Episode 94: Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom Is Too Much For Me


Last week, I talked about if there were too many comic book hero movies and TV shows. All that talk of superheroes made me wonder: Why haven’t I played a game based on superheroes before? My brother has an extensive collection of video games and yet I haven’t really seen him play any superhero video games. I asked him if he had any and he said that he doesn’t because, in his own words: “They usually suck ass.”

But, there was two games that he did have that he doesn’t play anymore. And they just happen to be fighting games! But the first one I have to talk about would be the ultra crazy Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

I do have some vague memories of watching him play Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 but I didn’t like what I was seeing because, in all honesty, I couldn’t understand what was happening onscreen! Whenever I would watch my brother play it, all I saw was characters jumping really high, the screen flashing with colors and, before I knew it, the match would be over. I just couldn’t understand what was happening on screen.

That was around 3 years ago, when I wasn’t really playing games this actively. I dismissed it because I couldn’t follow all of the on-screen action. This time around, I decided to try out actually playing it and maybe, just maybe, I could finally make heads or tails regarding all of the action.

Well, after playing it for a full day, I did finally get an understanding of what’s happening in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and the basics of its fighting game system. But there’s no way I’ll ever be able to get good in this game!

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom is a extremely over-the-top fighting game wherein the heroes of Marvel team-up against Capcom characters in the hope of defeating Galactus before he destroys the Earth. So why are they fighting each other? Who cares! The story is just an excuse to gather the greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe with the diverse roster of Capcom’s games into one game!

While I do play a moderate amount of Street Fighter (not so much these days because of school and stuff), all of that experience didn’t prepare me for the insanity of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom! Unlike the controlled chess matches of Street Fighter, it seems like this game is all about putting the hurt on your opponent for as long as you can! And that’s something I can’t do!

It may seem like the guy pulling off the combos in the video above is just pushing buttons but there’s a lot of control and precision involved to do all of these attacks and ti extend the combos for as long as they went! There’s a lot of things like assists, off the ground attacks, wall bounces, juggles, X-Factor activation, air dashes and more that’s needed. And those things are just things my poor little fingers can’t do! I just don’t have the dexterity to perform them!

However, I do appreciate the game more after playing it. Before, all I saw was a blur of colors and characters jumping high in the air. Now that I’ve actually played the game, I can finally comprehend why they keep on doing all of these seemingly random movements. But there’s no way I’ll be able to perform all of the intricacies involved in actually performing them! It’s incredibly fun watching an expert play the game, though!

Also, I love the fact that the game isn’t too serious and incredibly silly at times! Watching Deadpool whack his opponent with the Life and Super bars are just hilarious! Seeing the very adorable Rocket Raccoon bury his opponent up to his/her neck and then launching a bombing strike is just crazy. And, practically anything Phoenix Wright does is hilarious! Of course, my favorite attack in the game is his Level 3 Hyper Combo! It still cracks me up every time I see it!

I’ve changed my tune a bit regarding Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom. I finally understand why people are always “when’s Mahvel” mockingly because it’s more fun to watch than play.

So, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a fighting game that features Marvel characters. How about DC? Well, I’ll talk more about their fighting game… next time!

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