Episode 258: My Predictions for Sony’s E3 Show


E3 is just around the corner and I hope it’s much better than last year’s terrible shows. 2017’s E3 shows were definitely nothing special and I was extremely disappointed with Sony as they didn’t show us any big announcements besides the new God of War. As a Sony and PlayStation fangirl, I was expecting a whole lot more and I got practically nothing. Well, I hope they’ve had time to collect themselves and wow us this year. There are so many things they can reveal next week during the Sony PlayStation conference and, off the top of my head, here are just five predictions and surprises Sony will announce during their E3 press conference for 2018.

By the way, I have no sources on any of this. These are just what I feel will happen. Okay, it’s based on nothing but pure intuition so some of them may sound crazy… but are they crazy enough to be true?

1. New Trailers for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III

Ah, E3 2015. Probably the best Sony PlayStation E3 presentation ever. That’s because it was a show of big surprises. Two really big surprises: Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III. When Sony showed us both games, almost in succession, the gaming community collectively blew all our minds and an avalanche of joy and nostalgia came over us in a huge wave. Well, not me personally since I hadn’t played the original Final Fantasy VII nor a Shenmue game but the general reaction was incredibly infectious to say the least.

That was, what? Three whole years ago? I think it’s about time we see a little more about these games this year. I have a good feeling that Sony will show new trailers for Final Fantasy VII Remake as well as Shenmue III. The Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer will show a little more gameplay and, hopefully, show some more of the characters interact with each other with a little gameplay added to the mix as well. They’ll also remind players that Shenmue I and II are going to be coming to the PS4 later in the year and I predict they’ll even give a hard release date for Shenmue III at the end of the trailer.

2. A Death Stranding demo will be made available after E3

I certainly understand the love gamers have for Hideo Kojima. He’s the guy behind the Metal Gear franchise as well as the brilliant PT demo that Konami selfishly removed from the PlayStation Store before I got a PS4 and could download it. Kojima split from Konami to get full creative control over his games and expectations are high for his upcoming project, Death Stranding.

Not a lot about Death Stranding has been revealed. We have gotten a few trailers since the reveal a couple of years back and, well, it’s kind of hard to pin what the game is going to be like. Well, that’s all going to change during this year’s E3…

Yes, Kojima will be on stage and present the new trailer for the game but he’ll add something else at the end of his presentation. He’ll announce a demo has just been made available on the PlayStation Store! I think Kojima is crazy enough to do that and, besides, he’s already done this kind of surprise before with PT so it’s definitely not beneath him to just do something like this.

3. A “soft” release date for The Last of Us: Part II

I really loved The Last of Us but not because it was a video game. Rather, what I loved about it is that is was one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever seen. Naughty Dog did an excellent job with the story progression from start to finish. It was a game I felt shouldn’t get a sequel. Or, at least, the second game shouldn’t focus on Joel and Ellie, the main characters from the first game, as I felt their story arc ended perfectly.

Then I saw the reveal trailer and I was all in!

It’s pretty much a done deal that The Last of Us: Part II will be seen at this year’s Sony E3 presentation as they gave a press release stating such upfront. But how much will they reveal? Well, it’s one of the “four pillars” for their show this year alongside Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and Spider-Man. I’m betting they’re going to show a whole lot, such as a live gameplay demonstration. But will they also show when the game is going to be released? I believe so… well, kinda.

Sadly, I don’t think it’ll be ready this year, which is going to be disappointing to a lot of people but I’m betting The Last of Us: Part II will be ready by “early 2019.” When exactly during this time frame, I have no idea. I just think it’s going to be really close!

4. The first Devil May Cry 5 trailer

Confession time: I have never play nor seen a Devil May Cry game. My only real contact with the franchise is with the Marvel vs. Capcom games, specifically the 3rd game and Infinite. I’ve thought that Dante, the main character was cool and all but I have no real love for any of the Devil May Cry games. Capcom actually released a 5th entry to the series but, according to fans, DmC was not Devil May Cry 5.

I do get all the ill will. DmC used a super emo hero instead of the overly cool and confident version of Dante fans have grown to love. Capcom took a risk with a new direction and it failed. So I can definitely see them backtracking and deciding to make an “official” Devil May Cry, featuring the white haired Dante. And where else would they reveal his return but in E3? I predict we’ll just get a teaser trailer but with the white haired Dante asking us if we missed him and I bet fans had.

5. A focus on battle royale styled games

While most of the things I’ve mentioned are generally positive, there’s one announcement I’m not going to be too happy about. Actually, it’s going to be a whole mess of negatives as Sony will reveal a whole slew of games that will showcase a gaggle of online multiplayer games, starting with PlayerUnknown’ Battlegrounds. I can understand why Sony is desperate to bring PUBG to the PS4 since Microsoft already has it on the Xbox One but I just don’t like the game all that much. I can respect the fanbase but I don’t care for multiplayer games like PUBG since I rather have a solid single player game most of the time.

PUBG won’t be the only multiplayer game shown during the Sony PlayStation show. It’ll be followed by other online games like H1Z1 and the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. They’ll even show some “exclusives” but I just won’t care. I know it’s the current trend… but lootboxes was a trend as well. Trends aren’t good all the time, you know.

BONUS: A redesigned PlayStation 4 console

This is a sure longshot and even I don’t think Sony will do this… but in the back of my mind, it does seem possible that they will show a new version of the PlayStation 4. Sony does have a habit of “upgrading” their systems from time to time, especially during the the latter part of their console’s lifespan. And it does seem like right about now when they do just this sort of thing.

I know they’ve already slimmed the PS4 down already but I know the engineers at Sony have been working hard to get things into a more compact case to keep manufacturing costs down. It does feel too early but it hit me that the PS4 is going to be 5 years old this year! I’m guessing the PS4 has a few more good years ahead of itself but it’s also around this time that Sony gives their current system a makeover. Highly unlikely but I won’t put it past them.


What are your predictions for Sony’s E3 show this year? Let me know in the comments section below!

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