Episode 163: Going Back To The Sims 4, Part 1: My Avatar Rebirth


Last week, I talked about how I’m not ashamed to set the game in Easy Mode. I’ve always felt there was a stigma for gamers to, at least, set the game to Normal mode and finish the game and anything less than that would be blasphemy. But I don’t really care. I like playing on Easy because it’s the best way I enjoy myself. But there are some games that don’t have a difficulty level and one of those games is The Sims. The Sims is one of my favorite game series when it was in the sole hands of the folks at Maxis but I feel EA really dropped the ball when they took over and developed The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 was a decent game but was definitely a step down from the 3rd entry of the series. Gone were the huge neighborhoods you could stroll around without having to see a loading screen. The ability to modify articles of clothing was limited. And it feels like the definitely cut out a lot of stuff that made Maxis’ The Sims 3 the premiere version of The Sims.

Still the best!

Still the best!

That’s doesn’t mean that I think Sims 4 is a bad game… well, yeah, I do. But not because it was terrible! It looked pretty and EA did do a good job in streamlining the game. Rather, I built up my expectations with each installment of The Sims. And with The Sims 3 being as good as it was, I presumed the fourth game would follow that pattern. Unfortunately, it did not. Like I said, EA took a lot of stuff out that I loved from the previous games, making The Sims 4 severely lacking.

I was feeling rather nostalgic about the game, however. I never really played it a whole lot so I decided to try playing The Sims 4 and try to look at it with fresh eyes. As I haven’t played a Sims game in a while, it’s possible that, if I didn’t have my heart on getting a better version of The Sims 3, the fourth game would look so much better. I was going to start from scratch. I was going to rebuild my Robin Adventures avatar from the ground up and play the game. After all, the game must’ve been updated so there should’ve been some nice upgrades since I haven’t played it for such a long time.

Haven't played it for over a year now, I guess!

Haven’t played it for over a year now, I guess!

Well, there’s another reason why I wanted to make a totally new Robin Adventures in the world of The Sims. I wanted to make a character that was more like me the way I am right now. When I played The Sims 4 over a year ago, I created a fantasy version of myself. She just graduated college and wanted to take on the world. Well, that’s reality for me now! I now have to deal with the headache of looking for a job and such. So I wanted to dive back in the Create-A-Sim that was more like the me I am now! I wanted my Robin Adventures to look a little more like me and have my somewhat real proportions.

Diving back into the Create-A-Sims was actually pretty fun as one of my favorite parts of starting out with any Sims game is creating a character. I’ve always had fun thinking of what her dreams are and getting a certain look. I like that they updated the game so that you can mess around with your character’s gender. Oh, my Sims 4 version of Robin is still all woman, so you won’t be seeing her peeing standing up anytime soon!

That's a level of customization I don't recall!

That’s a level of customization I don’t recall!

After tinkering with her hopes and dreams and such comes my favorite part: tinkering with the body proportions. I’ve always tried to make my Sims looks as attractive as possible as, like most stereotypical girls, I’ve never really been satisfied with how my body looks. I’ve always made my Sims have a more fuller bust and a bigger booty because I sadly don’t have any curves! I’ve always been skinny and, after a year of not playing the game, nothing’s changed! So I decided to be brutally honest this time around and make my Robin look as skinny as I think I am, straight lines and all!

But after doing that comes my second favorite part: dressing Robin up! But, like the way I designed my Robin, I was going to be honest here as well. I was going to make her only wear the outfits I would wear in real life. Now, whether or not I have a good eye for fashion isn’t the question. Thankfully, even since then, I have been trying to dress more outlandishly as, even though I am thin as a rail, I’m rather confident in the way I look in general, which is why I can dress my Robin up in somewhat… daring outfits.

Not all the time, of course!

Not all the time, of course!

Well, I’m done with the Create-A-Sim and made a new Robin Adventures that’s ready to explore the world of The Sims 4. Overall, I’m kind of proud with my new Robin as it is more a reflection of how I am today and in real life. I did take one liberty: the size of Robin’s eyes. She still has small eyes but not too small, which is how I think my eyes look. I needed my Sims version of myself to have expressive eyes because I just like expressive eyes. So, they are a tad larger than what I really have.

What do you think?

Yep, I can rock a toned midriff, if I do say so myself!

Yep, I can rock a toned midriff, if I do say so myself!

Anyway, she ready to tackle the virtual world from the ground up! And, next week, I’ll talk more about the biggest first step: buying a house!

Have you booted up the Sims 4 recently or any other long forgotten games? What was the experience like? Let me know in the comments section below!

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