Episode 179: The Good and Bad of A New High School Musical


So, two weeks ago, I wrote a piece stating how difficult it is to predict what will be nostalgic and what won’t be. That got me thinking of the stuff that I actually feel nostalgic about. And a lot of those things are actually Disney related. Oh, I talked about The Little Mermaid, which is still one of my favorite animated films of all time. But there are tons more things from my childhood that a feel I little sentimental. And absolutely one of those things has to be Disney’s High School Musical.

It’s been ten years since the first High School Musical premiered on the Disney Chanel and I’ll be the first one to admit that I love it! I was definitely swept up in the phenomenon that was High School Musical. I can’t really remember why I was so excited to watch it actually. I was 11 years old when it first came on. Maybe it was the way it was marketed or how everyone was raving about it in the States (we got it like several months after it premiered in the United States).

Or maybe it was because a fresh faced Zac Efron looked absolutely dreamy. Whatever the case, I fell in love with the TV movie. I remember a lot of my stuff was High School Musical related! Well, if I’m being honest again, it was mostly Zac Efron related. Hey, he was my crush when growing up!



It’s actually kind of amazing how popular High School Musical was. It was one of the most successful Disney Channel Original movies and spawned three sequels and launched the careers of that dreamy Zac Efron and extremely adorable Vanessa Hudgens. However, I think Disney was desperate to create another phenomenon like High School Musical. They tried to create other Disney Channel Original Movies with the same basic premise. They had Camp Rock, Teen Beach Movie and Descendants. They were all pretty good but nothing they did could match the success of the smash hit that was High School Musical.

So, what’s Disney to do? Why, make a High School Musical 4, of course! Ten years after the first one was released! It’s apparently going to feature a totally new batch of East High students with only a few of the original cast returning. Now, this does seem like a good idea for some and a terrible idea for another group. Personally, I do have my misgivings about making a 4th installment but, at the same time, I’m totally excited for it as well!

I totally understand why some people are against making another High School Musical. When something you feel is just about perfect, you don’t really want anyone messing with it. And, to a lot of people, the High School Musical trilogy holds a really dear place in their heart so they feel like Disney is trying to capitalize on their nostalgic love for the product to make it a success. They already graduated which made it a perfect feel good ending for a lot of fans who grew up watching Troy, Gabrielle, Sharpay, Ryan and Chad.

There’s also the issue of who the new film will be targeting. I may be a huge fan of High School Musical but I know a lot of it has to deal with nostalgic love for it. I loved it as a kid but, if I’m being truthful, it’s pretty sappy and unrealistic. And I get that’s Disney’s brand but, now that I’m older and my tastes in entertainment have matured, I’m afraid that a new High School Musical will just be bad because I won’t have the same nostalgic love for the new one.

Finally, we all have the feeling that Hollywood is running out of ideas and all we’re getting are rehashes of old franchises. That wouldn’t be a bad thing if a lot of these remakes and late sequels were actually good. Too bad the general consensus is that most of them are really bad! I don’t want High School Musical to suffer the same fate! I’m actually afraid that a new movie might “ruin my childhood!” If you have any hate for the Michael Bay Transformers because it’s nothing like the original cartoon, you know what I mean!

With that being said, I can’t really say I’m against a new High School Musical. After all, it is a new entry to the series. I mean, I bet I wasn’t the only one who had this melancholic twinge of pain in my heart when I saw the the final credits roll during High School Musical 3: Senior Year. After seeing that, I felt both happy as it was a really good and satisfying conclusion but I also left wanting more! I knew it was the “last” film but I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to East High as well! I wanted to follow them into college and to see what happened to Troy and Gabrielle. And the less we talk about Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, the better!

But the best defense for a new entry to a High School Musical is, well, it’s going to be a High School Musical for a new generation. As much as I love the trilogy of films, it would be downright selfish of me to proclaim that High School Musical is only for my generation and we’re not allow it to be shared. I would love if more people felt the same love I felt for the series and the characters! It would be a bad move to keep High School Musical all to myself! It’s something that deserves to be shared with as many people as possible!

So, yes, I am eagerly awaiting for the 4th High School Musical. I would love to see if this new Disney Channel Original Movie can even come close to the magnitude of success the original came up with. But I do certainly hope that it’s a success and that the younger generation will enjoy it as much as I loved the original three films.

Oh, and I certainly hope they at least bring back Troy and Gabrielle as adults… especially Troy! Because Zac Efron.



Since I’m on a nostalgia trip as of late, I guess I’ll go talk about my favorite cartoons and television shows growing up! That’s next week!


What are your thoughts on the new High School Musical? Let me know in the comments section below!

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