Why You Gotta Admire Antisocial Karen

When Nintendo unveiled their upcoming console last week, they called a lot of attention to something incredible. It was spectacular and exploded on social media and became the talk of the town. You may be thinking that I’m talking about the Nintendo Switch, the company’s upcoming console that’s slated for worldwide release in March of next year. Don’t get me wrong! Nintendo’s new console looked really cool and all but that’s not what I’m referring to. No, I’m talking about Nintendo’s new superstar: Antisocial Karen.

If you watched the Nintendo Switch reveal video, you know who Antisocial Karen is. She’s the one who was playing that unnamed Mario game and then realized she was being called to join a party on the roof of a neighboring building. Karen then decides to stop playing and bring her brand spanking new Nintendo Switch with her to the party… which apparently seems odd to a lot of people. Because soon after the video was shown to the general public, someone posted the picture below, making fun of her. And a new meme was born!

No humorous comment necessary. It's already in the picture itself.

No humorous comment necessary. It’s already in the picture itself.

It does seem like Antisocial Karen is ripe for the pickings when it comes to being made fun of. Even prior to packing up her new Nintendo system, there was just something about Karen that does seem a little off. She has a really weird fashion sense as she thinks it’s cool to copy the hairstyle of the protagonist of that 2001 film Amelie and wear four to six rings at a time for no apparent reason. Maybe it’s that weird, unwavering stare she has while playing that new Mario game. Maybe it’s that awkward greeting she gives the partygoers when she arrives and, without saying anything, just hands one of the Switch’s controllers to her friend and expects her to start playing. She is one weird duckling!

Yet, with all her idiosyncrasies and things that you could make fun of, you know what? There’s just something about Antisocial Karen that you just gotta admire.

Look at that intensity!

Look at that intensity!

First off, let’s go look at the other idiots that were featured in the video. There are a group of dudebros who, apparently, stop playing real basketball to play NBA 2Ksomethingorother. You have another couple of dudebros who, on their way to the go kart track, play Mario cart like a bunch of douchebags. You have a showoff and pickup artist who brings his Switch everywhere he goes because it’s so cool and hip. We also see a Splatoon tournament which seemed incredibly fake because… who ever heard of a Splatoon tournament filling out a stadium?

But the worst guy has to be the first person you see in the vid. It’s the guy who’s so busy playing the latest Zelda that he almost lets his dog do his business in his apartment. He does bring his dog out eventually but doesn’t forget to bring his Nintendo Switch so he can continue playing and step of the bench seats, ruining it for other park goers. You know what he did forget though? He forgot to keep an eye on his dog because it ran off! No, really! The dog is missing at the end of his segment and he’s still busy playing Zelda!

Look! The dog's gone!

Stop playing Zelda for two minutes to look for your dog!

Now, let’s go look at Karen. Besides the Splatoon tournament competitors, Karen is actually the most sensible among the Nintendo Switch cast. You can definitely tell that she loves playing video games, especially when you can see she’s so transfixed with that Mario game. She may struggle to connect with other people but, by golly, she is trying to make an effort of putting herself out there! Most importantly, she wants to show other people that gaming if a fun hobby! That’s a noble cause, right?

It seems so easy to mock Karen for bringing a gaming console to a party where everyone is boozing it up and shooting the breeze about inconsequential crap because that’s what non-gamers love doing. They love to pick on the gamers who are still involved with the “childish” hobby of playing video game when they should be doing more “adult” activities, like getting blind drunk at a party!

And, even with this general negativity surrounding the hobby, here’s Antisocial Karen. She knows that these people are missing out on something great. She knows that a lot of these “adults” who have shunned gaming and other “childish” activities when they “grew up” when they were old enough to drink and have “adult” gatherings have forgotten how fun it was to play video games. She know that, if they just try playing again, they can still have fun playing video games. And, you know what? Antisocial Karen is right, because you can see their eyes light up when they actually start playing.

Well, maybe that girl with the long hair in the back doesn't get it... but most of them do!

Well, maybe that girl with the long hair in the back doesn’t get it… but most of them do!

All gamers have been in Antisocial Karen’s position. We’ve been ridiculed by the ones who feel like there is a certain age when you have to let go and even shun your childhood pastimes. You have to stop watching cartoons, reading comics and playing video games because those aren’t things that grown ups do. They don’t consider that you shouldn’t need to totally stifle the child in each and every one of us.

But not Antisocial Karen.

No, Antisocial Karen does what Antisocial Karen wants. She’s not afraid to be herself. She doesn’t feel the need to pretend that her “childish” hobby isn’t something she still enjoys doing even though she’s all grown up. She’s not reluctant to show that she loves video games. Antisocial Karen isn’t afraid of being Antisocial Karen, the Karen she’s always been and the Karen she’ll always will be.

Yes, Karen is probably going to be the unofficial face of the Nintendo Switch in the future. She’s kooky and got a weird sense of fashion. She loves bringing her stupid Nintendo thing to parties, even though people are drinking and having conversations. She’s probably going to be analyzed as to why she needs to wear four to six rings on her fingers. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo capitalizes on how enamored we are with Karen and they put out a new amiibo figure out with her likeness.

*Only works with Nintendo Switch and during parties where there's drinking and conversations.

*Only works with Nintendo Switch and during parties where there’s drinking and conversations.

But, you know what? Make fun of “Antisocial” Karen all you want. Karen doesn’t care. She has her Nintendo Switch with her and she’s having a blast with it. She likes playing video games and doesn’t care what other people think of it. We all should be a little like “Antisocial” Karen in this sense.

What do you think of “Antisocial” Karen? Let me know in the comments section below!

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