Episode 153: Taking Sides in Captain America: Civil War


So now that I’ve been able to process my grief over the passing of the 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna, it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled post, which is which side I’ll be taking in Civil War: Captain America’s “we should police ourselves” way of thinking or Iron Man’s “we need to be kept in check” ideology.

Now, this post was supposed to come out before Marvel Studios released Captain America: Civil War in the Philippines. The original idea was for me to just look at the limited information from the trailers and then make my choice then. Honestly, I think that would’ve been easy. But, now that I’ve seen the film for myself, the decision has become incredibly hard because both sides actually have good points as to why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Oh, and since I did watch the movie and that information will be an integral part for my final decision, I’m going to have to throw up a huge SPOILER WARNING before I actually go through my thought process… you have been warned!

This is the most appropriate image I could find regarding comic book spoilers.

This is the most appropriate image I could find regarding comic book spoilers.

Anyway, like I said, it’s actually really hard to pick a side in Captain America: Civil War because, technically, there isn’t a black or white answer regarding who’s in the right. It’s so easy to flip-flop between the two groups. In fact, I think if you never really switch sides at one point while watching the movie or if you never thought twice if you picked the wrong side, then I think there’s something wrong with you… no offense.

Okay, before I do go through the process of making my choice, lemme give a quick summary of the film. Captain America leads the new Avengers team (which was established at the end of Age of Ultron) on a mission to stop a bad guy from stealing a biological weapon. They do get the weapon but, during the mayhem, several aide workers from the country of Wakanda are accidentally killed. This leads to the United Nations pushing the Sokovia Accords, named after the town that was destroyed in Age of Ultron. The Sokovia Accords is a set of guidelines that state the Avengers will only carry out missions sanctioned by the UN.

Tony Stark AKA Iron Man wants the entire Avengers to sign the Sokovia Accords as he feels guilty for the numerous loss of lives they have inadvertently caused. He feels that, since they are just going off on missions without really thinking of the ramifications of their actions as well as who gets hurt, the Avengers needs to be able to get directions somewhere. The Avengers don’t have respect any jurisdictions and can (and probably will) go to any country without going to any proper channels. Essentially, the Avengers need to answer to someone to make sure what they’re doing is in the best interest of the world. Pretty noble, right?

However, Captain America sees things differently. He doesn’t want the Avengers to be used as a tool for people. The UN is still headed by people and, as Cap said, people have agendas, making it totally possible that the UN could use the Avengers as a means to topple governments. Worse, the UN may actually prevent the Avengers from actually helping in locations that really need them! Captain America firmly believes the best people who should tell the Avengers what to do would be the Avengers themselves!

So, like I said, both Iron Man and Captain America do have good points. While watching the movie, I really couldn’t decide who was in the right because, well, both of them seemed right and both of them have good intentions regarding if they should sign the Sokovia Accords. Even when the film ended, I actually didn’t make up my mind! It was difficult to pick a side!

Best. Superhero. Fight. Ever.

Best. Superhero. Fight. Ever.

After some thought, I did eventually come to a decision. I had to side with Captain America. While I do understand why the whole world would be afraid of a group of super powered beings who could go anywhere they want and do anything they want, there’s one reason why I would still trust the Avengers. That reason is it has Captain America leading the group.

Oh, if it was a real person leading a group of people with extraordinary abilities, it’s so easy to imagine that person getting corrupted by all the power he or she wielded. We’ve all seen people become corrupted once they even had the littlest power. But Captain America? I don’t think he would ever be corrupted. He’s not a person that needs to be checked by a governing body. Rather, it’s Captain America that will doing the checking!

Besides, how you say "no' to those baby blues?

How you say “no’ to those baby blues?

But I’m not really firm with my decision. I may switch sides in the future and join Iron Man’s Avengers team like outsider Spider-Man did. However, at this time, I will need to side with Cap. I’m guessing, if anyone understands Spider-Man’s mantra of “With great power comes great responsibility”, it would be Captain America. He will know when the rein it in and know when to take action. Even if it does seem like he’s betraying his country and even breaking the law, he’s doing it for the right reasons. And anyone doing the right thing is someone I want leading a group of super beings in keeping the world safe.

Speaking of Spider-Man, wasn’t it amazing to see the Wall-Crawler in the film? It’s even more spectacular when you remember that he’s not even supposed to be here since the movie rights for the character doesn’t belong to Marvel! But this movie shows that it’s possible for different movie studios that own different franchises can come together. And this make me fantasize of a future of a Marvel Cinematic Universe where all Marvel characters can be in! And I’ll talk about that next time!

Which side are you on? Captain America or Iron Man? Let me know in the comments section below!

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