Seven Bold Predictions for the Upcoming Justice League Film

It was Comic-Con last week and, as usual, geeks and nerds were treated to a bevy of new trailers for their favorite superhero films. Disney and Marvel has yet to publicly release their Avengers: Infinity War trailer as to not steal any thunder away from the Thor: Ragnarok hype. Get it? Thunder? Because Thor is the God of Thunder… Anyway, DC also had a new trailer for attendee available for their upcoming Justice League movie. It was a trailer that was much lighter in tone, both literally and figuratively. This is probably all thanks to Joss Whedon taking post-production directorial duties away from Zack Snyder. Yay!

The trailer for Justice League does a great job of showing the heroes and a couple of cool moments without revealing any spoilers, unlike that ridiculous Doomsday reveal they did with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. They don’t show any really epic battles nor do they even show a good show at what the main baddie is going to look like. And that’s an incredibly good thing. A trailer should only tease viewers on what the film is going to be like as well as trying to hype them into wanting to watch it. The Justice League trailer that was shown at Comic-Con certainly delivered on both those points.

However, the trailer does drop a few hints at what the film is going to be like. Fans are dissecting the trailer, trying to find all those little Easter Eggs that it dropped in order to try to piece together what could happen when the film actually is released in November. So, I decided to join the party and give a few guesses on what’s going to happen!

1. The movie will start way, way back in the past

And I mean centuries ago!

The latest trailer does feature a couple of scenes in Themyscira, where, presumably, a Mother Box allows Steppenwolf to use a boom tube to go to Earth. So, the question to ask based on this is: How did the Amazons actually acquire a Mother Box? I’m guessing this must have happened way back during the time before Diana was even born. I’m guessing Steppenwolf and/or the forces of Apokalips have tried to invade Earth before but were repelled by the Amazons and, possibly, the Atlanteans as well.

There’s even a “blink and you’ll miss it” scene in the trailer that I can point to that I think will be set during this time. It’s the one where there are women and, most notably, men who are on horseback while fighting off some parademons. It’s roughly at 3:10 of the clip above. The setting looks incredibly weird but they definitely don’t look like aliens to me and I’m betting that’s because it happened on Earth a long time ago but not in a galaxy far, far away.

It took me an hour to find this specific screenshot in the trailer. You’re welcome!

So, it does reason that Apokalips did try to invade the planet before but the combined forces of the Amazons, Atlanteans and normal humans managed to pushed them back. After the battle, each of the three Earth races scavenged the battlefield and each one got their very own Mother Box. And these three pieces of alien tech will be central to Justice League’s story because…

2. The Justice League will search for and find a Mother Box.

Somehow, the Justice League will find out about the Mother Box and how it’s going to be important to stopping the alien invasion. They’ll probably find go to Themyscira but find out that Steppenwolf either destroyed it or has control of it. They’ll then go to Atlantis but they won’t have access to it despite Aquaman being the King of the Seven Seas. I’m guessing that it was lost or some villain like Ocean Master has it. This will lead the Justice League to go looking for the human Mother Box… which will actually lead them to Cyborg because… will get to that.

Once again, there is evidence to back this theory up. The trailer does show the Justice League sitting around a curious looking square and secured box. I’m betting the Mother Box is in there for safe keeping!

Find the hidden Mother Box (Hint: it’s in the red circle).

Now, who actually has the human Mother Box? Well, Cyborg’s father because…

3. Cyborg is the result of Mother Box technology

For this, we have to go back to the very first Justice League trailer. At the start of that trailer, there’s this weird scene where an elderly gentleman walks into an apartment and you see a box (probably a Mother Box) starts glowing. A parademon-like creature then stands behind the man. But I’m betting that’s not a parademon. Rather, it’s the man’s son, Victor Stone AKA Cyborg. Here’s a refresher of the trailer just in case you forgot.

