The Different Directions Between DC and Marvel Movies

Over the past week, we’ve gotten a two superhero trailers from both comic book powerhouses. One featuring Marvel’s next movie, Captain America: Civil War. The second from DC’s first superhero team-up flick (and third reboot to the Batman franchise), Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I was pretty impressed with the Captain America: Civil War trailer and it really made me hype about the film. However, when it came to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’s trailer (God, I still hate the name), I felt there were a lot of problems with it.

I was all set to write a long winded rant about how the the BvS (I think I’ll call it that instead from now on) spoiled a lot of things by revealing Doomsday and seemingly showing off the entire movie that would’ve been much better if they kept it secret. So I watched the trailer a few more times, trying to take note the differences between Marvel’s style of trailers vs DC’s. But, while doing that, it hit me. The reason why the trailers are different is because the styles of the films are of opposing contrast.

First, let’s take a look at all the Marvel films of the past. I mean, let’s start all the way back to Iron Man up to the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. If you really think about the Marvel films of the past, you may be shocked to realize that they don’t really rely on a lot of “superhero-ing.” Iron Man is about a guy who realizes what a dick he’s been and tries to change. The Thor films are all about high fantasy and mythology. Captain America films are either period pieces (the first movie) and a conspiracy spy thriller (the second one). And finally, the Avengers blends them all together into your big action blockbuster.

It's no where as cool at the Avengers eating shawarma, though.

And shawarma.

That leads to a variety of Marvel movies. Sure, they are all technically about superheroes but the themes they tackle are all different. And that’s really great for Marvel as your expectations can vary. You may come in thinking you’re just going to watch the antics of superpowered heroes and villains beating the snot out of each other and come out thinking how deep the story was. All you know is that you’re going to have a good time.

Now, from DC’s first “shared universe” film, Man of Steel, and the trailer for BvS, they don’t seem to be taking this route. They’re just going for huge action blockbusters, with lots of destruction. The entire world is dependent on Superman to save the planet since, well, he’s the only one that can. And it seems like, in the new BvS trailer anyway, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will need to team up to take out Doomsday because, you guessed it, they’re the only ones who can save the planet from ultimate destruction.

I do hope this is going to be a "stage one" as Doomsday looks kind of weak still.

I do hope this is going to be his “stage one” form as Doomsday looks kind of weak still.

A big complaint about the DC films is that they’re joyless and gritty. And, this is just me giving my opinion here, maybe they should stay the course because, well, the world is going to die if they step in! I do think the tone would be thrown off balance if they making snide remarks while battling a character like Doomsday. The Avengers may save New York or the entire town of… whatever that town got wrecked in Age of Ultron. And they have saved the world now and again. But it always felt they were out to get “the bad guy” and, it just so happens that doing so would save the world.

I’m also guessing they’re going this direction since Marvel already did it. Imagine if they started doing what Marvel did. It’ll just look like DC is just ripping off Marvel’s ideas! And I don’t thing DC and their marketing department wants to be seen in that light. If this is the general direction DC is going for, fine. I can live with it.

They should just fix their trailers so they don’t reveal too much information!

What’s your take on the direction DC is taking with their superhero movies? Let me know in the comments section below!

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