Episode 220: Five Street Fighter V Characters that Need Revamped V-System Moves


Around a week or two ago, someone dived into the code of Street Fighter V after the latest patch and noticed something interesting. The guy figured out that there’s a patch of code that makes it seem like Capcom is going to give Street Fighter V’s roster a selection of different V-System moves and you’ll be able to mix and match them. This is going to be something like Street Fighter IV’s ability to pick what Ultra Combo before the match but it’s going to be a little more extensive as this will make changes to their V-Skill, V-Reversal and V-Trigger.

For some characters, this may prove to be unnecessary as a lot of the characters already have some pretty good V-System moves. Balrog/Boxer has a really neat V-Skill that allows him to cancel his dash punches into it leading to extended combos. And Karin’s V-Trigger is an integral part of the character already as it allows her access to her Rekka attacks. But that’s for some characters only. There are still a few Street Fighter V characters that definitely got the short end of the stick when it came to what V-System moves they go. And I have a few ideas on what characters and what V-System moves that would be more useful than the ones they currently have.


FANG is probably one of the characters that is in the most need of a revamped V-System. He’s one of the lowest ranked characters because he’s just so difficult to use. It certainly doesn’t help that his V-System moves are almost useless in a match! The weird thing is, it’s hard to really think what changes Capcom can do to them to make him have a fighting chance against the rest of the cast. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try and I’ll even be trying to work off his poison motif.

His V-Skill, which is a slow moving unblockable projectile that poison the opponent, looks good on paper but isn’t actually all that useful. I would rather him get something where he does a punch move that, if it connects, saps some of his opponent’s V-Gauge and absorbs it into his own. The weird Zoidberg-esque V-Reversal definitely has to go as well. Make FANG do something like Cammy’s V-Reversal maybe or, better yet, an attack where he blows his opponent back a ways like the one Ryu has. The latter would be great for FANG as his moveset does suggest he’s a zoner and would want to keep peppering his opponent with long range attacks.

FANG’s V-Trigger is probably one of the sorriest excuses for a V-Trigger and, once again, it looks good on paper as all he has to do is get close to his opponent to poison him. I have two suggestions that Capcom can use to replace his current sucky one. One, they can make FANG throw poison bombs like the ones Ibuki currently uses as her V-Trigger. If that feels like too much of a copy and unoriginal idea, my second one would be more unique but possibly game breaking and it’s something I’m dubbing “anti-poison.”

Basically, when FANG activates his V-Trigger, he’ll start regaining life for a short period of time.. but still be able to move around and attack! His life will fill up incredibly slowly like the way his poison damages his opponent so it’s going to be balanced somewhat. Opponents will still be able to pummel him as long as they do enough damage to “beat” the life regeneration. So, FANG’s goal once he activates the “anti-poison” is to keep his opponent away with his attacks while his opponent has to try to rush him down. It’s like Elena’s Healing but less frustrating because the “anti-poison” doesn’t work as abruptly as her (incredibly annoying Ultra).

2. Vega/Claw

I recently switched back to Vega and I’m doing much better using him than with Guile, Balrog/Boxer and M.Bison/Dictator. He’s technically my first non-charger I’ve used and I’ve seen to have gotten the hang of using Vega now but I can tell you from experience that his V-System moves needs work! And I do have a few ideas and they would use all of his older moves from the games.

First, I gotta talk about his V-Reversals which are his trademark backflips. It’s pretty useless when you’re in the corner. You can catch them by surprise maybe the first time and then counterattack afterwards. But if it’s purpose was to back off your opponent, it’s worthless over there. I would rather Vega get a “get off me” move like most of the Street Fighter V cast. In fact, I think it would be ideal if his old Scarlett Terror flip kick would be the perfect replacement. Second, I just don’t like his V-Skill. I guess it’s useful as it can dodge and counterattack projectile users at the right range but it’s not particularly useful in practice. Instead, I would give him his Cosmic Heel jumping side kick. It would have the same uses and would still work with his current target combos. Oh, and he can jump over projectiles and low attacks with the proper timing.

His V-Trigger? I’m actually torn because I love Vega’s current V-Trigger! It’s really great for getting out of the corner and in combos. And it now does a lot of stun on his opponent! But, if I did have to give him a new V-Trigger, I guess it would be something that would be kind of strange but would work with both his claw and clawless stances. I think it would be great if, in claw mode, his “punch” normals would do 10% more damage and, in clawless mode, they would do a little more hit stun, enabling him to do easier link combos.

