Five Superheroes That Will Never Make It To The Big Screen

If Guardians of the Galaxy  has taught us anything, it’s that it’s possible to make a financially successful film out of practically any comic book series. And, for the past several years, we’ve been witness to it. We’ve seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe blossomed into this multi-billion dollar series of films with no end in sight. DC’s decided to try this route as well as they’ve announced their own plans to make a similar series of movies. We’ve also gotten a resurgence of superheroes getting their own live-action television shows! From Arrow on the CW all the way to the Powers series on the PlayStation Network (of all places), it seems like you can make a movie or television series out of any comic book franchise!

Well, not really.

There are going to be exceptions to the rule. So, below are just some superheroes that’ll probably never make into a movie or television series!

1) Namor, The Sub-Mariner

Oh, sure! Aquaman is getting his own movie! So why can’t Marvel’s version of the Prince of Atlantis get his film? Well, that’s kind of hard to say because I’m not really familiar with the character. In fact, I don’t know anyone who’s a Namor fanatic!

Why is Spock only wearing a Speedo?

When did Spock get so buff?

On paper, The Sub-Mariner is an interesting character, at least. Being half-human, half-Atlantean, Namor has superhuman strength, can swim faster than 60 miles per hour, has bulletproof skin, can communicate will all forms of marine life and can fly by using the itty-bitty wings on his ankles! Not only that, he’s the ruler of the lost city of Atlantis. Essentially, he’s like a better, more powerful version of Aquaman that can fly!

I think the main problem is the character isn’t particularly likable. He’s waged war against the “surface dwellers” numerous times for polluting his oceans (as most comic book Atlantean rulers seem to do in the modern era). So, he’s technically more of a “villain” at times if you think about it.

2) Metamorpho, The Element Man

As much as I love Metamorpho, The Element Man, he’s virtually has no chance of getting his own movie or television series.

Guest star, maybe. But not his own TV series.

Guest star, maybe. But not his own TV series.

Metamorpho is actually Rex Mason, an adventurer under the employ of Simon Stagg, a brilliant but morally ambiguous scientist. Mason is also secretly dating Stagg’s daughter, the incredibly beautiful Sapphire Stagg. And Simon Stagg doesn’t like this! In order to get rid of his daughter’s suitor, Stagg orders Mason to obtain the Orb of Ra. As Mason is about to retrieve the artifact, Simon Stagg’s right-hand man, Java, shoots him and leaves him for dead. However, the radiation from the Orb of Ra transforms Mason into Metamorpho, The Element Man. While this doe save his life and gives him the ability to transmute his body into any known element, he’s unable to turn fully human. Now, oddly enough, Mason still has to work for his former employer because Stagg promised to find a cure for him!

Doesn’t this sound like a great idea for a TV series? I mean, imagine all of the drama! Unfortunately, because of the almost frightening nature of Metamorpho, I don’t think mainstream audiences will actually like watching a weekly episodic show that has a freaky looking hero!

3) The Metal Men

I only had one issue of the Pre-Crisis Metal Men comic as a child, but, boy! Did it leave a huge impression on me!

Where can I buy this? I WANT IT!

Where can I buy this? I WANT THIS!

The Metal Men are actually a group of sentient robots that were created by Dr. Will Magnus. He first created Platinum (the “female” of the group). When Dr. Magnus found out that she was displaying human traits (such as, of all things, falling in love with him), he decided to donate her in a museum and tried to write her off as a mistake. However, when a giant prehistoric creature attacks the city, Platinum (calling herself “Tina” now) convinces the good doctor to create more robots. Magnus then created more robots based on other elements found on the periodic table to combat the menace: Gold (the team’s analytical leader), Iron (the team’s strongman), Lead (slow but tough), Mercury (hot-headed but loyal) and Tin (shy but reliable). Thus, the Metal Men were born!

Honestly, if you read the older Metal Men stories, they were great fun; pretty much sci-fi schlock. To be fair, comics were like that then. But the best thing is that they really had distinct personalities, which led to great interaction between them! Tina always had it in for the girls Dr. Magnus would date. Mercury would get angry easily and thought he should be the team leader instead of Gold. Tin actually spoke with a stutter… there’s just a lot of elements (pun intended) that would make one fantastic movie!

Unfortunately, this is a team that virtually unknown by most comic book fans. Heck, I actually think they’re less popular than the Guardians of the Galaxy before Marvel’s spacefaring team got their own film! As such, there’s no way DC would take a huge risk in making the Metal Men into a movie.

4) The Fly (Archie Comics)

Comic book fans should know who are Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. This is, of course, the duo that created Captain America, one of the most popular superheroes ever. Guess what? Simon and Kirby also created this weird mess of a character!

He's even got a sidekick, God bless him!

He’s even got a sidekick, God bless him!

Oh, The Fly’s origin story is incredibly weird! Orphan Tommy Troy is hired by an elderly couple to clean our their attic. While there, Tommy finds a ring with a fly insignia. When he puts on the ring, he summons Turan, one of the Fly People. Turan then tells Tommy that, before, the Fly People ruled the planet with their magic. However, they frequently waged war against each other, which eventually turned practically the entire Fly People population into ordinary houseflies. Only Turan and a few other escaped and they’ve been waiting for someone with a pure heart, just like Tommy’s! Turan bestows onto Tommy the guise of The Fly!

Anyway, can you see them ever making a movie based on a superhero named The Fly? Didn’t think so.

5) Uncle Sam

Yes, there is a superhero more patriotic than Captain America!



During the Revolutionary War, a patriot named Samuel successfully saves a supply caravan from mercenaries. However, he is shot while leading them away from the convoy. Dying, he looks at the setting sun and the Spirit of America appears before him. The Spirit bonds with Samuel and Uncle Sam, the living embodiment of America is born!

Yes, Uncle Sam has one crazy origin story but that was par for the course during the time he was created. I actually think he would make, at the least, an interesting movie. The big problem? The look! Uncle Sam just isn’t marketable! He looks like an old geezer with red-and-white striped pants! And there’s no way they can update the costume because… well, he wouldn’t be Uncle Sam anymore if you did!

Well, that’s my list! There are probably more heroes that should be included here. So, what other comic book characters do you think will never be made into a movie? Let me know in the comments section below!


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