Andy Samberg Better Not Be Like How Adam Sandler Is Right Now

Andy Samberg might be one of the biggest comedian in showbiz at the moment. The Saturday Night Live alum has hit it big with his incredibly funny sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He’s also made numerous meme worthy songs, such as one of the earliest viral sensations, Lazy Sunday, as part of The Lonely Island trio alongside his buddies, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. Recently, he also added Hollywood superstar to the list with the release of the critically acclaimed Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

Now, I don’t want to alarm all you Andy Samberg fans but his rise to popularity reminds me of another Saturday Night Live alum who all of a sudden made it big in Hollywood and made thousands of people laugh with his antics. However, this person’s career did take a turn for the worse and now he’s considered to be box office poison. That man’s name even sounds like Andy Samberg’s name. That person if Adam Sandler.

Growing up, I was a huge Adam Sandler fan and his early work. I wasn’t all that familiar with his stint on SNL since we didn’t have the show here in the Philippines but I became an Adam Sandler fan when he transitioned over to film. I thoroughly enjoyed Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. Those were incredibly funny movies and I still enjoy watching both of them whenever they do come up on cable, especially Happy Madison!

However, at one point, Sandler’s career took a weird turn for the worse. I don’t really know what happened to him but his newer films are terrible! For me, it all went downhill after Little Nicky. I still thought Little Nicky was good but it was missing the charm Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore had. It also wasn’t that funny. I thought that I was just getting tired of his schtick of playing the overgrown man-child who eventually learns a lesson by the end of the movie. But no. Simply put, it’s like his later films just lost the Adam Sandler charm.

Maybe it has to deal with him feeling burned out from all of the movies he had to make. Or maybe as he got older, his sense of humor changed and just couldn’t tap into the reservoir of silliness his earlier movies had. Or maybe he wanted to transition to more serious roles like when he did Punch-Drunk Love and Spanglish. Whatever the case, his films just got progressively worse, with the pinnacle of awfulness being the Jack and Jill. What a piece of garbage that was!

I guess it’s also been a problem that he feels like he has to keep on writing and producing films even though he’s not able to get the creative juices flowing. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Adam Sandler actually mentioned that he just writes movies based on where he would want to go on vacation. Now, this may be a tongue-in-cheek quip regarding the issue but, if it is true, that just means that Adam Sandler is just cranking out films because, hey, I get to go on an all-expense paid trip with my friends! Who cares if the quality sucks!

Even though I do think the quality of his comedies have taken a tumble, I do still like Adam Sandler and I’m just waiting for his return to being funny and making great comedies again. I really like the guy and I still have fond moments watching his early films as they’re really good. But now, people think of Adam Sandler as a joke… a really terrible and awful joke that no one finds funny.

This is precisely why I’m afraid for Andy Samberg. His career may not be an exact match to Sandler’s but the similarities are there, especially the start. Both are Saturday Night Live alums and have broken into mainstream success soon after they left. They also have the same kind of humor as both of them are usually in roles wherein they have to play immature adults who still have a childish side to them.

However, my fears may be unfounded because, well, it’s too early to tell what’s going to happen to Andy Samberg. His Hollywood career has just taken off the ground and is soaring pretty high so it’s hard to imagine that he’d crash and burn at this point in time. Right now, his star is shining really bright and it’ll probably be years before his career begins to slow down.

But I think the biggest reason why he won’t follow in Adam Sandler’s slump pattern is because, unlike his predecessor, he’s not exactly the creator of all of his jokes. I already mentioned he’s part of The Lonely Island, the trio that includes Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. Essentially, Andy Samberg has backup and a circle of friends that he can bounce ideas off of to see what works and what doesn’t. And the trio have made a lot of hilarious yet catchy tunes so it looks like their dynamic does work well.

I don’t think Adam Sandler has the support system Andy Samberg has. Sure he has a lot of comedian friends like Rob Schieder and Kevin Jamees and he actually puts them in a lot of his movies. But I’m not totally sure he asks them if what he’s written is actually good. I could be wrong and maybe he does check with them regarding the scripts but, with all of the flops he’s had recently, I don’t think there is anyone actually checking to see if they work or not.

Ultimately, I do hope that Andy Samberg has a fruitful career ahead of him. He’s gotten off to a great start but so did Adam Sandler. With that being said, I would actually like it even more if Adam Sandler’s career bounces back from the dumps it’s in right now. I think he’s due for a hit… but I’m not holding my breath.

What do you think the future holds for Andy Samberg? Will he follow in the footsteps of Adam Sandler? Let me know in the comments section below.


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