I’ll Review Anything: Ultra Street Fighter IV Official Bible (Hardcopy Version)

I’ve been playing Street Fighter ever since it was released in arcades way back in high school. While I was never an expert in the game, I do consider myself a fan of Capcom’s flagship fighting game. When it was announced Brady Games was going to publishing an official strategy guide for Ultra Street Fighter IV, the latest iteration of the series, I really wanted to get my hands on a copy. I hopped onto Google Play to purchase a copy and, wouldn’t you know it? It’s not available in the Philippines!

So what did I do? I ordered the hardcopy version from Amazon! I had to have it shipped through a 3rd party shipping company since Amazon doesn’t deliver stuff to the Philippines so I had to shell out a bit more as well. But I finally got it!

But, now that I have it, was it worth it? Yes for the most part.

The “bible” itself is a really comprehensive book of data for Ultra Street Fighter IV. Practically everything you need to know about each character in the game is in this book!

Guess who I main in Ultra Street Fighter IV?

Guess who I main in Ultra Street Fighter IV?

As the book covers all 44 available characters’ moves and strategies, it’s very thick! It’s just shy of 600 pages in total and weighs in at a very respectable 3.5 pounds (yes, I actually weighed it!). But each character guide is extremely detailed. If you want to check out how to do a special move, it’s in there. If you want to check out Elena’s crouching hurtbox information, it’s in there. If you want to check out how many startup frames Zangief’s Ultimate Atomic Buster has, it has that information. If you want to review the frame data of each and every normal attack of all of the characters in the roster, the Ultra Street Fighter IV Official Bible has that information, too!

If you’re new to the fighting game scene and all of these terms are just flying over your head, don’t worry. The Ultra Street Fighter IV Official Bible has you covered. It has an exhaustive glossary at the first part of the book. Even something basic a blocking has a huge section devoted to it as the glossary describes how to block certain attacks! They also list down fighting game terminology like frame traps and shenanigans, which may sound totally alien to those unfamiliar with these terms but the glossary does a great job explaining them.

There will be a test tomorrow...

There will be a test tomorrow…

You’ll need to get used to all of the jargon because this strategy guide does use it liberally throughout. The guide uses a lot of it when elaborating on how to best use each character. They’ll use phrases like “whiff an MP Oil Slide” in Hakan’s section or devote an entire area for Ibuki’s wakeup game. It can be a lot of information to take in, even with the handy-dandy glossary.

There’s also a lot of text… which does make sense (it is a book, after all). But I’m not sure if all of this text will make it appealing for newbies to the fighting game community. While I do appreciate the amount of work done detailing each move of each character, I think it would have been good if there was like a quick movelist sheet for each character instead of the overly complex descriptions for each special attack.

Guess who's my second?

Guess who’s my second?

I also mentioned how big the book is and it’s size makes the entire thing really cumbersome to haul around. This is why I wanted to get it on my Android device; the book is huge and heavy! It’s a great guide and all but definitely not handy to lug to your friend’s house! It’s one of those books that I wish it came with a hardcover or the book’s spine was better made as it feels like it could fall apart due to its weight!

But don’t let these bad comments turn you off. The Ultra Street Fighter IV Official Bible is a fantastic book for any Street Fighter fan. I’m extremely pleased with it as all of the information is really good, especially for a guy like me that loves checking out all of the information on each character.

Do you have The Ultra Street Fighter IV Official Bible? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!

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