The Five Best Christmas Movies You Forgot Were About Christmas

I know Christmas is over. But it’s not like we have to stop talking about the holidays, right? Even though I’m a grown-ass adult, I still love the idea of celebrating peace on earth and goodwill towards man. Who doesn’t want that, right? This is one of the reasons why I love watching those classic holiday movies local cable show during this period. I know they’re going to show Christmas films like Home Alone, Elf, Bad Santa, It’s A Wonderful Life and many more. I mean, when else are they going to show them?

But there are some movies that should be deemed Christmas classics but are usually deemed very un-Christmas-like or are simply forgotten to be about the holiday season. So, while we’re still celebrating the season of giving, let me give you my favorite Christmas movies.. that you may not think are Christmas films!

Die Hard

According to a survey conducted by Public Policy Polling this year, 62% think Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. This means those 62% are idiots.

Die Hard is one of those highly debated movies because of the copious amount of violence and action. It certainly doesn’t feel like your typical Christmas movie so a lot of people dismiss it as just an action movie and nothing more. Well, that’s not a real good reason to say it isn’t. Christmas is heavily referenced throughout the entirety of Die Hard!

The entire movie takes place on Christmas Eve during a Christmas party at Nakatomi Plaza. All of the characters spout off lines about the holidays. Christmas music is played in the movie at all times! How much more Christmas-y can you get? Sure it doesn’t give you the same warm feels like A Charlie Brown Christmas. But it still warms my heart to see Hans Gruber fall off Nakatomi Plaza. That’s when I know it’s Christmas!


I’m embarrassed to say this but, as a child, I was deathly afraid of Gremlins. So much so that I totally forgot the entire movie takes place during the Christmas season.

Strangely enough, I think more people would accept Gremlins as a Christmas movie a lot more wholeheartedly than Die Hard. That’s because Gizmo, the “original” Mogwai, is given to Billy as an early present for Christmas. The Gremlins even sing go Christmas caroling at one point of the film. And I just got to mention that tragic, yet incredibly hilarious, story Phoebe Cates’ character tells regarding how her father died during Christmas Eve.

By the way, I did watch the movie again when I got older and, while I remember why I was so afraid of Gremlins, I now totally get the humor of it all.

Batman Returns

I will always remember this as being the 90s Batman movie before it all went to hell and we needed Christopher Nolan to reboot the franchise.

Batman Returns always seems to get lost in the shuffle when it comes to Christmas movies as well as, well, good Batman movies. As a superhero movie, it’s pretty good. Tim Burton knows how to give us very interesting visuals and really fantastic albeit rather insane characters. The overall story… it’s kinda meh. But it a heck of a lot better than Batman and Robin!

Because most people tend to forget about Batman Returns, I’m guessing most people also tend to forget the entire film takes place during the Christmas season as well. In fact, the first crime the Penguin and his cohorts attempt in the film deals with causing a riot during Gotham’s Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.

Edward Scissorhands

Wow, another Tim Burton movie that people forget takes place during the holidays? But his movies are so full of good cheer!

I totally understand why a lot of people tend to forget Edward Scissorhands takes place during the holiday season. That’s because, throughout most of the film, it doesn’t really show that many Christmas trappings. It’s just about an artificial man named Edward who is brought home by a kind woman. Oh, and Edward has scissors for hands.

The premise takes center stage and glosses over the fact the events of the film takes place during the Christmas season. Yet, if you watch the film throughout, you will totally understand why this should be included in every Christmas movie rotation. The story is actually really touching and the characters are, since this is a Tim Burton movie, strange yet easily identifiable. The biggest reason why I say this is a Christmas movie is revealed at the very end of the film, which actually surprised me when I watched it way back in 1990.

Lethal Weapon

This is probably the most un-Christmas-y film on this list but, hey, Lethal Weapon is still a phenomenal Christmas film!

Just look at the trailer above! There isn’t a single Christmas decoration in sight! So it can be surprising to realize the entire film takes place during Christmas. The movie even opens with a rendition of Jingle Bell Rock just so you know it’s the Holiday season! The first time we see Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson’s character), he appears to be buying drugs on a lot that sells Christmas trees! Heck, the entire movie ends on Christmas day!

While it isn’t as prominent as the other films on this list, I still have to include Lethal Weapon as a Christmas film because of the above “evidence.” Besides, it’s a pretty decent movie, even up to now.

BONUS: Eyes Wide Shut

A sex orgy on Christmas? Yes, please!

The sex certainly takes center stage in Eyes Wide Shut and that pretty much what everyone remembers about Eyes Wide Shut. Guess they also close their eyes to the fact the film takes place during the holidays! It certainly didn’t help that it was shown in July! Why didn’t they wait until December?

What’s your favorite non-traditional Christmas movie? Let me know what it is in the comments below!

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