Episode 113: Nerd Rage


Last week, I wrote about the good side about being a nerd/geek. Yes, I actually think it’s fun to be a geek! There’s definitely a lot of benefit of being one, especially in this era of the Internet. I enumerated a bunch of them last time. But, of course, like everything, there is a definite dark side of the silly nerds and geeks we all know and love. There’s a lot but the thing I want to specifically tackle is the phenomenon of nerd rage.

Geeks and nerds are highly opinionated people. I’m not sure where this stems from but they truly are. And I’m a total believe of free speech and I do understand the feeling of something you loved being changed unnecessarily. But I just don’t like their knee-jerk reaction to them a lot of times. You’ve probably seen the Internet explode with people giving long tirades on how reboots of their favorite childhood properties are “raping their childhood.” I think that’s a bit of an over exaggeration there!

How true

How true

What’s worse is when someone voices their opinion, like when they actually say they like the live-action Transformers films. I’m not one of them but I do know some people that actually do. I always tell them not to express their opinion on the Transformers movies online if they don’t want to be trashed on the World Wide Web! When they focus their rage on you, they really focus it on you!

In fact, it can be downright abusive at times! Nerd rage is definitely relentless. They will constantly belittle you and attack you online until you just can’t take it anymore. And they’ll act all smug about it all throughout the ordeal.

As smug as this guy!

As smug as this guy!

But it’s not just your non-geekdom opinion that they will attack. They will even attack you if you’re a newbie in the geek world! Here’s a true story for you. I know a lot of my non-geek girl friends that got interested with Star Trek because of the new films. As such, they tried asking a few questions about the original series since they never saw it. They honestly wanted to know a lot more about Star Trek. Big mistake.

Essentially, the entire conversation boiled down to the geeks making fun of the people that were genuinely interested in knowing more about Star Trek! My friends were bombarded with statements saying that they shouldn’t even bother asking them questions about the original series since all they knew was what happened in the film! What kind of attitude was that? Because of this, my girl friends never bothered watching the original series. They’ll never get to choose between Kirk or Picard!

The nerd version of Jacob vs. Edward

The nerd version of Jacob vs. Edward

It’s kind of weird that nerd rage is actually a thing, in my opinion. Sure I can understand as to why this happens sometimes. After all, geeks and nerds were bullied for such a long time for liking these things. And now that geekdom has become ingrained in popular culture, they now have the power to show their superiority. Maybe they’re just scared that the thing that made them special is slowly being taken away as it has become a part of pop culture. But that’s not an excuse for them to become the bullies.

After all, wasn’t it a wise Muppet that said that fear and anger leads to hate and suffering…

Yep, I’m pretty sure of it.

Speaking of that wise old puppet, next week, I’m going to talk about my growing up with Star Wars… and starting off the franchise with the prequels and how that made me feel about the entire thing. See you then!


Have you ever experienced nerd rage? Were you the one doling it out or was it being doled on you? Let me know your experience in the comments section below!

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