A Proposal to SEGA to Release a Valkyria Chronicles Collection Package

In just a couple of days, Valkyria Revolution will be release in the United States and Europe for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PS Vita. The game was already released in Japan way back in January and is finally making its way to Western audiences by the end of June. I’m actually awaiting this game with some great trepidation because I really, really want this game to be good. I’ve been dying to play another entry in the series and I truly hope that Valkyria Revolution can sate my appetite.

I’m going to get this game despite what the reviews say about it because I really want to play another game set in the Valkyria universe because I’ve only played the first game. The weird thing is Valkyria Revolution is actually the fourth entry in the series. Well, actually, that’s not correct. It’s actually a spin-off from the original trilogy, which kind of makes sense as to why the gameplay for Valkyria Revolution is more of an action-RPG hack-and-slash rather than the tactical strategy-RPG hybrid the first three games were. So, I’m kind of nervous that the new focus on action will trip me up when I get my hands on it.

Now, despite Valkyria Revolution is the fourth entry to the series, it will be my second game I’ll be playing that’s set in this alternate universe. Why? Because SEGA decided to release the second one on the then ailing (and now dead) PlayStation Portable/PSP and they didn’t even bother releasing the third game in the West! I was sure that they would at least make a PS3 version of the second game but that never happened. Which makes me sad because it looked like it managed to keep all of the elements that made the first game on the “big” PlayStation console a blast to play.

This got me thinking. I know I’m not the only one who is thinking this. I know there are some fans of the original Valkyria Chronicles game that weren’t able to get the second and third sequels despite them really wanting to. As much as I wanted to play the second Valkyria Chronicles, there was no way I was going to get a PSP before or even a PlayStation Vita today because, well, I’m not a huge fan of portable gaming systems. I don’t have anything against them but I just like the experience of playing video games in front of a huge screen instead of hunkering down on a small screen like with the PS Vita. Also, even though it would have been a useful skills, I don’t think trying to learn an entirely new language like Japanese in order to import and play Valkyria Chonicles 3 would’ve been a good use of my time. Of course, there was the pesky problem of it only being on Sony’s portable systems again.

Now, some people may think that SEGA would be making a compilation of the three Valkyria Chronicles games would be a gamble. But, if you really think of it logically, it would probably be a gamble that would pay off.

First off, the first Valkyria Chronicles was actually a huge hit. Well, not initially when it was released on the PlayStation 3. The game did very well in its home country of Japan and I did think it made a blip in Western territories. However, the game never fully got the sales number it deserved despite it being such a well beloved game. That was before it was ported over to the PC and to Steam where it stunned a lot of people on how well the game sold! In fact, it topped the Steam sales charts when it debuted. That’s pretty impressive for a console port of an ageing game. To be fair, it probably helped a lot that it only costs around $20. But still, that’s a huge feat!

I’m guessing the guys and gals that decided to check out Valkyria Chronicles on Steam wanted to see if there were any other entries to the series and, like me, was disappointed that the sequels only came out on Sony’s portable systems. Well, this would actually be an opportunity for SEGA to “remedy” this problem and all they would have to do is do the same thing they did with the first game: port it over to the PC or, better yet, just sell the entire three games in one neat little package for newer systems like the PS4.

But I do hope that SEGA doesn’t just do that, actually. I hope SEGA also upgrades the graphics like when they remastered Valkyria Chronicles for the PS4. Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 may have looked good for a PSP game but they just look blocky then and they look incredibly blocky especially now! The anime cutscenes looked fantastic as they used real cell animation but the story scenes are rather pedestrian as they only use still images and very limited spoken dialogue during them. I definitely would want SEGA to revamp them. Maybe spruce the story scenes in Valkyria Chronicles 2 by making the characters move instead of just giving us static images or something like that?

I am going to go out and buy Valkyria Revolution on the day it’s released here. I’ve been waiting for another Valkyria game ever since I played the first one way back in 2008. I’m still unsure how I’ll warm up to the decidedly different hack-and-slash battle system but I think I’ll eventually become accustomed to it. I’ll also probably like the game as a whole because I’ve already been hearing some great things about it.

However, I do have an ulterior motive for getting the game. I honestly hope that the game sells incredibly well and that SEGA takes notice that people are buying it and liking it. I hope the suits over at SEGA look at the sales numbers for Valkyria Revolution and think, “Hey, a lot of people like the new Valkyria Revolution game. Maybe we should see if these guys would be interested in the older games if we re-release them on consoles.” And I hope they eventually do just that because, if they do, I will be first in line to buy those games as well.

Oh, and while you’re at it, SEGA, you might wanna look at releasing a Sakura Wars compilation as well.

Just sayin’ there would still be some people who have been waiting for this game to get released in English.

Have you played any of the Valkyria Chronicles games? Are you getting Valkyria Revolutions? Let me know in the comments section below!

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