Episode 189: Bashing Miss Philippines (and Everything Else) in a Constructive Light


Over the weekend, the annual Miss Universe pageant happened. This year, it was held in the Philippines, making this the first time in my lifetime where it was held in my very own backyard. As it was the talk of the office and the town, I did get swept up in the Miss Universe fever. Okay, not as much as some of the people I know… and definitely not as much as the people in the video below.

I was still rather excited as you couldn’t really escape it as, for the past couple of weeks, there would be at least two people talking about the Miss Universe pageant wherever you go. Some of it was focused on why the heck they got Steve Harvey again after he flubbed announcing last year’s winner. That mistake did give the Miss Universe a huge popularity boost, though, so it was taken in a rather positive light. However, not all the talk was exactly positive. A lot of the negative talk in the Philippines was actually focused on our very own Miss Philippines, Maxine Medina, and the way she gave her answers.

This has caused quite a lot of in-fighting in the social media sphere in the country: the Maxine Medina “bashers” and the ones who defend Maxine Medina. Essentially, the bashers pretty much don’t or didn’t like this year’s Miss Philippines and toss a torrent of criticism against their target. This is when the people who are defending the Philippines’ Miss Universe bet try to turn things around. It’s great that people are so passionate about this, even if it is something that can be considered to be trivial to a lot of people.

I may sound like a mean meanie when I say this: I agree with the Maxine Medina bashers to a degree.

How dare you!

How dare you!

Now, before the Maxine Medina supporters start trying to hunt me down with pitchforks and torches, I have to ask you this: are you saying that you were totally satisfied with the way she answered the questions she was asked throughout her journey? Because I wasn’t. And that’s why I have to agree with the bashers whenever they throw up that criticism.

I understand that you may love Miss Philippines and will immediately rush to her defense whenever someone “attacks” her. It’s like the way a parent will stand up for her children when some inconsiderate idiot tells them that their stupid… despite the parent knowing full well their kid actually is an idiot. They will tell their kids he or she isn’t an idiot either way. But it’s this blind kind of thinking that will actually hurt them in the future.

First off, I will say Maxine Medina wasn’t exactly my first pick for Miss Universe contender. Actually, I think this all started when she won Miss Philippines. People were stunned that she won, especially after she gave, and I’m giving my honest opinion here, a really dumb and incoherent answer during the final Q & A portion. Let’s give a listen to what she said, shall we?

Did you get that? Wasn’t it a ridiculous answer? To be fair, it was a relatively difficult question to answer, especially if you’re under pressure to give the “best” answer. However, it definitely sounded like she didn’t understand the gist of what was being asked! Fans had a field day making nasty comments about how she sounded dumb and what a dumb answer she gave. What did her defenders say? The haters should just shut up and we should give our full support to her despite her answer.

Okay, fine. But are her supporters just going to ignore the fact that she wasn’t even close in giving a statement that actually answers the question? Am I supposed to blindly give my full support to someone that gave such an embarrasingly cringeworthy answer that had lots of grammar mistakes and didn’t sound confident in the least? Shouldn’t we at the least, acknowledge she really needs to work on the Q&A part of the pageant?

So, what happened during the actual Miss Universe? Maxine Medina made it to the Top 6. That’s really good! However, then came time for her Achilles’ Heel: the Q&A. This time, she came armed with an interpreter. Some fans hoped she would use it so that she could fully articulate her ideas in a concise manner. Or maybe she could actually understand the question clearly if someone translated it into her native language.


At best, Maxine’s answer made it sound like she was so egotistical that her being in the Miss Universe is the most significant event she’s ever seen. At worst, she proved she isn’t worthy for the Miss Universe crown because she has an incredibly narrow view of the world. She didn’t make it to the round, however, I will say there was a glimmer of hope since the other contestants didn’t really give great answers. On a side note, I really felt bad for Kenya for being the unfortunate candidate assigned to this question. But when she didn’t move on to the Top 3, I wasn’t surprised or shocked in the least. especially after her answer.

Of course, when the bashers pointed out that her answer wasn’t all that great, here came Maxine’s defenders. But this time, they were more content with attacking the bashers. They would turn the question around and ask the bashers how they would answer the question.

Well, when the question was being asked, I actually tried to formulate my own answer. I thought of the most significant thing that happened in the last 10 years from my point of view. My answer: social media. It changed how we talk to people, how we stay in touch with our friends and family, how we get our news and a lot more. Social media has connected the world in a way unlike before. Sure, a lot of the things on the Internet can be scary and bad, but we have to acknowledge all the good its done as well.

That was my answer as soon as I heard the question. Wasn’t that hard, was it?

Maxine’s defenders don’t seem to grasp that, although it may seem like the bashers are throwing a lot of shade at their candidate, the one that all Filipinos should blindly defend despite her obviously having difficulty in the Q&A portion, a lot of it is actually valid criticism. And criticism from others is actually a good thing. It supposed to help us grow and identify our problems and mistakes. The defenders don’t see it that way and any negative statements against her should be ignored because haters gonna hate and she’s beautiful and she’s perfect the way she is and she doesn’t need to change one bit! Isn’t that just plain wrong to go blindly support someone and not call out their flaws?

I’m not saying that everything the bashers are right, however. A lot of what they’ve said can be just mean without any constructive criticism. That’s wrong as well. You can hate her but you have to be able to articulate why you hate her. Be specific at what you think is wrong with her and what she can do to fix it. Of course, she doesn’t have to do it but at least you tried!

My point is, bashers may sound bad… but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to them. Haters gonna hate but they may be haters for good reason. Outright dismissing them totally without understanding the constructive criticism just means you think you’re perfect and you are beyond fault and you never make a mistake ever. And that’s a mistake in itself.

At times, we do need bashers. We need people to call out the world on the problems it has. Those problems may be ugly but they may be the ugly truth that we choose to ignore. We need these kinds of people to call attention to our world leaders who make bad and awful decisions, the parents who aren’t taking care of their children properly and the communities that are causing harm to others and the world at large. People say “if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” But sometimes, you need to hear those nice things so we can be aware that these aren’t nice things.

Right now, everyone can complain and guess why Maxine Medina didn’t make it to the Top 3 of the Miss Universe. I do have to congratulate her for making it into the Top 6, which is an accomplishment in itself. But I hope she does realize that her answers weren’t the best in the world… I mean, the universe. I do hope she realizes her flaws and try to work on it in the future.

Ultimately, it’s fine. Nobody’s perfect. Just ask Steve Harvey.

Of course, I could be wrong. I’m not perfect either. But at least I know that.


How do you handle bashers and haters? Let me know in the comments section below!

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