Episode 107: Watching Retro TV Shows (Bad Sitcoms)


Last week, I talked about how to fix two of my favorite television programs, WWE’s Raw and Smackdown. I love these shows but I wish they would go back to the nostalgic days of my youth. You know, when wrestling was good? But isn’t that what everyone says about things in the past? So, I decided to put that to the test and actually watch some of the old television programs that aired before I was born.

As it is summer, I have a lot of time on my hands. And I do mean a lot of time on my hands! After all, this is the time where I can actually stay up all night and do various stuff! While channel surfing, I came across a station I’ve never encountered before. That’s because it was in the hundreds range! The channel is called Hits. It does have some “current” programs, such as Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy. But they only show the earlier seasons. I showed this channel to my brother and he started binge watching some of the shows since he grew up with them. So I decided to give them a chance and watch some of his favorite childhood shows with him.

The best TV? Kinda presumptuous, ain't 'cha?

The best TV? Kinda presumptuous, ain’t ‘cha?

I have to say, a lot of them don’t really hold up. But, amazingly, there were a few shows I did like! However, this week, I’d like to focus on sitcoms… the bad ones!

Let’s talk about the sitcoms of the old days. I’ve watched a good number of them and a good number of them were incredibly boring and unfunny. I’ve read a lot of websites stating that The Cosby Show is one of the best sitcoms ever but I don’t see it. I went through an entire week just watching episode after episode and I can’t recall laughing once! Another incredibly successful sitcom that I don’t find funny is MASH. Okay, the characters are kind of wacky and I do understand a lot of the crazy things they do is to cope with the horrors of war. That doesn’t make it hilarious!

Another sitcom I don’t care for is Diff’rent Strokes. Besides it not being funny at all, the entire premise of the show doesn’t work in this day of age. I guess when Diff’rent Strokes was fresh way back in the early 80’s, it was a novel idea for a white rich person to adopt a couple of kids of color. But, these days, that kind of thing actually happens! We have a lot of celebrities who seems to have made this their hobby or something like that!

The United Nations family of Angelina Jolie

The United Nations of Kids of Angelina Jolie

Speaking of families, I don’t get the humor of Mad About You. The stories and the jokes are… cute, I guess. But nothing I would call funny. I actually think if I was born much earlier and I watched Mad About You during its heydey, I probably would’ve liked it. But I wasn’t born then. And I don’t think this show is that funny at all.

But the worst “old” sitcom I’ve seen on that channel is, hands down, The Wonder Years. With the Cosby Show, I can see why some people would find it funny. The same thing goes for MASH, Diff’rent Strokes and Mad About You. But The Wonder Years? I can’t even classify it as a comedy show! In fact, it can be downright depressing at times! If fact, if it weren’t for the show being 30 minutes long, I would’ve thought this was a drama! In fact, even the theme song is just dispiriting! I don’t think anyone would be in the mood for laughs after listening to this gloomy version of “With A Little Help From My Friends.”

The thing I found odd about the sitcoms I mentioned above are incredibly popular and remembered fondly by millions of people worldwide! I just don’t get it! I guess it’s a generational thing? But that can’t be the reason since there are actually a good number of “retro” sitcoms I enjoyed while watching Hits. And I’ll tell you what they are next week!

What are you least favorite sitcoms of yesteryear? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!

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