Episode 124: Feminism and Me (Part 1)


Last week, I talked about the bad image gamers have on the Internet. I explained that it’s likely only a very small minority of people that are actually giving the overall gaming population a bad name and, from my perspective, it’s the anonymity that the Internet offers that facilitates the behavior. I also talked about the attacks on a certain Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency and how she’s raised the ire of this minority of gamers.

Now, here’s the weird thing: while I do see think some of the points Anita Sarkeesian raised in her Tropes vs Women In Video Games series (I actually wrote a piece on it a long, long time ago), I actually think her brand of feminism is kind of… sexist. In fact, I think a lot of feminists get feminism wrong in a sense.

Hey! I actually know 90% of them!

Hey! I actually know 90% of them!

Okay, that sounds a little bit weird so I really do think I need to clarify my stance on the entire “what is feminism” thing. First off, I think feminism is a good thing. I do firmly believe that women (and, well, everyone on the planet for that matter) should be treated equally. Women can do the same things men can do so we should be paid the same. Women are more than just a nice-looking sacks of meat that can produce babies. Women are… well, you get the gist. Basically, equality for everyone.

A lot of feminist creeds and feminists in general do take the above to heart so I do believe their heart is in the right place, so to speak. However, it’s when the feminists try to add more to the basic idea of feminism (equality) without taking a couple of things into account. The first thing is a) women are totally different from men and b) all women are different.

She's holding a hairdryer? That's sexism!

She’s holding a hairdryer? That’s sexist!

For my first point regarding that women are unlike men… wait. Do I even have to explain this? Because men and women are totally different! I do agree that men and women have to be treated as equals. That means equal pay for the same job/work as well as women should not be limited to what jobs they can get because of their gender. I’m all for that kind of stuff.

However, that doesn’t mean men and women should be treated as if they don’t have a gender. Like I said, men and women are different. As such, there has to be… not really exceptions. Rather, there are some times when a person’s sex has to be taken into account in society.

Let me give you an example from where I live. I live in a country called the Philippines. And the country currently ranks 5th in the countries with the worst traffic in the world. Public transportation sucks here. It’s so bad that I have never even attempted to leave for home during rush hour because I know I’ll just get stuck in traffic for 2 hours! That’s normal for us over here in the Philippines!

Just a typical night on the streets of the Philippines

Just a typical night on the streets of the Philippines

Because the traffic is so bad, a lot of commuters (including myself) wind up avoiding the roads a lot of times. This is why a lot of commuters use the MRT and LRT system. This is akin to the subway system in most “modern” countries. Except the trains are on elevated platforms on the street instead of underground. However, it’s still a good idea to avoid trying to use the MRT/LRT during rush hour because it’s going to be incredibly jam packed during that time! Thankfully, the MRT/LRT has a “female and elderly” carriage so that, if you’re a girl (like me!), you’re allowed to use it. Sure, the female carriage is still crowded. But at least I don’t have to fight off a crowd of guys to try to get into the train!

Every time I actually do decide to Now, I can’t imagine taking the “normal/unisex” train ever! I can’t picture myself fighting through a crowd of males just to get into the train! As a girl (a skinny girl at that), I know I’ll just be shoved to the side immediately once the males start pushing a shoving on their way to the train. Also, if I did manage to board the “normal/unisex” carriage, I’ll be afraid of being groped or something if I did! I’ve read some stories and I know a couple of friends that have experienced it so I’d like to avoid experiencing it myself as much as possible!

Now, regarding the idea of “gender equality,” would it be a good idea to abolish the “female and elderly” carriage in the MRT? Definitely not! While I do not question that there are some females here in the Philippines that are strong and tough to take on the mobs of guys to successfully get on the “unisex” carriage during rush hour. And they may be tough enough to defend themselves against the perverted gropers and voyeurs as well. But for me, as well a a good majority of females? The “female and elderly” carriage is a godsend!

And people are still trying to get in!

And people are still trying to get in!

Like I said, men and women should be treated equally yet both genders should not be treated the same. No matter how you try to spin equality, men and women are biologically different so there should be different rules for different sexes sometimes. Most women would want to be strong and tough enough but, honestly, most of us aren’t because of simple biology. Women are usually not as strong as men. We could be, but we’re normally not.

However, some feminists would preach to women that we should actually try to board the “unisex” train because we do have the option to do so to show the men that we can. If the men do assault us, we should report them and, if enough of us do that, men will leave us alone in the “unisex” train. But aren’t you just asking for trouble? Why put yourself in a crazy situation unnecessarily? That’s just stupid!

Now, I would want to touch on my second issue regarding all women being different. But I think I’ve rambled on long enough. I guess I’ll rant and ramble about that topic next week!

What’s your thoughts on the differences between men and women? Let me know in the comments section below!

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