Thoughts on Nintendo’s 3DS Direct 9.1.2016 Presentation

When I first saw Nintendo’s announcement of a Direct presentation for September 1st, I immediately thought of the NX. Finally, Nintendo was going to pop the lid off of their mysterious new console! And that it would be a great topic to cover for this week’s article!

I was hyped! My NX article was going to get a billion views and a million likes. I’d become the next big celebrity blogger, which would then lead to my own YouTube channel – the next PewDiePie, but more popular. I quickly called dibs on the topic, telling my fellow Third World Geeks to stay out of my way or else.

Turns out Nintendo wasn’t going to talk about the NX. Shortly after I laid my claims on what would have been the most viewed article on this site, Nintendo announced that this Direct would be focused on the 3DS. Thanks, Nintendo. Now I’m stuck with a topic that few people would be interested in. What else is there to talk about with the 3DS? More Dragon Quest updates? More Pokemon Sun/Moon news? Ugh, goodbye super-blogger-stardom. So what did Nintendo announce? A lot of games that are going to be released soon, actually. Let me go through the ones that were notable to me:

The Best


Super Mario Maker is probably the biggest title that was revealed during this Direct. This game made a splash when it was first released for the Nintendo Wii U and I’m pretty sure that the 3DS version is going to be the same. This version of Super Mario Maker will be different from the Wii U version in that it’s online functionalities will be reduced, putting more emphasis on local sharing. This game will have a lot to offer, especially since Super Mario platforming never gets old.


An eShop exclusive, Tank Troopers is a tank shooter game that looks to have better game physics than Nintendo’s submarine-themed Steel Diver: Sub Wars. Any game with good multiplayer functionalities and has Download Play almost always gets my attention, and I’m sure that Tank Troopers will be a great game to play for people who frequently go to Street Pass meet ups.

I’ll throw this out there – I wonder why Nintendo didn’t package this game with a well-known IP. The Advance Wars/Battalion Wars brand would have been great for this game, especially the former edition which has an already established set of characters. The selling point of Tank Troopers isn’t the tanks but the characters driving the tanks who are said to have special abilities that will help them in combat. Andy, Max, Sami, and the rest of the Advance Wars characters would have been a great fit for this game – did all the Metroid Prime: Federation Force backlash stop Nintendo from branding this game with an established IP?


I’ve been waiting for a good sports game for the 3DS and I think Mario Sports Superstars is what I’ve been waiting for all this time – good thing I didn’t get the latest Mario and Sonic at the Olympics title! Mario Sports Superstars looks to offer a lot of value, featuring five different sports that each come with the expected game modes like single matches, tournaments, and local/online multiplayer. I’m a little curious as to why Nintendo included tennis and golf amongst the five games in this title – we’ve already got full games centered around these two (Mario Tennis and Mario Golf). The other three sports are soccer (full 11 on 11 matches!), baseball, and horse racing (?!).

I think this game will be a great buy – Mario Tennis and Mario Golf in one title! With full soccer and baseball games as well! I’m a little disappointed that this game doesn’t feature basketball – even a 3 on 3 version would have worked for me (like Mario Hoops on the Nintendo DS). But four out of five ain’t bad, so I’m quite interested!

PIKMIN (no logo)

Just when I thought that Nintendo would be careful to release another spin-off, they ended the presentation with a new Pikmin game – a Pikmin game that’s very different from first three Pikmin titles which were all strategy games. The Pikmin version that we’re getting for the 3DS is going to be a side scroller, but instead of the usual Mario/Kirby/Yoshi/Donkey Kong platformers that we’ve all seen before, Pikmin instead revolves around using the different kinds of Pikmin to help you progress to the end of the stage. The game looks very interesting, but I fear that hardcore Pikmin fans might feel the same as Metroid fans when Nintendo announced (and even after releasing) Metroid Prime: Federation Force. I’ve never played any of the Pikmin games so I find this version interesting.

The Rest

All the other announcements weren’t as notable to me as the ones above, so let me just enumerate them all:

New Releases:

  • Picross 3D Round 2
  • Five new indie games to be released weekly this month
  • Mario Party: Star Rush
  • New wave of Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda amiibo figures
  • Super Mario New Nintendo 3DS version
  • Pokemon Sun/Moon
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo version
  • Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice
  • Dragon Quest VII and VIII
  • Yokai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls
  • Disney Magical World 2
  • Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse
  • Yoshi’s Wooly World
  • Ever Oasis

Existing Game Updates:

  • Street Pass Mii Plaza update (with five new games, one of which will be free)
  • Third DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors Legends
  • Amiibo compatibility update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

And that’s pretty much it. While not as internet-breaking as how an NX reveal would have been, today’s Nintendo Direct revealed a lot of upcoming 3DS games. I’m sure that the majority of 3DS owners will have something to look forward to.

And really, the sheer number of upcoming 3DS releases is surprising. The 3DS is supposed to be near the end of it’s life cycle, but we’re still getting a lot of games that look really fun to play with. NX or not, the 3DS is still a great buy, especially with a game library that still continues to grow.

Did you watch today’s Nintendo Direct? Did any of the revealed titles catch your eye? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or two below!


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