I’m Okay With Wonder Woman Being a Bisexual… Because I Always Thought She Was

DC Comics recently outed one of their more popular superheroes as being a part of the LGBT community. And this character isn’t a minor character in the comic book world like Alpha Flight’s Northstar. Nor is this character just an offshoot of a more popular character like Kathy Kane/Batwoman. No, this recently outed individual has been part of comic book readers since comic books begun. This character is Princess Diana of Themyscira, better known as the one and only Wonder Woman.

Really cheeky response, Wonder Woman

Really cheeky response, Wonder Woman

In a recent interview with Comicosity, current Wonder Woman scribe¬†Greg Rucka has confirmed that Diana of Themyscira must have had some romantic and sexual inclinations to women before, making her a card carrying member of the LGBT community in the minds of most people. Reactions to the news has been mostly positive as they view this as a victory for homosexuality. However, there is a minority that are claiming that Greg Rucka’s statement takes away one of the very few straight female role models that little girls can look up to and DC Comics is just doing this to get the buzz out for the upcoming Wonder Woman film.

Or, for the more “traditional” and “mainstream” viewpoint, announcing Wonder Woman as part of the LGBT community is just stupid for no other reason than that it’s stupid.

Me? I don’t fall into any of those camps. I don’t even thing this should be a huge deal like all the websites are making it seem. This shouldn’t even be all that newsworthy, in my opinion. That’s because I always figured out that Wonder Woman had to be bisexual way before Greg Rucka opened his mouth.

In the Comicosity interview, Greg Rucka goes on to explain that Princess Diana isn’t exactly “gay” in the way we think of the term. After all, Wonder Woman’s homeland, Themyscira AKA Paradise Island, is only populated by Amazons warriors, who are, generally speaking, strong women. There are no men on the isolated Paradise Island whatsoever. But they don’t think of themselves as “gay” or anything like that because the concept of falling romantically in love with another person on an island that’s only populated by women should be just natural for them. For the Amazons of Themyscira, they don’t even have the concept of homosexuality.

It's just called marriage to Wonder Woman.

It’s just called marriage to Wonder Woman.

Greg Rucka’s reasoning is pretty much my own. While I’m definitely not the biggest Wonder Woman fan, anyone who has a basic knowledge of the DC Comics’ most prominent female superhero must’ve had the same idea regarding how Princess Diana was raised and how this influenced her. For the females living on Paradise Island, it would’ve been incredibly natural to fall in love with another woman because, well, they wouldn’t have had any actual concept of homosexuality because the idea of heterosexuality would be completely alien to them.

The reason why I’m scratching my head why this is supposedly big, shocking news to the world is because her origin of living on an isolated island without men is pretty well known, even to non-comic book fans. The character has endured for roughly 75 years now and she even got a extremely popular live-action television show starring Lynda Carter, so her origins, while maybe not as iconic as Superman coming from the exploding planet Krypton or a young Batman witnessing the murder of his parents, are still ingrained in the minds of general audiences.

Since a lot of people should know Wonder Woman’s origins, I’m wondering why they didn’t come to the same conclusion Greg Rucka and I came to. I always thought this was an extremely logical way of thinking of the character. She should be interested in women because of her upbringing on the island. Yet a lot of people are surprised at the revelation that the character may be a part of the LGBT community.

With that being said, I can’t really say I’m surprised that some couldn’t fathom the idea that Wonder Woman may be bisexual because, well, she’s never been seen in a relationship with another woman before. In all the 75 years Wonder Woman has been in comics, I can’t think of a time when DC Comics actually acknowledged her having a romantic relationship with another woman. She’s been linked only to males like Steve Trevor and sometimes even Superman and Batman. However, she’s never really hooked up with another female. And I don’t think Etta Candy would be Wonder Woman’s type, both the stubby version and the hot blonde version from the fantastic animated film.

I think this is because it wouldn’t be a good idea to make Wonder Woman not a heterosexual character before. It was okay for Marvel and DC Comics to dabble with other characters like the aforementioned Northstar, Kathy Kane and even the Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott. But with a character as hugely popular and mainstream as Wonder Woman, it would have been disastrous to announce her as LGBT. But times have changed. People are now more accepting of LGBT community and are more okay with the idea of having an incredibly popular superhero be gay/bisexual.

Is this the best thing that’s ever happened to comics? Is this something that needs to be celebrated or even debated? I don’t think so. The ones¬†that are happy/mad about this announcement are probably the same guys and gals that’s never really been interested in the character before and are just reacting to the news. They probably didn’t have a vested interest in Wonder Woman’s sexuality nor did they even care for the character before. They’re just reacting to it and this is pretty much why this has become big news.

As I said, I’m not the biggest Wonder Woman fan but, honestly, I didn’t really care about her sexual orientation and this news doesn’t really make me care for it now. Wonder Woman has and is an iconic character because she’s a great superhero with interesting stories that just so happens to be of the female persuasion. Boiling down her popularity because of the last part would do a disservice to why the character has endured all these years. Her sexual orientation was never the reason why she’s popular; it is the way the character acts and her heroism that has made her live on for all these years.

Besides, just because Wonder Woman is LGBT now, that doesn’t mean that’s going to last. It’s possible another writer will make her straight again. Nothing in comics is constant. Remember Captain America being a Hydra agent all this time?

Wow. Just... wow

Wow. Just… wow

Such is the way of comics.

What do you think of Wonder Woman being LGBT? Let me know in the comments section below!


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