Episode 156: The Suicide Squad Might Show DC’s Heroes How To Make A Good Movie


So, last week, I talked about my issues with the current DC movie universe. I just don’t like the lack of any whimsy in them as well as how it feels so directionless. I’m really afraid the utterly dark and gritty tone will permeate throughout the entire DC movie universe. Sure it’s too soon to tell but with Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the first two films in this series of movies, but it certainly looks likes this is what we’re going to be getting in the future.

But, while the heroes are all getting their brooding mood on, oddly enough, it looks like it’s the villains that are going to show the good guys how to have a little fun! Dawn of Justice may have Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, but Suicide Squad’s roster of oddities looks like it’s going to be much better!

Honestly, this is actually the DC movie that actually looked worth watching. And yet, Suicide Squad seems to have its feet firmly planted in the world that Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice had created. But why do its trailers make it look so much better than the other DC movie universe films? Well, there are several things that makes Suicide Squad look incredibly cool.

First, the people in Suicide Squad look like they all have different personalities. This was, I think a huge problem with the previous movies, most especially with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Maybe it was just me, but did that movie actually have a dark and brooding Superman as well as a dark and brooding Batman? It just seemed really weird to me! I actually have to say that I was totally rooting for Batman in the film because, if we have a nihilistic being with the powers of a god flying around the world, I would be afraid of him destroying the world as well! I say kill him while we have the chance!

I guess they're not on speaking terms?

I guess they’re not on speaking terms?

Since both characters behave the same way and have the same personality pretty much, I found no joy seeing them on screen at the same time. This is where Suicide Squad seems to take a different route as everyone appears to have different characteristics and personalities. Deadshot is all tactical and stoic. Captain Boomerang is always angry. And, of course, Harley Quinn is just goofy and crazy. The trailers don’t actually show them interacting with one another but you can see their personalities shine through, which is why I’m looking forward to watching them altogether and see how they can get along.

Speaking of Harley Quinn, I’m guessing she’s going to be stealing the entire film! Oh, sure, Will Smith is playing Deadshot and the actor is a big deal in Hollywood. But there’s just something about Margot Robbie’s take on Harley Quinn. It’s so inspired and, from the looks of things, it looked like Margot Robbie had a ball playing Harley! Well, who wouldn’t want to play a totally demented female who just says and does whatever she wants? Like the Joker in The Dark Knight, this looks like she’s going to be a blast to see on screen!

Finally, we have probably the most important thing Suicide Squad has going for it: it actually looks fun. Look, I totally get that Zack Snyder and company were intentionally going for a dark vibe with Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice. I honestly wish it worked out… but it didn’t. These films were “dark” and “gritty” like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy without understanding why “dark” and “gritty” worked with those films. The Dark Knight films were indeed kind of glum but that was in service of the stories being told there. They were crime dramas, almost film noir styled films where people mostly talked to each other. They almost didn’t feel like superhero films at times! The Zack films, on the other hard, tried to ape the style but it didn’t work because they were trying to sell them as action films with people just punching each other.

Also, there’s this weird misconception that The Dark Knight trilogy doesn’t have any funny moments. Actually, they do! It’s just really, really dark humor. Take the incredibly memorable “disappearing pencil” trick the Joker pulled at the start of The Dark Knight. the thought of a man slamming another man’s face into a pencil so violently that it disappears into his skull is pretty frightening and awful… yet it still was kind of hilarious in a sick sort of way. It came out of nowhere so the “joke” worked. So, there is humor in the Dark Knight films… really, really dark humor.

Thankfully, based on the trailers, it looks like there’s going to be a lot of “regular” humor in Suicide Squad. And, honestly, that’s the biggest reason why the trailers make the film look like it’ll be an entertaining film. A superhero film can be dark and gritty or ridiculous and stupid. But, ultimately, it has to be entertaining. It has to grab you and call your attention. And, based on the little snippets shown from the first batch of Suicide Squad’s trailers, it looks like it’s going to be blast to watch!

Can’t wait til August!

While we’re talking about trailers, that reminds me of one of the most hated movies as of right now because of its trailers. And that’s Ghostbusters. I feel I need to talk about the movie and my thoughts on them since, for some strange reason, hating on it is sexist? I’ll go into more detail about this next week!

What’s your opinion on the upcoming Suicide Squad? Let me know in the comments section below!

2 thoughts on “Episode 156: The Suicide Squad Might Show DC’s Heroes How To Make A Good Movie

  1. I cannot wait for this movie! I hope they set DC on the right track with it! Great article, have you featured this with any other movie websites at all?

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