Episode 75: Teleporting Around The Sims 4 World


So, after last week’s emergency episode regarding the news of Sony discontinuing their PlayStation Home (and how this saddened me), let’s go back to out regularly scheduled show of traveling around the neighborhoods of Sims 4 and seeing what kind of trouble I can get into.

I was initially very excited to go out of my virtual home and into the various buildings of The Sims 4. After all, it offered not one, but two neighborhoods for my little Robin to tool around. I mean, I saw two neighborhoods in the Moving In screen, Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. I’m bound to find something new and exciting in each of them, right? Right?

Let me first try to move around the neighborhood I’m in before I try adventuring to a new region. I tried walking around and… I hit an invisible wall? What the heck? I panicked when this happened. Was the game buggy? Am I supposed to buy a vehicle to leave the area? How am I supposed to travel to the park much less a new neighborhood?

Did I accidentally set the game to Under the Dome mode?

Did I accidentally set the game to Under the Dome mode?

I started clicking frantically around the screen and I accidentally brought up a travel option. Well, how did I do that? Did I right-click my mistake? No. Pressing the right mouse button doesn’t do that. Oh, I clicked on my neighbor’s house! So… what? I have to click on the place in order to travel to it? Fine. But how do I go to the park? I can’t seem to walk to it because of the stupid invisible wall!

How inconvenient!

How inconvenient!

It turns out traveling to different areas was at my fingertips all the time. It was one of the options on my cellphone. Okay, fine. A bit cumbersome, especially since I loved that you can walk from one end of the town to the other in The Sims 3. I can live with it, though. Once I figured that out, I was ready to take on the virtual world!

I took a quick tour of my “home town” of Oasis Spring. I found the usual areas where I can socialize with other Sims. There’s a park where I can go fishing and play chess. There’s the gym where I can work out. There’s a bar! Ooh! I went there first and… wow! These townsfolk are extremely trusting, letting me behind the bar and make drinks for everyone! Where’s the regular bartender?

I then went to the library and got bored out of my mind! I really couldn’t understand what’s the point of going there when I can read books in the comfort of my own home. So I quickly booked it out of there! My little Robin was getting a little peckish so I looked around for a restaurant where I can eat. What? No restaurants? You mean I either have to satisfy myself with chips at the bar or cook my own food? Maybe there’s a restaurant in Willow Creek

No such luck. In fact, apart from a few minor differences, such as the families that live there, it’s pretty much the same! There’s a gym. There’s a park. There’s a “cultured” place (a museum, I think) and a bar-type place! Where’s the variety? Honestly, it’s very disappointing to see that there’s really no reason for me to travel outside of my neighborhood!

And the load screen! God, I’m so sick of the loading screen! I don’t care if it only takes 10 seconds for it to load a new location! It’s annoying, especially if you compare it to the open world feel of The Sims 3! It’s not even the frequency that I have to see this screen! It’s just that it really takes me out of the game whenever I see it! Thanks for reminding me I’m playing a game, EA!

For the 12,318th time...

For the 12,318th time…

It may sound like I’m ranting a lot about the game but… I still like it! I’ll give a more solid review of the game tomorrow. But playing this got me thinking of the previous versions of The Sims and made me want to play something… retro. I’ll talk about that next time!


What’s your thoughts on the travel system of The Sims 4? Let me know in the comments section below!

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