3. Chun-Li

Boy, Chun-Li’s certainly dropped out of favor in Season 2, huh? Most of it has to deal with Capcom nerfing her air Hyakuretsukyaku/Lightning Legs special. But it didn’t help that she probably has the worst V-Skills in the game.

The jumping knee kick V-Skill is really useless and I have yet to see someone find a practical use for the move. So, I say get rid of it and replace it with with something like the little Kikoshou projectile she had in the earlier Marvel vs. Capcom games. It’s the one with the forward + Hard Punch command. It should be able to nullify projectiles as it is an energy attack and should be able to stuff out some jump ins, which is what the jumping knee was designed to do? Her V-Reversal also needs some work as I think it should knock the opponent down, giving Chun-Li time to breathe. This is why I think her V-Reversal should be her Tenshoukyaku, her weird horizontal spinning kick.

Now, Chun-Li’s V-Trigger is actually one of the best ones in the game since it modifies all her attacks with multiple hits. This is why I would want her variant V-Trigger to be something that does one big hit instead of buffing her attacks. So, why not give Chun-Li a weaker version of her Kikoshou Ultra Combo? I would think this would be devastating if you combo into it after a string of normal attacks… and then follow that up with a Critical Art. That would be something really special!

4. Ryu

It’s hard to believe but Street Fighter’s very own poster boy is now considered to be a low tier character! Poor Ryu! Maybe a few changes to his current V-System moves will help him up the ranks!

Ryu’s V-Skill was good when it was first revealed. The ability to parry attacks and then counterattack was fine… when he was the only one who could do it. Too bad there are so many characters that are just better at doing that very same thing! Akuma, Abigail and, to a certain extent, Alex have the same parry mechanic and they’re more functional that Ryu’s version. So, give him something different. Maybe give him his hop kick from the Alpha series or, better yet, maybe his Joudan Sokutogeri AKA Donkey Kick.

His V-Reversal isn’t all that bad, in my opinion, so I wouldn’t really change it. But if Capcom did, I guess I would like it if it did something a little different than the other V-Reversals. Maybe use his old crouching hard punch animation and make the V-Reversal launch his opponent into the air? Honestly, Ryu’s V-Reversal is the least of his problems. The thing he needs is a better V-Trigger. His current one isn’t bad; it’s just not all that good. I know I’m not being original here but why not make Ryu’s V-Trigger turn him into Evil Ryu?

The upside to Evil Ryu would be pretty obvious. He would get a serious damage buff and be able to teleport like Akuma. But he wouldn’t be like Necalli when in V-Trigger mode as there has to be a downside to his V-Trigger or else no one would use his original one. So, to balance it out, make it so Evil Ryu also takes a little bit more damage when in this form. Also, make it wear off after some time and, here’s the kicker, would leave Ryu open for a split second when he changes back. This now puts the Ryu player in a high pressure situation as he has to do as much damage and KO his opponent within that time frame or else his foe gets a free combo.

5. Zangief

The Red Cyclone have seen better days. Maybe a few new V-System moves would help him out!

Zangief’s current V-Skill is rather disappointing to me. It does look kind of awesome and intimidating whenever a Zangief walks up to in his Iron Muscle pose. But then you realize that you just need a multi hitting move and you’re okay. Honestly, the most obvious choice for Zangief’s alternative V-Skill would be his Banishing Flat/Green Hand. Despite his current V-Skill being rather boring, I do love his V-Reversal as it does set his opponent’s up for a Spinning Pile Driver. I don’t really think it needs changing but, if Capcom did have to give him something different, why not give him something fresh? Maybe something like a short arm clothesline/running lariat?

But the thing Zangief is in desperate need of is a new V-Trigger. It just looks ridiculous! Having it power up his V-Skill is neat and all but the actual move is rather stupid. Since my suggestion would be taking away his Iron Muscle V-Skill, why not make something like this move into his V-Trigger? Zangief already had the ability to make his body into solid steel in the Marvel vs. Capcom games. Why not make this his V-Trigger instead?

I propose that, in this mode, Zangief would automatically get one hit of armor and cannot get crush countered. To balance this out, he would lose his ability to dash in. Oh, and if you activate this V-Trigger and still have his old V-Skill, he wouldn’t take any white life damage! I’m not sure if this would be overpowered but it definitely would be cool!


Which characters would benefit from updated V-System moves? What moves would you give them? Let me know in the comments section below!

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