Episode 157: I Also Refuse To See The New Ghostbusters Film


So, last week, I talked about DC upcoming Suicide Squad and that it looks really good. Much better than the more recent Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice at least! But, while I have high hopes for Suicide Squad, I can’t say that for one other upcoming film. That film has been getting a trashing from a lot of fans that have seen the trailers. But, apparently, you can’t say it looks terrible because, if you do, that means you hate women.

Of course, I’m talking about the Ghostbusters reboot/remake.

Okay, first off, let me just say that I’m not a huge Ghostbusters fan. I have seen the original films and I will say they were fun. But they weren’t good enough to convert me into a rabid devotee of the franchise. I’ve also only seen snippets of the animated cartoon and I thought they were fine but nothing groundbreaking. And, yes, I can tell the difference between a cartoon that has four guys blasting ghosts with proton packs and a cartoon that has a giant gorilla for some strange reason. I’ve seen them both and the Real Ghostbusters is better… but nothing super fantastic in my opinion.

Now, before you go hating on me for not liking these classics, I had to mention all that because I have to get that all out so that I’m not going to be accused of being a fangirl. Like I said, I think the Ghostbusters were good movies and they had an okay cartoon. But they didn’t convert me into a Ghostbusters addict. I have to mention all that because, well, I just don’t think the trailers make this new all-female Ghostbusters movie any good.

But, apparently, mentioning that I don’t like this new “girl-powered” Ghostbusters means that I’m a bad person. Saying that I don’t like this new reboot automatically makes me a woman-hating misogynist! Never mind that the trailers’ had really lame jokes like Patty (the lady that “knows New York”) slapping a possessed Melissa McCarthy while screaming, “The power of Patty compels you” or that thing where the sassy/tough looking Ghostbusters startled Kristen Wiig’s character because she’s wearing a colorful wig. The second trailer was better but not by much as it had a lot of jokes that didn’t sit well with me. I mean, taking a selfie with a ghost? Come on!

But I think everything came to a head for me when one of my favorite YouTubers, James Rolfe, the guy behind the Angry Video Game Nerd series came out, saying that he’s not going to watch this movie. In his video, he pointed out the reasons why he won’t be paying money to see it. Mostly, it’s because he’s a huge Ghostbusters fan.

So, the Angry Video Game Nerd/James Rolfe did mention he was biased to hating the film as he is a super-fan of the franchise. He also doesn’t like it being called “Ghostbusters” as it’s like this new movie is totally ignoring the original films. He never mentioned that he wasn’t going to see it because they changed the all-male cast to an all-female cast. However, even though he never said that he’s not going to see it because of this girl power infused cast, some people have taken it upon themselves to rake the Angry Video Game Nerd’s creator over the coals and call him a sexist and a misogynist!

Have they even watched the video before saying that? I may disagree with him when he said that the film won’t be any good because of the originals but I wouldn’t say his reasons are sexist in any way! He doesn’t think it’s going to be a very good movie so he decided he’s not going to see it. Plain and simple. Yet there are posts and editorials out there saying that his disinterest/anger with this new all-female Ghostbusters must stem from him hating women deep down.

That’s just dumb! Can’t someone like something without having to experience it? Can’t I not want to watch a movie because I think it’s going to be awful? Take the 2015 Adam Sandler and, coincidentally, another Sony film, Pixels for example. I like the earlier Adam Sandler movies like Billy Madison and The Waterboy as they were a staple on cable. I actually grew up watching them all the time. But when I saw the trailer for Pixels, I decided to skip the movie altogether.

You know what I did? I didn’t watch it! I specifically refused to watch a movie that featured video games prominently because the trailers made me not want to watch it. Was it awful? I couldn’t tell you because, like I said, I never watched Pixels!

And I think people are going overboard regarding this sexist/misogyny slant this new “girl powered” Ghostbusters. Sony seems to be reveling in all the commotion as it has become a hot button topic. After all, there’s no such thing a bad publicity as the old saying goes. All this controversy also gives Sony an out if the movie does poorly in the box office or if people hate the film. They can just attribute it to all the sexists and misogynists bad mouthing the film.

Well, guess what, Sony? I’m a girl and I refuse to be suckered into your “girl power” campaign. I will not go blindly go see this new “girl power” Ghostbusters movie just because it has women as the main cast. Don’t try to trick me into seeing the movie just to support more female-centric movies! I honestly don’t care if a movie has a male of female cast. I will support a movie and shower it with accolades if the movie is any good! But, with the way you’re shoving “girl power” down my throat (and most women don’t want anything shoved down their throat!), I don’t think I will freely pay money to see this.

Laying it on really think, ain't cha?

Laying it on really think, ain’t cha?

When the movie comes out, I won’t know if this new, all-female Ghostbusters is any good from first hand knowledge. If it comes out on cable, fine. Maybe I’ll watch it. But I will not pay money to see it at the movies. Thank you Sony for trying to politicize a movie where a group of strong women try to fight off a bunch of CGI monsters and save New York. You just lost yourself a paying customer.

Speaking of CGI monsters, I know a lot of old school movie fans hate them and want movie studios to focus on practical effects. Well, in all honesty, I’m totally fine with all the computer special effects. And I’ll explain why next time!

Do you think the new all-female Ghostbusters movie will be any good? Let me know in the comments section below!

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