Episode 89: CM Punk and The Pipe Bomb Podcast: Part 2


Last week I talked about CM Punk’s allegations of how he was treated badly by the WWE on Colt Cabana’s podcast. It didn’t end there, though. CM Punk still had more to say so he was going to return to Colt Cabana’s podcast the week after. First, Vince McMahon appeared on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast. The timing was very convenient, to say the least.

Oddly enough, he didn’t have much to say about CM Punk’s allegations on the Cold Cabana podcast. Vince did say Punk was a loner and bad at expressing his thoughts. He did say he was open to negotiations and he wanted to apologize to him.

And… that was it! That’s all he had to say. Heck, Vince McMahon didn’t even listen to it according to him! I actually expected more stuff to be said. Maybe defend himself a little bit more regarding the situation or, at the least, listen to the podcast to address more things said.

I did think it was a little suspicious that, of all people, Vince McMahon didn’t even bother to listen to a podcast that essentially had the entire wrestling world talking that had a former WWE Superstar talk crap about your company. I eagerly awaited CM Punk’s thought on this.

And he didn’t disappoint.

Oh, it did started out really slow, with CM Punk just talking about other stuff, like him watching Jurassic Park for the first time or how people should call him on the street (don’t call him Phil). Regular stuff. But when he began talking about wrestling again, I guess it re-ignited his feelings regarding how the WWE and Vince McMahon treated him.

He complained about Vince McMahon going into spin more to sort of make amends on the air to CM Punk and Punk wouldn’t have it. Punk said that, if Vince really wanted to apologize to him, he should’ve talked to him personally and not just say in on a WWE sponsored podcast.

He also told more stories about how the WWE made him miss a friend’s wedding because it coincided with a pay-per-view event. He detailed that he even told the offices about it 8 months in advance so he would make it. But still, the WWE booked him in a match with The Shield. And this was the time when he had the lump on his back that turned out to be a deadly staph infection!

But the new thing that really struck me is how it seems the WWE actively took away possible money earning opportunities and PR possibilities from him. And that just sucks! He had a couple of stories where Slim Jim, LA Ink and Wonder Con specifically asked for CM Punk but the WWE always veered them to other Superstars on the roster. That’s money that should have gone into CM Punk’s pocket but was taken away by whatever reason the WWE had. That’s mean and dumb! No wonder he got really mad!

He also addressed the biggest question in probably every CM Punk fan’s mind: Will he ever go back to wrestling? Right now, no. He said it’s too early to just close the door permanently. Frankly speaking, with the way his life is going now, I don’t think he should. Punk just joined UFC so let’s see how he’ll do there first.

Personally, if he does come back to the WWE, I don’t really want to see him wrestle anymore. Based on all the stories he told during both podcasts, I think that’s enough. If he doesn’t enjoy it, he shouldn’t be doing it. It’s painful for me to say that since I am a huge CM Punk fan but I do want to see the guy that I admire so much be happy… and not permanently injure himself because of what the general wrestling public wants. He has the right to retire on his own terms. I don’t want him to be one of those wrestlers that are just so beat up that they can’t even walk anymore. Let him retire while in his prime.

Or Best In The World. Whatever works.

Or Best In The World. Whatever works.

He deserves his break. If he does return, I actually want to see him be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame instead. But that’s just me.

One thing I need to touch on is he doesn’t like his name being chanted during WWE shows when his wife is on. It may seem like a sign of support for him but it does make him uncomfortable. Like he said on the podcast, it would be better if they chanted “AJ Lee” instead; that would definitely be more respectful.

And on that note, I do want to talk about AJ Lee a bit more since I’m afraid for her future in the WWE because it looks like what’s happening now with her is what happened with her husband. And I’ll talk more about that next time!


What are your thoughts on CM Punk’s second podcast? How about Vince McMahon’s response? Let me know in the comment section below!

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