic look that makes her look incredibly refined, which suits her chilly personality perfectly. It doesn’t look all that practical to be fighting in but that’s part of the reason why it’s so cool, pun intended.

This outfit also can be modified to have her ditch the jacket and put on glasses. I actually like the modified version a lot more because it makes Kolin look so much mild-mannered and someone who doesn’t know how to fight, let along a strong woman with ice powers. Even then, both versions of the outfit suits her well.

6. Vega as a Matador

A good costume for Vega? *GASP*

Well, he is a matador, after all.

As you may know, I’ve been maining Vega for a number of months now. I know he’s considered low-tier but, God, how I love controlling him! I essentially returned to him because I just love his fast paced movement and how sneaky you can be with him. Too bad his default outfit, with the frilly pirate shirt, is terrible! Thankfully, Capcom gave him a new outfit that reflects his old job of being a bullfighter and it definitely works well for him. What I like about Vega’s matador costume is that it looks like an evolution from his old outfits. It makes him look graceful and refined without making him look gaudy.

This is another modifiable outfit, wherein you can take off his upper clothing, revealing the snake tattoo that wraps around his torso. Both looks work for me and I do love alternating between shirtless and… shirted. I do wish you had the option of giving him his “regular” full face mask but, oh well.

7. Menat as a Mummy

Sure, she’s a cheap-ass character but this outfit makes her look like a million bucks.

Yes, you little boys can drool now.

I honestly like Menat’s overall design and most of the costumes Capcom gave her. But I think the best outfit she has right now is her mummy outfit. While it is a little lazy because she’s Egyptian and mummies are linked to the country, Menat makes the overall look work. It’s incredibly revealing but not in a overtly sexy way, in my opinion, anyway. I really do like the bandages that are linked from her lower back to her arms, mimicking the cape-like cloth of her regular costume. It’s a really nice touch.

But my favorite part of Menat’s mummy costume is actually the hair and the headdress. It’s just so perfect for the character and it really matches both the alternate outfit and her whimsical personality. Adding the little headdress with a cat since she copies some cat poses ties everything together just perfectly!

BONUS: Blanka as Blanka-CHAN!

You can’t just not have this costume if you have Blanka!

How adorable?

The only real reason why this isn’t part of the official list is because it’s a troll costume meant for trolling. Even so, this is just too funny to leave off! Blanka dressed up as the Blanka-chan dolls he was trying to sell in his story mode? Just perfect!


What’s your favorite Street Fighter V DLC costume? Let me know in the comments section below!

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