Episode 151: The Magic Of Wrestlemania


So last week, I talked about how bummed I still am with The Undertaker losing The Streak to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30. Even up to now, I still think it was a disastrous decision that kind of wrecked the mystery and magic that is The Undertaker. But that doesn’t mean I’m done with Wrestlemania, though! I’m still incredibly hyped for it, even after watching it every year for practically my entire life!

I guess it helps that watching a Wrestlemania was one of my earliest memories. Specifically, it was a match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, who was with Triple H and D-Generation X. Refereeing the match was “Iron” Mike Tyson. I think I was around 3 or 4 years old when I saw that match and, even then, I thought it was incredibly awesome! I didn’t even know who any of the wrestlers who were participating in the match. I didn’t even know who Mike Tyson was! But, after I witnessed Stone Cold Steve Austin win over Shawn Michaels with a Stunner and watching the aftermath where the referee, Mike Tyson, laid out Michaels with a punch, well, I just had to see more of this thing called the WWE and wrestling!

However, I’ll be the first one to admit that, ever since then, the WWE and wrestling in general has had its ups and down. There are some days, months… even years… when wrestling seems stale. There are some time periods when Raw, Smackdown and even the pay-per-views kinda suck. But there is always one consistent good thing the WWE delivers each and every year is and, I hope always, will be good. And that thing is Wrestlemania.

It definitely helps that the WWE will always hype up Wrestlemania and they start hyping it up months in advance. It starts with probably my favorite monthly event of the WWE, the Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble is my favorite because of the actual main event. It involves 30 participants and each entrant comes in one at a time and the only way to eliminate people is to throw them over the top rope. So, winning the entire thing involves a lot of luck and you get to see matchups that you may never have seen before. While you don’t win an actual championship, you get something almost as good. According to the laws of the WWE, the winner of the Royal Rumble automatically becomes the number one contended for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. And you’ll face off against the champ on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Wrestlemania!

The Royal Rumble is actually just the start of The Road to Wrestlemania. The WWE start constructing storylines to facilitate the hype. They start promoting the upcoming matches like who’s going to face the legendary Undertaker. Or who’s going to gun for control of the company. There’s just so much stuff happening until the actual Wrestlemania. And the hype doesn’t let up even on the day before Wrestlemania because the night before The Grand Daddy of Them All, they host the WWE Hall of Fame, where they honor the wrestlers of the past, which actually makes me more excited for the actual day!

But any buildup won’t mean squat if the actual event you’re building up to is lame. Thankfully, for each Wrestlemania I’ve ever watched, they’ve all been, at the least, great! The WWE and the wrestlers do pull out all the stops at this one event! Every WWE Superstar seem to do their best every time this roll around. Whether it be a big name legend like Triple H or The Undertaker or it just so happens to be one of the weaker wrestlers like Damien Sandow or Heath Slater, everyone seems to pull their weight in making each and every minute something to watch! It always seems like the action is much better as a result. Whether it be a simple Battle Royale to determine who wins an Andre The Giant trophy or a ladder match to retrieve a briefcase with a contract for any title you want, every match is just so exciting and it seems like anything can happen in the WWE at this time!

Each minute doesn’t have to be a slobberknocker of a fight, though. While Wrestlemania focuses on the, well, wrestling, that doesn’t mean the WWE can’t add some levity into the proceedings. I actually like the stupid stuff as well. I enjoyed seeing Santina Marella with the Divas Battle Royale to be crowned Miss Wrestlemania. I love watching celebrity guests like Donald Trump managing a wrestler so that they can shave of Vince McMahon’s head, Floyd Mayweather taking on The Big Show in a boxer vs. wrestler match or Rhonda Rousey slamming Triple H!

I’m actually writing this on a Saturday so, by this time you read this, the latest Wrestlemania is already over and done with. But I know I’m going to have a blast with it just like I do every one of them! But I do have some qualms about it and that’s this year’s main event for Triple H’s WWE Heavyweight title. And that’s because I just don’t like the number one contender this year, Roman Reigns. I’ll go explain my distaste for the WWE Superstar next time!

What’s your favorite Wrestlemania moment? Let me know in the comments section below!

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