There are a couple of subtle hints to why this is probably going to be true. First, the box is buried behind several sporting trophies, which strongly suggests that it is in the possession of Stone’s family as Victor Stone is a football star. Second, and I hate to be blunt, but there doesn’t seem to be that many African Americans in the film. So, I’m guessing the man in the trailer is actually related to the other African American in the film, Cyborg.

This origin actually mirrors Cyborg’s origin in New 52. I’m guessing that Cyborg’s father managed to dig up a Mother Box (buried by Vikings after the first invasion attempt as seen in another trailer) and has been doing experiments on this. There was an accident and the Mother Box bonded with Victor Stone or something along those lines. This would mean that Cyborg will be the key to controlling the Mother Box.

But how will the Justice League use it? Well, they actually showed what they did with it way back in Batman v. Superman!

4. Time Travel shenanigans galore!

Anyone remember that weird scene in Batman v. Superman where The Flash just popped in warning Bruce that Lois Lane is the key to something. The Flash then realizes he time traveled too much. He then tells Bruce that he was always right about “him” and that he should be afraid of him. Here’s a quick refresher again.

Most people would say that it was just The Flash vibrating back in time. But I think there’s a little more to it than just Barry Allen running through time. If you look closely at the scene, it looks like The Flash is wearing a bit more equipment than his regular costume. I’m betting he needed the extra gear to facilitate that trip back in time. Also, if you look closely at the scene, there is a halo effect much like the boom tube Steppenwolf used in the latest trailer.

But who is “him”? Well, Superman fans aren’t going to like this because…

5. Superman will be evil… for the first part of the film anyway.

This is pure speculation on my behalf. In fact, the latest trailer even specified that Earth has “no Kryptonians.” But it does fit into The Flash’s description regarding someone to be feared and that Lois is the key. Now, I have no idea how they’ll “resurrect” Superman but they’ll have some gobbledygook explanation ready. However, he’ll be working for Steppenwolf at the start of the invasion. I’m not sure how the villain will get to do that but it will have to be something to do with Lois Lane. Maybe they have her captive or some crap like that. But I do think that Superman will be working for the bad guys.

Bruce will eventually remember that “Lois Lane is the key” and eventually find her so snap Superman out of it. In fact, remember that scene at the end of the latest trailer? Where Alfred turns around and says that he was expecting that person and he hopes it’s not too late? Most people are saying that it’s Superman. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a swerve and it was actually Wonder Woman bringing in Lois Lane.

And no. Those aren’t “green” in Alfred’s glasses. That’s just a reflection of a monitor.

Superman will see Lois and then will be working for the “good guys” again and the Justice League will stop Steppenwolf.

But is that the end of the movie? Not by a long shot because there will be a couple of after credits scenes. Starting with…

6. We will get to see Darkseid… after the credits only

Who the heck cares for Steppenwolf? What fans really want to see is his boss, Darkseid! After all, he is the biggest baddie in the DC Universe, able to go toe-to-toe against Superman and push the Man of Steel to the limit. Heck, even Superman admitted in the Justice League Unlimited animated series that punching Darkseid was his one chance to actually use his full power! And, even after that, Darkseid can still best Superman in hand-to-hand combat!

We will get to the Ruler of Apokalips at the end after Steppenwolf retreats. He’ll report to Darkseid that he failed to conquer Earth and beg forgiveness… just before Darkseid evaporates him with his Omega beams.

But that won’t be the only after credits scene! No, they have to make up for the lack of one from the Wonder Woman film! And this one will feature some blue dudes with a green fetish…

7. The Guardians will decide to assign a Green Lantern to Sector 2814

After all of the credits have rolled, they’ll cut to a lone planet where we get to see The Guardians contemplating the lack of a Green Lantern in Earth’s sector. They probably never bothered to assign one because the sector has been such a “backwater” sector in the first place. However, because of Apokalips’ interest in the planet, they decide to finally appoint someone to find a suitable candidate to be the sector’s Green Lantern.

Oh, and that terrible Green Lantern movie starring Deadpool never happened, okay?

Never happened!

What are your predictions for Justice League? Let me know in the comments section below!

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