The Real Target Audience of the Live-Action Jem Movie

Around a week ago, the first ever trailer of the Jem and The Holograms live-action film made its way onto the Internet. And, even up to now, people are still bashing it. Honestly, I can see why. While I’ve never been a hardcore Jem fanatic, I do have some familiarity with the show. It was a cartoon showing the 80’s after all. And I would watch anything that was animated back then! The trailer revealed to me that the producers of the film didn’t know much about the property and what made it popular.

Par for the course, right? They did the same thing to Transformers and GI Joe. Come to think of it, all of these live-action films are based of cartoons developed to sell Hasbro toys. What an odd coincidence! Either that, or Hasbro really needs to check on the guy that keeps licensing out their 80’s cartoon properties! Anyway, I’m no expert on Jem but, like I said, I did watch the show and have more of a passing familiarity with the cartoon. It looks like they are going to gut all of the things that made Jem “truly outrageous” in the first place.

They pretty much got rid of anything that made the cartoon a weird piece of nostalgia. Jem and The Holograms’ supercomputer, Synergy, is no where to be seen in the trailer. Their rivals, The Misfits, probably won’t be in the film either (which is dumb since The Misfits were actually the best part of the show). Oh, and they didn’t even give us the iconic theme song from the show! Now, that’s truly outrageous… with an emphasis on the word “outrage.”

If you watched the trailer, it actually looks like they’re distancing themselves from the nostalgic 80’s cartoon. And that’s when it hit me. The kids who watched the cartoon way back in the 80’s and who are now adults? They’re not the target audience. The people who have at least nostalgic memories of the show? Nope, not them. Neither are the curious folk that somehow found about Jem and The Holograms while surfing the Internet and decided to watch YouTube clips of the show.

You know what’s the target demographic of this new Jem and The Hologram movie is? Pre-adolescent girls who have no knowledge of the 80’s cartoon. If you look at the trailer, it’s immediately obvious that the producers of the live-action Jem and The Holograms aren’t marketing this movie to fans of the series. If they did they would’ve included a lot of the cheesy elements of the show. If they really cared for the fans, Synergy would be in the film!

But the movie is actually made for this generation. And I think little girls of today would think the original premise of Jem and The Holograms would suck. I don’t they would want to watch a movie about a little rich girl who’s father dies and inherits a music record label and a supercomputer that can produce extremely realistic holograms.Because that would be ridiculous!

No, they want to see a story about a girl who gets discovered on Youtube and becomes incredibly successful but is willing to give it all up to be with her friends. That’s not a spoiler; all that information is already given to you in the trailer! It’s something that can theoretically happen. And it’s probably something they dream will happen to them in the future. It’s living a fantasy and I guess the producers figure out that’s what the live-action Jem and The Holograms should be about.

"From the director of the Justin Bieber movie? I'm sooooooo in!"

“From the director of the Justin Bieber movie? I’m sooooooo in!”

Will the movie be a success? Actually, I think it has a good chance of being a hit. I have a feeling a lot of preteens that are just planning to watch this film. Now, whether or not it’s going to be a good film, remembered fondly like the cartoon it’s based on? Well, only time will tell.

(But I do hope it’s forgotten)

What do you think of the live-action Jem and The Holograms trailer? Let me know in the comments section below!

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