Who Should Play Amanda Waller In Suicide Squad

Last week, I gave my thoughts on the casting reveal for Warner Bros/DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad film. Unfortunately, there was one person I forgot to include on the list: Amanda Waller. Which, in retrospect, is pretty dumb of me to forget! After all, she’s the ruthless bitch (I say that with all the love in the world, by the way) that’ll do what it takes to save the world. As the leader of ARGUS, she’s probably going to be crossing over to different films throughout the new DC Movie Universe.

But who should play her? I guess I first have to look at the contenders that were shortlisted for the role.

Oprah Winfrey

I guess we have to start with the front runner and that would be Ms. Winfrey. She does have the, shall we say, appropriate body type. Amanda Waller is usually depicted as a short and stocky African American female (which is really a breath of fresh air) and Oprah definitely fits the bill. Also, Amanda Waller is one of the most powerful people in the DC Universe, commanding one of the most well funded government organisations in the world. Besides the government part, sounds like Oprah to me!

The biggest problem I would say regarding casting her in the role would be is, well, she’s Oprah! Every time she’s going to be on-screen, I won’t see the tough-as-nails leader of ARGUS. I’ll be seeing Oprah! The one that gives the prizes away!

Well, something like this anyway.

Hope she won’t sound like this, though.

People tend to only think of her as the extremely perky and positive talk show host. But the lady can act serious when necessary! People tend to forget she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Academy award for The Color Purple. So I can definitely see why Warner Bros. are looking her way. Even still, I can’t shake the feeling that she’s still be Oprah even when she’s sending superpowered criminals into suicide missions.

Financially speaking, Oprah would make a better Amanda Waller because of she’s known all around the world. You’d also need a big name star to compete with the likes of Will Smith (Deadshot) and Jared Leto (The Joker). That’s going to be their thinking, anyways. Me, I think she’d be okay in the role but they shouldn’t just put in Oprah because she’s Oprah.

Octavia Spencer

While Oprah kinda looks like Waller, it’s not quite right. She is a bit too tall. However, Octavia Spencer has the look down perfectly! When I first saw her guest starring role as Dr. Evilini in Wizards of Waverly Place, I thought to myself “Wow! She reminds me of Amanda Waller!”

Tell me I'm wrong.

Tell me I’m wrong.

Unlike Oprah, she actually won an award for her acting prowess. For her role as Minnie Jackson, the feisty household main in The Help, Octavia won both a Screen Actors Guild award and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress! The only problem is, while she is probably well known in the acting world, she isn’t a big name star.

I think she’s the underdog among the trio but, honestly, if they want to make Amanda Waller look like she does in the comics, Octavia Spencer is the way to go.

Viola Davis

Viola Davis is high on a lot of people’s lists right now. It’s hard not to see why. After all, her performance as strict professor and ruthless attorney Annalize Keating in How To Get Away With Murder is fantastic! I mean, just look at her! If they’re going to have Amanda Waller do a monologue in the Suicide Squad film, they can use this clip as a template on how to do it properly!

A lot of people do have qualms because she doesn’t quite look like the comic book character. Honestly, I think it’s stupid to write off an actor/actress because they don’t look like the comic book character, especially for a supporting character like Amanda Waller! I mean, I think everyone thought Idris Elba did a terrific job as Heimdall in the Thor films! And he looks nothing like Heimdall! His performance made you forget the character was caucasian in the comics!

When it comes to toughness, Viola Davis got it down pat! She also has a voice can commands, nay, demands your respect! Among the three, she’s actually my pick. Sure, she may be the flavor of the month because she has a hit show. But, damn, she pulls off a great performance after great performance in that show!

Yet, she’s actually not my personal pick! The person I actually want to take on the role isn’t part of the three that were shortlisted…

CCH Pounder

There is no doubt in my mind that CCH Pounder can play Amanda Waller. After all, she’s already played the role in the animated series Justice League Unlimited and she was flawless! When I first heard her voice, there was no doubt in my mind she was Amanda Waller! She’s so good that they kept on bringing her back to voice the character!

The thing that she has over Oprah, Octavia and Viola is experience with the character. She’s been playing Amanda Waller for years now and I think my fellow geeks who drew up watching the DC Animated Universe agrees with me that, if Warner Bros does make a live action version of Amanda Waller, they can’t go wrong with CCH Pounder.

Who do you want to play Amanda Waller in the upcoming Suicide Squad? Is it any of the actresses mentioned? Or do you have someone else in mind? Let me know who in the comments section below!

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