I’ll Review Anything: Girl Meets the New Year (Girl Meets World Episode)


If you’ve been reading my entries, you’ve probably come across more than just a couple of post stating how much I love Disney’s Girl Meets World. I guess the show really touches that part of me that wishes that life was a little bit more lighthearted and childish. Okay, I’m 20 years old and a grown woman now. But I still love to think I’m still young at heart and Girl Meets World makes me feel that way.

But nothing can really stay the same for long. And the cast of characters of Girl Meets World are growing up. And when kids start becoming teenagers like Riley Matthews, Maya Hart, Lucas Friar and Farkle are in the show, things can get a little confusing. There are feelings of love and infatuation that can be bewildering, especially to someone who are just feeling these emotions for the first time. And this leads us to Girl Meets World’s final episode of the year, Girl Meets the New Year.

Now, below is Disney’s promo for the episode. But before you go ahead and play it, please be warned that Disney themselves SPOILED the entire episode with their promo. I will also be discussing the ending of the episode a bit since it is my biggest issue with Girl Meets the New Year. So, you have been warned about SPOILERS!

Girl Meets the New Year is actually the continuation of the three part Girl Meets Texas episodes. During Girl Meets Texas, Maya realized that she cares for Lucas a little more than just friends. Being the good friend she is, Riley decided to step back and let Maya have Lucas, even though she still has feeling for Lucas. This brings us to Girl Meets the New Year. Their English class are discussing the book Sense and Sensibility. Riley decides to follow the book by holding a New Year’s party for all her friends. Farkle, knowing how Riley really feels about Lucas gives an ultimatum to Riley to say that she actually still loves Lucas.

In all honesty, I have really mixed feelings about the entire episode. First, let’s talk about the good things about Girl Meets the New year. I still think it’s really good and it does try to tackle the confusing rollercoaster ride of falling in love as a young teenager. There are a lot of awkward moments throughout the episode, which is actually a good thing! It clearly mimics how teenagers feel during this time.

The episode also reintroduces Charlie Gardner, a boy who has a deep rooted crush on Riley. While he does seem like a really nice kid and I’m betting there are a lot of Girl Meets World fans that are shipping the two together, he’s just not in the show all that much for him to seem like a formidable “rival” for Riley’s feelings for Lucas. He should be in the show a whole lot more in order for him to seem like a “worthy opponent” and not just some background character who pops in when some romantic tension is needed.

Thankfully, the episode also features Smackle, Farkle’s former intellectual rival and current paramour! I really, really, really love the character! Even though Smackle is extremely intelligent, she has trouble with human emotions. Well, she does have Asperger’s syndrome so that’s understandable. But I love how she really thinks Lucas has a crush on her because of all the situations they keep ending up together! It’s really one of the best parts of the episode. And she’s just so adorable!

Am I the only one who would ship them so hard?

Am I the only one who would ship them so hard?

The biggest problem for the entire episode is the ending. It ends with a whole lot of uncertainty and I think they’re going to gloss over it in the upcoming episodes instead of trying to resolve it! I appreciate they tried to close the door on the whole Charlie Gardner love interest by the end. But, once again, they didn’t really resolve anything regarding the entire Riley-Maya-Lucas love triangle! At the very least, they should’ve hinted where all of this was going. I don’t think they’ll continue the storyline in the next couple of episodes and it’ll be a “regular” Girl Meets World episode where everyone are all friends and no feelings of awkwardness between them, which can be really jarring as it kind of destroys the flow of the story.

Even with that MAJOR flaw, I still liked Girl Meets the New Year a lot. There were still the lighthearted moments that drew me into the show and the drama does feel rather realistic, even if it is saccharine coated.

What did you think of Girl Meets the New Year? Let me know in the comments section below!

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