Accessorizin’ Like A Switch Boss

One of the reasons that held me back from purchasing a Nintendo Switch was how the console was begging for accessories. Despite Nintendo packing in everything that’s required to play the Switch in the box (including “two” controllers), I still had to buy several accessories after my initial purchase. Let me run through each purchase and talk about why I bought each of these items.

Starting this list off with the Dobe Switch Protector Kit which was sold in a special bundle where I bought my Switch from. The kit includes several items, the most important of which is the glass film screen protector – even if you’re using the Switch primarily in docked mode, you’ll need a screen protector to make sure that you avoid any scratches for the few times that you are sliding that tablet in and out of its dock.

Since I often bring the Switch with me whenever I go out, the black protector case that came with the kit was quite handy. Not only does it protect both the tablet and the JoyCon, it also holds up to 10 Switch cartridges and has a compartment for additional accessories which I used for storing a USB-C charging cable. The kit also has three analog stick caps and several rubber plugs to protect the device from dust build up – not necessary but nice to have.

Next up is a micro SD card – a must have in my opinion due to the Switch’s pitiful storage. I got the biggest micro SD card that was available: a 200 GB SanDisk one. I’m hoping that this’ll last me for as long as I’m playing the Switch and in case I do run out of space, I’m hoping that it’ll last long enough for the price of memory cards to drop. 

Just to be clear, I know that SanDisk is a well known brand for memory cards, but I didn’t buy this because of the brand. I was going after what was the biggest micro SD card available and this was it. I’ve never had a problem with micro SD cards that I’ve purchased, SanDisk brand or otherwise. And I’ve never had a problem with this 200 GB micro SD card since I’ve purchased this either.

These items were the ones that we bought at the same time that we purchased our Nintendo Switch. The next items were ones that we bought after, and that starts with the FC30 Pro Game Controller from 8bitdo:

We bought this because we weren’t happy with the JoyCon as two individual controllers (especially my fiancee). Rather than buying Nintendo’s Pro Controller right away, I opted to get 8bitdo’s FC30 Pro – it costs less than half the price of a Nintendo Pro Controller and has most of the features that I need right now. As a bonus, it also works with other devices like Android Phones. Eventually, I’ll get a Nintendo Pro Controller of my own, but despite that the FC30 Pro will remain as a great alternative for on the go Switch gaming as it is much smaller that the Nintendo Pro Controller.

The next accessory that we bought was Hori’s Switch Game Stand:The Switch’s built-in kick stand simply wasn’t cutting it for us; we needed something much more sturdier. We tried looking for other tablet holders/mounts but couldn’t find any to my liking. I wasn’t patient enough to keep looking for alternatives; I knew our video game retailers had this on stock so we got one.

The stand is simply a plastic stand that you can fold flat. It can hold the Switch at three different viewing angles, and it’s got that Nintendo Switch branding, so it looks good. It also allows us to charge our Nintendo Switch even while playing on table top mode. After completing this purchase, our Nintendo Switch turned into a portable mini console:

Seriously, I cannot think of anything that compares to me and my fiancee playing a co-op game while waiting for our food on dates, or while passing the time waiting for a movie to start. I thought I’d regret purchasing a Nintendo Switch this soon (I’m still working on my 3DS backlog), but having these experiences with my fiancee when we’re out and about completely justified our purchase.

This wasn’t the end of our purchases though. I started getting conscious of how our Nintendo Switch looked. I wanted to keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible, so we ended up buying this:

We had the choice of buying the Dobe Silicon Case for just the Joycon or this one with a case for the console itself and I chose the latter, again with the mindset that our Nintendo Switch would primarily be played in handheld or tabletop mode. Just to note, this came in three different colors: bright red, bright blue, and white. I ended up picking the neutral white; I wish they had something less flashy like gray available.

Ugh. At this point, I’d rather have a dirty white-colored silicon case than I would a dirty Nintendo Switch. I can easily replace the case when needed anyway. Unexpectedly, the silicon case came with the bonus of having a contoured grip built into the JoyCon cases:

That little piece of silicon made the JoyCon a lot more comfortable, in my opinion. Thankfully, the Switch still fits that Dobe protective case, although I could no longer use it’s extra compartment for anything that’s too bulky. And the Switch doesn’t fit into the dock with the silicon case around it, so that had to come off and will stay off until the time that I won’t be docking the system.

We also bought an Aukey 20,000 mah power bank primarily for charging our Switch, but of course we use it for our other gadgets as well:

What’s notable about this specific power bank is that it has a both a micro USB and an Apple Lightning port for charging, and it has one Qualcomm Quick Charge output port. It works with the Nintendo Switch, and that’s all I really cared about.

Finally, the last item that we bought was a USB-C cable – the packed in charger that came with the Nintendo Switch isn’t like mobile chargers wherein you could disconnect the wire from the charger itself, so I had to buy a separate cable for it:

I didn’t know that Dobe made a lot of Switch peripherals; I didn’t even know the brand until after we bought our Switch but there you go, we bought a lot of their products. What can I say about this cable? It’s long, it doesn’t have additional components like a micro USB or Lightning converter so you can only use this with USB-C devices. It does it’s job and doesn’t offer any bonuses.

And that completes everything! I think, aside from additional controllers, that we have everything that we need for the Switch. Whew that was a long list, wasn’t it? While none of these accessories were necessary (save for the additional controller), each one improved our experience with the Nintendo Switch. If I were to make recommendations, I’d say get a screen protector regardless of your preferred mode of play (you really don’t want that screen damaged) and a decent sized micro SD card.

What do you think about the accessories that we bought? Are there any accessories/peripherals that I missed and should consider getting? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment or two below!

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