Episode 72: Four Epic Female Leads in Media


Last week, I talked about fake geek girls and why it’s okay to hate on them. This week, I’d like to talk about you about a special breed of females of the fictional kind: the heroic ones. You know, the ones that don’t hang around and wait to be rescued or, even if they have to go through a lot of problems, they still try to come up on top. Yes, these are the rare breed of protagonists that only has the X chromosome and no Y chromosomes!

Now, for this list, there is some criteria they have to fulfill to get onto this list. First, they have to be the leads. Or, at the least, a prominent cast member of equal footing to the male lead. Second, they have to also have to have their own unique personality. In other words, they shouldn’t be defined by their love interest. And finally, the female character is not a “damsel in distress.” Oh, they can be rescued at times but they have to be in control of their own destiny for the most part.

First off, I’ll talk about my personal favorite…


Honestly, she just had to be on this list so I’m getting it out of the way early! FemShep from the Mass Effect series is the¬†quintessential female hero. The reason? She wasn’t written with a female in mind! I actually think they wrote the male script and then just got Jennifer Hale, her voice actress, to read the same lines.

And it paid off big time! Because of this, they made a character that was tough but didn’t feel like she was being “fake” tough. My favorite scene is still watching FemShep headbutt a Krogan! While it shouldn’t make sense, it totally worked because I believed this version of Shepard would actually do that when faced with that situation.

I do wish she had a better selection when it came to love interests, though. Due to the lack of a suitable candidate (in my opinion… I guess I’m a bit choosy), I had my brother pick Liara during his playthrough. Then again, I think he was going to pick her anyway.

Buffy Summers

Before you read on: SPOILERS for Buffy The Series! Skip this entry if you don’t want to know some major plot points from the series!

Aha! I’ll bet you didn’t know I liked Buffy The Vampire Slayer, huh? While my brother watched it religiously since the shows inception, I started getting interested much later. I have some fond memories of the 5th season of the show. This was the one where “The Big Bad” they faced was Glorificus/Glory. I think I was around 7 or 8 when they started showing that particular season here in the Philippines on cable TV. Maybe because I though Glory was an interesting character. I was pretty shocked that they had Buffy die at the end of the season!

Then again, this is TV and death isn’t really permanent if you’re a character on a popular series, especially if you’re name is on the title!¬† In the next season, the gang managed to resurrect her… pulling her away from Heaven! Wow! I did not see that coming. While I didn’t like that season that much, I do love the musical episode. That was great fun!

I guess what I love about the character of Buffy is she’s the direct opposite of the dumb blonde cheerleader that’s always mean to the social outcast hero in horror movies. In fact, she is the social outcast for the most part. She’s like a female version of Peter Parker: she may have all this power but she understands the responsibility and weight it demands from her.

Snow White

I’m not referring to the Disney princess. In fact, she’s one of the Disney Princesses I dislike. No, I’m referring to the kick-ass version shown in Fables! Although I don’t really read Fables, I did try going through the comic and I found her to be the most interesting character. Coupled with her appearance in The Wolf Among Us, she easily made in into this list.

I guess what drew me to her is the combination of strength and vulnerability she’s able to display. She tries her best and yet she feels she can do more. I like this Fable!

NEW Lara Croft

I had to differentiate between the OLD Lara Croft from the 90s and the NEW version of the character that was reinvented with the Tomb Raider reboot released on 2013. Why? Well, I don’t have any affinity for the old version of the character! It always appeared she was a cold-hearted killer to me. The 90s version of Lara was too confident and cocky and, honestly, not a well developed character. The 2013 version of Lara Croft… now, there’s a character with some depth!

Within the game, you see her grow from a rich heiress who wanted to be rescued into a survivor who decided she needed to rescue herself and her friends. My favorite scene would have to be her ascent up the radio tower in order to broadcast an SOS. I know I wouldn’t be able to make the treacherous climb up the tower (I’d be scared witless to climb that height under those windy conditions!). But watching her do it, I have to say I really felt happy for her!

I can’t wait to see more adventures of this more realistic version of Ms. Croft in later installments… in 2016. Stupid Microsoft and their stupid timed exclusive deal! I’m going to wait for the PS4 version!

Well, I guess that’s it! I honestly wish there were more females that I could think of but these are the ones that really stick in my mind. Anyway, speaking of getting a PS4, I guess I’ll write about why I decided to still stay the PlayStation route and not really try getting an Xbox One. See you then!


Any other epic female leads I forgot? Let me know who they are in the comments section below!

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