Five Awesome Black Panther Moments in Captain America: Civil War

Coming into Captain America: Civil War, I was very interested in how Marvel would present the Black Panther character. After all, he’s got a solo film coming in 2018, right? But I never thought that I’d be so impressed with Black Panther but I am. I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I thought Black Panther stole the movie (I loved Spider-Man but I was simply in awe of T’Challa). More people have talked about Spider-Man’s appearance in the film than Black Panther’s so I decided to give the warrior king of Wakanda his due by talking about five Civil War moments that showed how much of a bad-ass Black Panther is.

Before you proceed, SPOILER ALERT! Black Panther has a significant role in the plot of Captain America: Civil War, so I won’t be able to talk about how awesome he is without going into specifics.

gal gadot gif

Reader beware! Civil War spoilers ahead!

1. Black Widow Tries to Console T’Challa

After the explosion in Vienna, Black Widow attempted to console a visibly shaken and distraught T’Challa and reassured him that the task force will bring in Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier who was suspected of the bombing. T’Challa gets over his shock really quickly and said this to her:

“Don’t bother, Ms. Romanov. I’ll kill him myself.”

black panther 1

T’Challa’s vows vengeance against Bucky.

When I saw this scene, I knew that Black Panther was going to be a serious character. His threat was simple and straightforward, but you knew somehow that T’Challa was going to back up his words with actions.

2. T’Challa Threatens Steve Rogers

After a confrontation that was interrupted by the authorities, we find T’Challa together with Steve Rogers/Captain America and Sam Wilson/Falcon. Attempting to start a conversation and learn more about T’Challa, Wilson asked if he likes cats and Rogers asked if T’Challa’s costume was made of vibranium.

T’Challa somewhat addresses Wilson’s question by talking about the mantle of the Black Panther, then completely brushes off Rogers’ question in lieu of giving out this threat:

“So I ask you as both warrior and king – How long do you think you can keep your friend safe from me?”

black panther 2

T’Challa threatens a living legend.

Let me say this – the Avengers, especially Steve Rogers, are living legends in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Does this affect T’Challa in any way? Not at all. World War II hero, Super Soldier, he doesn’t care – T’Challa is getting his hands on Bucky, and he doesn’t mind saying this to Steve Rogers’ face.

3. T’Challa Confronts “Hydra” Bucky

Back into “Winter Soldier mode” thanks to Colonel Zemo, Bucky makes quick work of the Avengers, taking down Wilson, Rogers, Tony Stark, former S.H.I.E.L.D. special agent Sharon Carter. He almost kills the Black Widow if not for the interference of the warrior king.

black panther 3

T’Challa fearlessly confronts the Winter Soldier sans suit.

T’Challa not only manages to hold his own in combat against the Winter Soldier without the Black Panther gear, he actually forces Bucky to flee.

4. T’Challa Doesn’t Care

In the chaos of the airport battle, Hawkeye somehow finds himself locked in combat against T’Challa. “We haven’t met yet. I’m Clint,” he says as he tries to introduce himself. T’Challa’s response?

“I don’t care.”


T’Challa isn’t a big fan of Hawkeye.

The dead pan delivery fits the character really well. Definitely one of my favorite funny moments of Captain America: Civil War, and it’s amazing how Marvel can give a serious character a humorous moment without having him break character.

5. Black Panther Confronts the Man Who Killed His Father

At the climax of the film, T’Challa eventually learns that it was Colonel Zemo who was behind the explosion that killed his father. After learning that his father was merely a casualty of Zemo’s revenge plot against the Avengers, he declares this:

“Vengeance has consumed you. It’s consuming them. I’m done letting it consume me.”

black panther 5

T’Challa becomes a hero.

T’Challa overcomes his personal quest for vengeance and decides to bring Zemo in alive. One of the most emotional moments of the film, played alongside Captain America’s and Iron Man’s fight, this brings a satisfying conclusion to both Black Panther’s and Zemo’s arcs.

BONUS: Mid-Credits Scene

With Bucky Barnes in Wakanda, Steve Rogers warns T’Challa that “they’ll come for him” once they find out where Bucky is. Without batting an eye, T’Challa simply declares:

“Let them try.”

black panther 6

T’Challa awaits his next adventure.

Props to Chadwick Boseman and Marvel Studios for bringing the Black Panther character to life and for making me a fan of the character. 2018 can’t come here soon enough.

Have you seen Civil War? What did you think about the Black Panther? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment or two below!

5 thoughts on “Five Awesome Black Panther Moments in Captain America: Civil War

  1. I loved, loved loved, The Black Panther. I was most impressed with his fighting style, which they made very different from Steve and Bucky’s styles, too. (I noticed his quiet falls. Bucky and Steve made lots of noise when they jumped or fell anywhere. Black Panther…silent as his namesake, though.)
    My favorite dynamic was between Sam and Bucky, though.
    I’m psyched for 2018, which can’t get here soon enough.

    • Same here! I didn’t think Black Panther could carry a movie prior to Civil War, but now I’m a believer!

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    • Thank you! You know what? Steve Rogers had some pretty good lines, but T’Challa simply had the best ones. That line pretty much defined the central conflict of the film.

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