I’ll Review Anything: Teddy’s Bigger Burger’s Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger

It the second week of Burger Month 2015 where I review a burger once a week. This week, I decided to check out a place that I sort of overlooked for a long time. It’s not because I didn’t want to try it out; being a burger lover, I love to try out new burger joints. However, I used to always pass by Teddy’s Bigger Burgers located on the third floor of Greenbelt 3 just after I’ve eaten something or I’m too much in a rush to try it out. I’ve always been curious but, this month, I actually set some time to finally try it out.

Hope it was worth the wait!

Hope it was worth the wait!

I would have to say Teddy’s Bigger Burgers’ selection is… varied. Since the franchise originated in Hawaii, I was half expecting most of their burgers to come with a slice of pineapple or something. I guess it was a trope since only one of their specialty burgers, aptly named the Hawaiian Style, was the only item that fit that description. They had other burgers, such as the Pastrami Swiss (a burger with Swiss Cheese and pepper-crusted Pastrami) and the Aussie Shark Bait Burger (essentially the Hawaiian Style burger with beet roots and egg).

I wasn’t particularly adventurous this time around. After all, I’ve been passing by this place for so long, I didn’t want my first experience eating at Teddy’s to be possibly ruined because I ordered something too exotic. But, at the same time, I didn’t want to play it too safe and just order the plain ol’ cheeseburger. There was one thing that I felt was a good middle ground between too “exciting” and too “boring.” That would be the Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger because of the “exotic” bleu cheese and, well, bacon is always a safe bet, right? Of course, I had to order it with a side of fries because what’s a burger meal without fries?

The meal itself.

The meal itself.

Oh, I almost forgot. I do appreciate that, when you order, they actually ask you what doneness you want your burger. It may be a simple thing but, for a guy like me that loves eating medium-rare steaks (I never did mind if a steak was “bloody”), I had to order my Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger to medium doneness just to play it safe. Another reason why I love that they asked me how I wanted it cooked? It shows that it’s really cooked as you order it! Not-so-fast-food!

Anyway, when I did get my Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger, I couldn’t say I was disappointed with its aesthetic appearance. It didn’t look bad. I mean, the meat patty looked really juicy on the onset. I was, however, kind of disappointed that the bacon wasn’t crispy; maybe I could’ve requested it to be cooked that way?

Kinda limpy bacon, in my opinion.

Kinda limpy bacon, in my opinion.

The instant I got my hands on the burger, I immediately had some problems with it. Not because of the taste but rather because of the bun itself. Apparently, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers uses a different kind of bread than most burger joints. Instead of using the “normal” white bread bun, they use a potato bun. Anyway, the bread felt like it had a tendency to crumble if you pressed down too hard on the burger. Not a really big deal but could be a problem to those people who love to squish their burgers when they take a bite into them. Thankfully, the bread did hold for me throughout my entire time eating it… until the last few bites. By then, it didn’t really matter how much “integrity” the bun had.

I do have to commend the burger itself as it was incredibly juicy. With each bite, I would dribble down generous droplets of fat onto the plate. Messy, yes. But a good sign that they use a good quality ground beef (ie. good meat-to-fat ratio). As expected, the bacon was too undercooked to my liking. There was one thing I had a problem with my experience with the Bleu Cheese Bacon burger. And that would be the bleu cheese.

Is there a difference between "bleu" and "blue" cheese?

Is there a difference between “bleu” and “blue” cheese?

While I was eating the burger, I would get some waves of extreme saltiness with some bites. Initially, I thought the saltiness came from the burger seasoning they add on top of each burger patty. However, after careful chewing, I realized the saltiness actually came from chunks of bleu cheese. I guess some people would love it but it was just way too salty for my liking. I actually managed to counter the bleu cheese salty taste by munching on the fries.

The fries were actually really good. They were crunchy on they outside yet still soft on the inside; just like how fries are supposed to be. I do wish there was more of them since they were honestly really good.

All-in-all, do I recommend Teddy’s Bigger Burgers’ Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger? I do but not wholeheartedly. The burger patty was absolutely fantastic and cooked the way I wanted it. Maybe I can’t really fully endorse the Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger because of the bleu cheese saltiness and the rather limp bacon. However, because of how excellently the burger patty was prepared, I wouldn’t mind going back and trying the other items they have on the menu. And, yes, I will be going back there to try them out one of these days since I will make it a point to try eating at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers again.

Have you tried eating at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers? What would you recommend? Let me know in the comments section below!

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