Episode 150: The WWE Shouldn’t Have Broken The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak


So, last week, I talked at length about how glad I was the WWE was finally taking the Divas division seriously and actually turning the spotlight to the three best female wrestlers in the company right now. Maybe we’ll actually get a fantastic Divas match this coming Wrestlemania. I’m still excited each time Wrestlemania comes along but I do realize on of the biggest things that drew me in is now gone. That thing is The Undertaker’s Streak. Why? Because The Streak is dead. Brock Lesnar killed it in Wrestlemania 30.

That one loss makes everything less awesome.

That one loss makes everything less awesome.

Like most fans, I was actually really shocked with The Undertaker’s Streak getting broken. Okay, it was to Brock Lesnar and if anyone could “realistically” break it, it would be The Beast. The WWE did build up Brock Lesnar to be a monster of a man and, honestly, he does look the part. And it did make him much more of a bigger monster and something like a big thing whenever he’s entered into a match. I’m also pretty surprised that Vince McMahon and the rest of the WWE higher ups was okay with destroying of of the most legendary things they created. And, yes, I know wrestling is “fake” and that everything is planned; I’m not 10!

Even with all of that and even after two years have passed, I’m still pretty mad that The Streak is over. They totally demolished something that was supposed to be a mythical thing that would stand throughout the ages as one of the most fantastic things in wrestling history. And I think that was incredibly short sighted of the WWE to do.

You have to realize that The Streak is actually just a happy coincidence. From the start, The Undertaker was a very intimidating force of nature who would demolish his foes. With the uncanny ability to simply sit up from his opponent’s finish maneuvers and able to withstand beating after beating yet still pull a victory from seemingly nowhere, The Deadman kept on winning his matches whenever he had one during the Granddaddy of Them All.

I like to think it was Edge that decided to pull the Streak vs. Streak when he battled the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 24. I can’t say that’s when fans started to realize The Man From Death Valley has yet to lose in a Wrestlemania. Maybe it was mentioned before that. I’m not sure. But it was around that time when The Streak became the foundation of The Undertaker’s matches in Wrestlemania. Wrestling legends like Shawn Michaels and Triple H decided to go after the Undertaker at Wrestlemania for the simple reason that they wanted to be the ones to beat The Streak. Even if there was no title involved, there was still something at stake: The Streak.

But that all changed at Wrestlemania 30 when Brock Lesnar came in and decided to go after The Streak. And, to the amazement of most fans, The Beast did actually conquer The Streak! The Beast totally wrecked the most awesome thing in Wrestlemania history. To his credit and to The Deadman’s credit, both of them pulled out an outstanding match and one that will live on as one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history. But I think most of the awesomeness of the match will be overshadowed by the result and not the content.

Now, I did a little bit of research before writing up how I felt about The Streak being broken and it seems it was all Vince McMahon’s doing. I guess he felt that Undertaker was getting a little too beat up and this may be his last Wrestlemania ever. So Vince McMahon made the decision to kill The Streak. I also read that Brock Lesnar actually wanted to lose! But McMahon decided breaking The Streak was what’s “best for business” and compelled both participants to comply.

While I can see the logic behind Vince’s thinking (get Lesnar really over as a monster of a man and make The Undertaker’s last match in the WWE incredibly memorable and a fond farewell), what happened afterwards screwed all of that up. It turns out The Undertaker was still going to compete since the fans wanted to still see more of The Deadman. So The Undertaker fought against “the new face of fear in the WWE” Bray Wyatt.

And, while it was an okay match, the magic was kind of gone. So what if Bray Wyatt wins? So what if The Undertaker loses? Nothing was really at stake anymore. It was just a match between a man who was a former biker gang member turned zombie between a demented hillbilly with a God complex. It was a good match but it was just a match on Wrestlemania.

There was something about The Streak that was magical. It kept fans on the edge of our seats. We ultimately knew The Undertaker was going to win and somehow eke out a victory one way or another. But it was going to still be a nail biter. There were going to be moments where we actually may think The Undertaker would lose but would still win in the end. This is precisely why a lot of fans were shocked with Brock Lesnar’s victory at Wrestlemania 30. What we thought was going to happen didn’t.

This was actually upsetting to me because this was something we loved and it was stomped into the ground. It was something special that they killed. But The Streak was a lot more than just a win streak. It also destroyed a lot of the mysticism of what made The Undertaker the unstoppable force of nature he was known for. When he lost, he became less of a symbol of something invincible and more of just… a man. A man that could be beaten.

Yes, it made Wrestlemania 30 one of the most memorable Wrestlemanias ever. But was it worth it? Ultimately, I don’t think so. If it was going to be The Undertaker’s last match ever in the WWE, I would think it would be okay. If he went to Raw the next night after his loss and announcing his retirement, that bitter pill would’ve been easier to swallow. But, here we are 2 years later. The Undertaker had two rematches with Brock Lesnar, one where he won by breaking the rules and another where he flat out lost. He’s slated to face off against Shane McMahon in Wrestlemania 32 for control of the company.

And, you know what, I think he can lose to Shane because, well, he’s already lost! It may make for a more suspenseful match but the magic is missing.

Anyway, all of us will know the results of that match and the others because Wrestlemania 32 is just a week away! And I’ll talk more about my love for Wrestlemania and why I grew up loving the event next time!

What’s your take on the Undertaker’s Streak being broken? Let me know in the comments section below!

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