Episode 224: Five Characters That Need To Be In Dragon Ball FighterZ


I’m so hyped for Dragon Ball FighterZ! Although I didn’t get picked for the Alpha test (which is understandable because I am a no-name person so Namco Bandai would never send me a testing code), I’m really hoping that the future Beta will be open for anyone to try out. I love me some Dragon Ball and the upcoming game looks super good, which is why I’m super excited for when the game releases next year. The current roster looks already good, with some really good choices on who players would want to control. But I still believe there are a few characters that still need to be added to really flesh out the list of characters. In fact, let me go name a few of them right off the top of my head…

1. Broly

Before the discovery of the Super Saiyan God ritual, there was already a Legendary Super Saiyan and his name is Broly.

Although Broly only appeared in the OAV and movies and was technically never part of Dragon Ball’s official continuity, he’s still one of the most popular characters in the series as evidenced by being the only villain to appear in three separate films. There’s just something about the character and his simplistic hatred for Goku and his mental instability that makes him easy to understand. Also, he’s probably the most powerful Saiyan to have existed, at least during the events of Dragon Ball Z. I would definitely want to see if Broly would still be able to take on Goku and Vegeta after they’ve ascended into Super Saiyan God levels and Dragon Ball FighterZ would be a great venue to find out.

2. Beerus

I don’t like cats all that much… but I do love the design of Universe 7’s resident God of Destruction, Beerus.

It’s extremely rare that someone is actually stronger than Goku but Beerus is able to do it so effortlessly! He even defeated Goku when he turned into a Super Saiyan God for the first time. Beerus has the power to totally destroy planets on a whim. However, he isn’t totally heartless as he did spare Earth because he enjoyed his match with Goku. It certainly didn’t hurt that the planet has some of the tastiest meals in all of the universe and Beerus definitely loves to eat!

Even if he is a “merciful” God of Destruction, Beerus is still a God of Destruction. It would be see what Namco Bandai would do with the character and what moves he’d be given in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Honestly, he’s an easy pick for me.

3. Gotenks

Fuuuuuuuuu-sion! Haaaa!

I don’t think anyone would want to see Goten or Young Trunks in the game. However, I would definitely want to see their combined form, Gotenks, in the game. Oddly enough, I’m not a huge fan of Goten, Young Trunks or even Gotenks in the anime. He’s actually kind of annoying, in my opinion. What I do like is the potential for us to use his weird special attacks.

Gotenks would have the standard beam attacks and energy projectiles but, since he is just two kids fused into one, most of his attacks are really childish and imaginative. He’s got a flying headbutt that would inadvertently hit his opponent in the crotch. He also has a beam attack that he can shoot out of his mouth, which is different to say the least. Also, if I remember correctly, he had something like a beam attack that can lasso his opponent and immobilize them. But the special attack I would love to see would definitely be the kamikaze ghosts technique where Gotenks would spit out several sentient ghosts that would be able to track down the opponent and explode!

4. Teen Gohan/Great Saiyaman

Yeah, I know Kid Gohan is in the game. But I would prefer to play Teen Gohan… more specifically, the Great Saiyaman!

I’m putting this here for a couple of reason. First and foremost, Gohan has always been my second favorite character in Dragon Ball Z (we’ll talk about my main favorite later). I loved his character progression as we saw him as a cowardly kid who eventually became strong enough to even take on the likes of Cell. I love the goofiness of his overall Great Saiyanman story arc. I honestly thought that they were prompting him to be the new main character and have Goku retire. But I guess that wasn’t in the cards as Goku eventually returned to Earth and Gohan simply stopped training to become a scholar or something. Which is fine but I kind of feel sorry for Gohan because he doesn’t really get much of the spotlight anymore.

While I would be fine with Teen Gohan being added to Dragon Ball FighterZ roster, I specifically want him to be Great Saiyaman, though. Like I said, I just like this weird and goofy side of Gohan and the airs that he puts on just because he still wants to do good but keep his identity a secret to the public. His moves will be rather standard attacks but they’ll just have the wacky names like the Justice Punch and Great Saiyaman Beam… because he’s the Great Saiyaman!

5. Hit the Infalliable

How can I not include the strongest character from Universe 6 here?

I really like Hit from Dragon Ball Super. He’s kind of like Piccolo because he does have a sense of honor, even though he is an assassin. But the biggest reason why I like him is his Time Skip ability. It’s something really different from any other technique in the Dragon Ball series as Time Skip enables Hit freeze time for a split second, making it harder for his opponents to react to his attacks. However, I wonder how they’ll make Hit’s invisible ki blasts look in the game because it would be rather unfair (and really strange) if they actually are invisible in the game.

Oh, and he already has a built in Level 3 attack: the Flash Fist Crush. I mean, he actually killed Goku while in Super Saiyan Blue, which is essentially the Super Saiyan form of Super Saiyan God, with the move! That’s how deadly it is!

BONUS: Mr. Satan

I’d just add him for the lulz, if possible!

As much as I like Gohan, Mr. Satan (Hecule to you Western speakers because, well, the name in the Japanese version is rather “evil” sounding) is hands down my favorite. There’s something about how egotistical he is and how weak and powerless he actually is when compared to the other characters in Dragon Ball universe. What makes him so endearing is how he actually gets away with it!

But, since Mr. Satan is so weak, how would he be able to compete against Gods of Destructions, assassins from other universes and Great Saiyamans? Well, if there are endings, just make it so Mr. Satan is giving one of his blowhard speeches where he “embellishes” the actual events. It would suit the character perfectly and be hilarious at the same time!


Who else do you think should join Dragon Ball FighterZ’s roster? Let me know in the comments section below!


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