Episode 73: Staying on the PlayStation Team


So, after my tirade last week regarding the report that my beloved Hello Kitty isn’t really a kitty, I’m back to talk about what I should’ve talked about last week. I’m here to talk about my decision to stay a PlayStation fangirl and not switch sides to the Xbox One camp.

While I do have my very own console, a red PS3 that was originally my brother’s, I’ve worked really hard for the past year at school. I may not be getting stellar grades in all my college classes (curse you, physical education!) but I’m still managed to get a 3.5 GPA during my sophomore year! And, per my agreement with my parents, I will my choice of a new gaming system on Christmas! See, kids? It pays to do well in school!

Now the question becomes what I should get? I’ve had a few years to mull over my decision. Yes, I’ve been planning this for years! I was actually thinking of getting an Xbox One since my brother already has a PlayStation 4. But, as the months passed and people got it in their hands for a good while now, I’ve decided to stick to my Sony roots and go with a PS4. It may seem like madness to have two PS4 consoles in the same household but I do have my reasons…

I'm on the left side

I’m on the left side

One reason is a shallow one, I have to admit. I just don’t like the look of the Xbox One! Yeah, they say you should never judge a book by its cover. But Microsoft’s new console has one butt-ugly cover! It looks like a large monochrome box! No contours, sleek lines or any design elements of any kind. Unless you call the Xbox logo or the air vents on it as “design elements,” nope. It’s a humungous box!

To add to it’s ugliness, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the placement of the USB slots. Maybe because I’m used to using laptops where the USB slots are easily accessed but I have serious questions to why Microsoft decided to place two of the USB ports at the Xbox One’s rear? From my perspective, these slots should always be placed in a location that are easily accessed on a console since you’re going to be using them often to plug stuff in them like memory sticks and controller chargers. Why did they place them at such a hard place to reach? It’s pretty dumb if you ask me.

And you had to place them right smack in the middle of the back of the console?

And you had to place them right smack in the middle of the back of the console?

Also, I was pretty turned off by all of the previous restrictions Microsoft tried to impose on gamers when they first revealed it to the world. The restrictions they tried to impose with the sharing of games, having to connect to them every 24 hours, the Kinect fiasco and the like just irked me so much! I’m not sure who over there at Microsoft headquarters thought those would be good ideas but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t work there anymore. I think they burned off a lot of goodwill they built with the Xbox 360 when they announced them.

Now, I’m usually forgiving about transgressions once that person actually makes everything right, but the way Microsoft handled it didn’t help them at all. First, even after the press conference announcing the console, their very own representatives couldn’t find a decent way to defend their stance of always being online and not being able to share games with friends. Second, to me, they seemed to dismiss all the consumer criticism and brush it off like it was nothing! It looked like they were insinuating gamers were all crybabies. Well, we are sometimes, but we had a reason to be upset this time! I don’t know if Microsoft would’ve changed their stance if most of us didn’t voice our outrage. Some of us more than others.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the PlayStation 4 seemed to garner positive feelings from gamers. It was a good looking console. It gave us the option if we wanted to add the new PlayStation Eye instead of shoehorning it in like the Xbox One. Heck, people even gave it praise for calling it the PlayStation 4 instead of the “reboot” name Microsoft gave the Xbox One!

But, most of all, it’s the number of games that did it for me. There are just so many games that I’m eager to get on Sony’s new console. Infamous: Second Son. Kingdom Hearts III. Destiny, Silent Hills. A new Uncharted game. And many more. I know some of these games will also be released on the Xbox One. But that’s the point! Why would I go get a different console that I refuse to support when I can play the same games on a gaming platform that I want to support?

It still boils down to the games. If Microsoft can come up with an exclusive title that’ll only be available on the Xbox One, then maybe I would change my mind. But, right now, I’m still sticking to Sony.

Besides, I can just borrow some games from my brother! And I can still hope for PlayStation Home for PS4, right?

Well, I’ll be getting a PS4 in December. So, what will I do while waiting for Christmas to roll on by? Well, since The Sims 4 is already out, I think I’ll get it and play it! And I’ll be discussing my experience playing it starting next week!

What’s your choice for this generation of the console wars? Post your choice in the comments section below!


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