You Get A Piso-Fare Alert For Time Travel, Which Time Will You Go To And What Will You Do?


Hey, y’all!

I’ve got just a quick activity for you. Read what follows and fill in the blank.

“If only I could go back in time, I would ________________.”

I could guarantee that you could ask anyone to fill in the blanks above, and you would always get a response. Or even if you don’t, I am 100% sure that the person you would ask would have something in their mind, which would evoke the thought, “I should have done this or not done that, or changed this or not changed that…” Every single person in the world would have something they would want to do over in hopes that it would change their present situation, given the chance. Ask Barry Allen.

Time travel, as fantastical as we could ever imagine it to be, opens infinite possibilities into the realm of our imagination. The thing is, if it were ever going to be possible, how could anyone know which bit in their life was the turning point that could have affected their future, which is the present? Do you still follow? Barry Allen thinks it was the night of his mother’s murder, but the thing is, something else could have triggered that event somewhere in the distant past. Actually, who knows? Even if we put it in a realistic context, it would be impossible to even know for a fact which time you need to go back to, or which action you need to do, not do, do over, avoid doing, so on and so forth. The mechanics of time travel itself makes it too difficult especially when we start talking about the butterfly or the ripple efffects, in such a way that if you’ve been given a chance to do over something like a a simple walk from point A to point B, and if you’ve but strayed an inch to the right, it could have already posed a certain break in the timeline, which could then drastically change the course of the future.
Isn’t it exciting?

Okay, so maybe I’m all alone in my enthusiasm to go all bonkers with time travel, but you can’t put aside the fact that it is very interesting. So many TV producers think so. The Flash, 11.22.63, Frequency, Timeless, Legends of Tomorrow (which I don’t watch), and these are just the ones that came out within the last three years. I believe that we have reason to believe that the idea of being able to travel through time is something that piques people’s interest or curiosity, such that it has the potential to be the greatest “what ifs” of all time.

Nevertheless, a very important lesson can be learned about the stories we have seen so far, and I’m not even going to include “holding on to regrets only extends misery,” simply because everyone knows it. What I am referring to is that there is a grand design to time, that it would seem that we are following a written timeline that’s meant to be. I’ve always referred to Bruce Almighty in terms of having THE power to be able to do anything you will, and that we as humans could not ever be able to control it given such power, and there’s a good reason for it. The same applies to time travelling. It is something so nice to be ever able to do, but once you’ve been able to do it, it will definitely be a different life from that point onwards. I’m speaking of this, as it seems, as if it is a mathematical certainty, I’d say that it is, but there’s a reason why time moves forward and never backwards. You only get to live one particular moment, so if you miss it, it’s gone. I’d love to travel through time but instead, I’d leave you these words: Time should be spent by seizing as many moments you get to have, rather than contemplating on how you should have used it.

Any thoughts on time-travel? Given the chance, which point in time would you go and what would you do? Sound off in the comment section below and let us hear your thoughts.

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