Episode 203: Just Stop with the “Mysterious Speedster” Villains Already, CW


It’s fun and trendy to go against the grain. People want to be non-mainstream and “unique” so they would whine and complain about something that’s incredibly popular. This is probably why you can hear a lot of complaints that there are too many superhero films and movies based on comic books. I honestly don’t see why they’re against it. As long as they’re good, why would you want them to stop making them? Well, I guess the argument can be made that only Marvel has the right to make big screen derivatives of their comic book character because their track record has been almost impeccable (everyone seems to forget the mess that was The Incredible Hulk).

A symbol of quality?

While Marvel has been killing it, movies based on DC superheroes have been doing a different kind of killing. They’ve been killing the quality of their superhero films! I know they have their fans but, honestly, Marvel films have been much better than the DC movies. However, DC does have something up their sleeve as, while their superhero movies don’t exactly exude quality, their live action shows are much better. Specifically, the CW’s Arrowverse, which started with Arrow and continued with The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and, retroactively, Supergirl. The shows under the Arrowverse banner has been, for the most part, really good.

Among the shows mentioned, my favorite has been The Flash. It’s, for me, the most creative one. Well, the show is creative for the most part. They’re creative with the stories and the villain of the week. But there is one thing that The Flash isn’t very creative with, it the main villain. Ever since the first season of the show, Barry Allen and the folks of STAR Labs have been fighting other speedsters.

First, The Flash faced off against Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash. In the second season, Barry Allen battled against Zoom from Earth-2. In season 3, I was actually excited when the main bad guy appeared to be a guy named Doctor Alchemy. But wait! It turns out he was just a lackey for the real main arch rival for the season who was pulling the strings behind the curtain! The real main baddie is actually Savitar, The “God of Speed” and a speedster from the future.

And killer of Iris

And, to be frank, I’m pretty tired of it. Sick and tired of it.

The biggest issue I have with this is, while the self-contained episodes are actually really good, the main storyline has become extremely repetitive. Generally, a new evil speedster appears on the scene. He has knowledge of Barry and the rest of Team Flash’s lives. He threatens Barry Allen and his loved ones lives. Barry Allen then says “I’m not fast enough.” It then turns out the evil speedster is someone the good guys know very well. Still, The Flash eventually rallies from behind and finds a way and beats the bad guy by the last episode of the season. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

I mean, are the folks and writers over at the CW just out of ideas when it comes to thinking of a villain that is just faster than The Fastest Man Alive? There has to be a Flash baddie that could fill in the shoes of the main villain of the season. He should have a nemesis that can beguile Barry Allen for 24 whole episodes, right? But, no. The CW seems content in looking at DC cavalcade of characters and just pick the Flash villains who are just fast as well.

From what I know about the character, which is primarily derived from the Justice League cartoons, his main villain is usually Gorilla Grodd, the super intelligent gorilla that has psychic powers. He has appeared in the show already and, every time, there is a feeling of dread among all the good guys. So, can’t he actually be the main villain of a season for once?

It also doesn’t necessarily have to be a Flash nemesis as well. In the Arrow series, Oliver Queen didn’t face off against other archers or even his own rogues gallery. He fought against characters like Ra’s Al Ghul and Damien Dark, who are actually part of the rogue gallery of Batman and the Teen Titans. Why can’t The Flash “borrow” some of the bad guys from the DC universe as well?

Why not have The Flash face off against a bad guy that doesn’t use brute force to take on The Scarlett Speedster? I think a villain like The Calculator, who already appeared in the Arrowverse as Felicity Smoak’s father, can use his smarts to simply outsmart The Flash and predict what he’s going to do before he even does it. Or have someone who uses a weird superpower like Doctor Destiny, who infiltrates the person’s subconscious. The Flash’s superspeed is pretty useless against someone like this.

I guess the biggest reason why the CW only use other speedsters is because, well, The Flash’s superpower. When you have a hero that has super speed, he should be able to defeat most criminals in under a second. If he doesn’t, viewers would question why he would take so long to beat them. But, honestly, this shouldn’t be that much of a problem because, well, it already takes The Flash an incredibly long time to beat the bad guys as it is already.

The Flash usually takes an entire episode to beat your typical baddie with superpowers. And he needs the help of the people of STAR Labs to do it as well. What I’m trying to say is, just because the main bad guy isn’t super fast, that doesn’t mean The Flash can take him out instantly if you plan and write it well.

With season 3 about to end and with the show going to get a season 4, we know The Flash will probably get a new main villain. I just really hope that the CW can finally think of a new villain that The Flash can take on without him whining that he’s “not fast enough” ever again.

Who do you think should be the next main villain for the next season of the CW’s The Flash show? Let me know in the comments section below!


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