Burger Month: Zark’s Burgers’ Stone Cold Stunner

I’ve had a lot of things on my plate over the weekend and I’m not talking about a pile of burgers on it. Last weekend was incredibly busy as I had a ton of things to do. The WWE finally returned to the Philippines after a long hiatus of not coming here on Friday and I had tickets reserved months in advance. There was also a Capcom Pro Tour Street Fighter ranking tournament happening in the country and a lot of big names like Justin Wong, K-Brad, Kazunoko and Gamerbee flew to the country to be a part of it. This was also the first ever Street Fighter tournament that I actually competed in… but that’s a whole different post, which I will get to soon.

It has been an incredibly tiring weekend for me but there’s no rest for the wicked as it’s still Burger Month. I’m still committed to delivering my comments on all the burgers I can find all over the country each week for the month of September. And, since my weekend did have a WWE event, why not enjoy a burger that does have some wrestling in its name? This is precisely why I chose to go to Zark’s this week and review one of their burgers.

Nestled in the basement of SM Megamall!

Nestled in the basement of SM Megamall!

Why? Well, it just so happens that they have a burger that’s named after the finishing move of one of my favorite wrestlers, Stone Cold Steve Austin! I’m guessing that the proprietor of Zark’s Burgers is a huge sports, mixed martial arts and wrestling fan as the menu consists of burgers with names like Rock Bottom, Tapout, Shaq, Three Pointer and Chokeslam. However, among all the items on the menu, it was the Stone Cold Stunner that I wanted, partially because of the name but mostly because of what the burger had.

The Stone Cold Stunner is part of Zark’s Burgers’ Major League section of burgers. All the items in the Major League section comes with fries and drinks. But it looks like they’re more “advanced” that the Minor League burgers because they’re more hefty! The Stone Cold Stunner itself is a double cheeseburger with two strips of bacon and has lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms and caramelized onions. You had me at “two strips of bacon,” Stone Cold Stunner!

Stone Cold Stunner! Out of nowhere!

Stone Cold Stunner! Out of nowhere!

From the outset, I have to be honest but I wasn’t really all that impressed with how the Stone Cold Stunner looked. I have nothing against the very minimalist and simple presentation. I normally love just having a burger and a pile of fries on a plate. But I did have a big concern with the actual burger and that would be the bun itself. It looked really thick, which is something I personally am wary of. From my experience, very thick bread means that the buns are of lower quality. I’m hoping the Stone Cold Stunner would be one of the exceptions.

I did open up the burger to check on the contents. The Stone Cold Stunner did indeed come with two strips of bacon but they didn’t look like they were cooked to a crisp. But I did like how the burger patties looked. Both of them appeared to be cooked to a nice doneness. And I also liked that the cheese had that gooey somewhat melted consistency, which always makes the burger’s texture somewhat velvety.

Gotta love bacon and cheese together on a burger!

Gotta love bacon and cheese together on a burger!

Of course, I’ve always said that looks don’t matter. It’s how the burger tastes that I care about! And, thankfully, the Stone Cold Stunner is just as awesome as its namesake. I was correct in saying that the burger patties were cooked really well as they tasted really juicy. In fact, they don’t really look like it in the picture but they were so juicy that the bread was getting kind of soggy due to all the fatty goodness. I guess there was a reason why the bread was thick then!

While the bread did an admirable job of holding together throughout my time eating the Stone Cold Stunner, it did start to fall apart after a while. In fact, halfway through gnawing on it, I had to start eating the burger quickly before the entire thing deteriorated and came apart in my hands. There was a lot of fat on my hands by the time I finished eating it and I loved it because that’s a sign of a good burger. I do have to say that the meat patty was minimally seasoned but that just means that the people at Zark’s Burger didn’t add any extenders, which is a good thing.

I do have to comment on the rest of the burger’s components. The lettuce and tomatoes did taste fresh and good. The slightly melted cheese was just excellent. I was concerned about the bacon and, while they weren’t totally crispy, they did have enough bite so that they did come apart when bitten into. I guess I also have to comment on the fries also but I do have to say I wasn’t impressed with them. They were crispy but really needed a good dose of salt to be more than just good.

Kinda meh.

Kinda meh.

Overall, does Zark’s Burgers’ Stone Cold Stunner got what it takes to take the championship of burgers? Well, I do have to say it’s definitely a contender for the title and ready for the main event. I can’t really say anything bad about the burger itself as I really loved biting into it and feeling the meaty juices dribbling down my hands. I do wish the fries were more of a better tag team partner for it, though, as they were rather plain and didn’t really offer anything special. Still, I have no qualms in recommending the Stone Cold Stunner for those who love burger goodness.

Have you tried eating at Zark’s Burgers and the Stone Cold Stunner? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!

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