Episode 200: Another Lesbian in Mass Effect Andromeda


I’m a big Mass Effect fan. I loved the original BioWare trilogy and I still think it’s one of the best RPG games ever. I loved all of the characters and the general story. I loved the universe Mass Effect created and the rich lore it had. I didn’t mind the terrible endings and how most of your choices didn’t actually influence how the last game closed out the trilogy all that much. However, if there is one thing that really irked me about the original trilogy, it would be the romance choices if you wanted a heterosexual female Shepard.

I honestly had issues with the male human characters of the original Mass Effect games as I didn’t find any of them attractive enough for my FemShep. I ever wrote an entire piece on this way back in Episode 5 when I started writing on this blog! I guess I could’ve hooked up with the aliens. I actually considered making the turian Garrus as my paramour but I considered him more like a best bud than someone I would love. As such, I decided to just go romance the asari Liara T’soni as, well, although she looks female, her species doesn’t really have gender so, yeah. At least she was a cool enough character and I remained loyal to her until the very end.

But with Mass Effect: Andromeda, I was hoping things would be different. I hoped BioWare would finally create a male romanceable (is that a word?) character for my new female Ryder in the game. I wanted to actually play a straight female character in the Mass Effect universe and find a male human I can build a family with in this new galaxy. But nope! Once again, BioWare flubbed the male human characters in their games again!

Okay, let’s first go tackle who are the male characters that FemRyder can actually romance in Mass Effect: Andromeda. The most prominent would be one of the first members to join the Pathfinder team, Liam Kosta. My biggest issue is that I don’t find him attractive in the least! For one thing, I don’t like the whole British accent thing. Nothing against the folks that live in the United Kingdom. But I just don’t find it the accent sexy in the least. Second, I don’t really care for his rather sentimental attitude towards his past life and old Earth stuff from the Milky Way. I mean, he snuck in a beat up old couch and launched a gas powered car into space! I get it’s supposed to be endearing and is supposed to show he’s a romantic at heart but, once again, it’s mostly me, not him. And I don’t care how often he prances around shirtless at times. What is this? Twilight?

The second one is Reyes Vidal. Now, I haven’t met him yet (I’m still very early in the game) and, actually, I think that’s already going to be an issue. That means I’ll be meeting the character way later and, by that time, I should already be concentrating on someone else specific to be my new lover in the Andromeda galaxy. It seems strange to put a possible romantic choice so late in the game. I also have a tendency to be the committed type so, if I do have a relationship with someone else, I don’t think I’ll have the heart to cheat on that person, even if it just a game.

I’m also looking at the other alien races that I could have a heterosexual relationship with and it seems my only other choice would be Jaal, the angarian Resistance fighter. I did think rather long and hard about it since I actually like his personality. He comes off as incredibly serious but I like how BioWare developed his character. As he is a native to Andromeda, my FemRyder is totally alien to him but he has expressed some attraction to the human form. Well, he said that he likes Cora’s body while we were touring around in the Nomad of Voeld. But, hey, he isn’t turned off by fleshy pink skin so that’s a thing. But there’s a little more than just that. I enjoy how he asks questions and how his race are honest about their feelings and I kind of think it’s a turn on. However, once again, I don’t think it would work out. Once again, the accent comes into play. I guess I have a thing for accents and I don’t like Jaal’s that much. It’s a little too stern and “growl-y” for me. Geez! What is it about me and accents!

So, where does that leave me? Well, I guess I’m going to have FemRyder hook up with another female because, once again, I think the female characters have a little more personality than the male characters. I actually thought about focusing my energies on Peebee, as she is an asari like Liara was. But the thing is Peebee is a poor replacement for Liara. While Liara was more scholarly but tough, Peebee is much more reckless and sexual as she just loves to flirt. And that’s really not my style. But I do like the character and, hey, maybe she’ll grow on me.

However, the one that I’m currently eyeing is Suvi Anwar, the resident scientist of the Pathfinder squad. Okay, she is a bit of a religious nut, which is kind of a turn off for me. But she has some qualities that I like. For one, like Liara, she’s smart and intelligent. Second, she’s actually human and I could really go for some human romance for once in Mass Effect! Third, she’s got red hair and red is my favorite color! Fourth, she’s got a really sexy Scottish accent. Like I’ve mentioned before, I apparently have a thing for accents and I guess I have a thing for Scottish accents?

And it seems like, instinctively, FemRyder agrees!

And this is probably the thing that may cinch the deal for me. The fifth reason why I may go for Suvi in Mass Effect: Andromeda is FemRyder’s interaction with Suvi is just soooooo cute! There’s a bashfulness to it and it sounds like FemRyder doesn’t really know how to talk to her which is how I think a lot of people who fall in love start out. It’s brilliant and makes me want to see where this would all lead.

Of course, it’s still very early in my playthough of Mass Effect: Andromeda. I’ve just cleared the vault on Voeld and I’m just hopping from place to place right now, clearing out the side missions I can finish. Who knows? Maybe Jaal will do something that’ll bowl me over. Or Peebee’s flirting will just catch me off guard at the right moment. But, right now, I guess I’ll just be another lesbian in the Andromeda galaxy who just can’t get enough of a certain redhead with a particularly alluring Scottish accent.

(What is with me about accents?)

Who’s your paramour in Mass Effect: Andromeda? Let me know in the comments section below!

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