Episode 116: Sex and Violence? Yes, Please!


Last week, I talked about how ever since I watched Kung Fury, I’ve been having B-movie fever. I actually sort of regret not being able to experience them as they came out. I mean, those movie actually did pretty good business and have became cult classics. But you know what usually sells movies and TV shows? Sex and violence.

People just love sex and violence! The porn industry rakes in billions of dollar each year by selling dirty images of people doing the nasty with each other! Heck, in the Philippines, there’s a girl named Maria Ozawa who was in the Japanese porn industry roughly a decade ago. And yet, when it was announced she was here, the netizens of the country lost their collective minds! I’m pretty sure Maria Ozawa’s FHM magazine shoot was very sought after when it came out. And judging from her autograph signing session, it was a very successful issue.

Besides sex, people generally love violence. Oh, we may abhor real violence but make believe violence is okay! I mean, when it was announced that the upcoming Deadpool movie was going to be Rated R because of all of the blood and guts that’s going to be sprayed onto the screen, fans got excited and said it was the only way Deadpool’s first movie was going to go!

Those above examples are just a small sampling of proof. So, yeah, sex and violence sells. But have you asked yourself why? I myself am drawn to it. Yes, girls like sex and violence, too. If your girlfriend/sister/cousin tells you otherwise, they’re lying. I may not exactly love it and I do believe you don’t need those two things to make a great movie or television show. But I do have to admit, when it is displayed on the screen I just can’t help but look. It’s like when you’re on the road and you just come across a car crash; you can’t help but look at it.



I’m no psychologist; heck, I’m not even sure how to spell “psychologist!” But I have a very good idea why sex and violence sells. It’s because we’re just not used to seeing so much of it! With violence, we try to avoid as much of the real life stuff. We can generally take if the blood and guts are special effects on the screen. No matter how realistically those special effects are, we subconsciously know it’s all phony. So we can look at it from a safe distance, so to speak.

And sex? Guys want this all of the time! And how about girls? Well, to be honest, we do like it. Just not as much as dudes, okay? Now that we got that out of the way. So, sex. Yes, it’s apparently enjoyable for both parties as long as it’s done properly! But it’s entirely embarrassing to admit it! Heck, think of all of the sites with naked gals/guys you’ve visited? Wouldn’t you be embarrassed if people found out all of those sites you’ve visited, you sicko? And if you get caught in the act?



It’s almost like reverse psychology in a sense. We know sex and violence is taboo… and it makes us want it even more! I would have to actually say it only natural for people to get curious of something you’re told to avoid! It just makes you want to see (and experience) it more! And Hollywood just knows this and will liberally sprinkle in lots of sex and violence in their products because, hey, the people want it! So they may as well give it to the people!

Me personally? Okay, I’m really curious about both of them but it’s not like I would want to try them out all the time. I’m too much of a chicken to dive headlong into trying the real thing! Violence especially. Sex? Well, I need the right guy! *wink, wink*

While Hollywood has made a killing regarding this, Philippine cinema and television have generally tried to sanitize their programming. And that’s just one of the reasons why I don’t find the movies and television shows produced in the Philippines interesting. And I’ll talk more about that next week!

What’s your opinion as to why we love sex and violence? Let me know in the comments section below!

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