Episode 57: I’m Hot… Literally


Last week, I talked about going onto PlayStation Home and trying out the new kissing action. I also expressed I thought that it was weird that there were more girl characters who were willing to kiss me than male characters. Anyway, I haven’t been able to do that as of late because I’m not in the mood to turn on my PlayStation 3 anymore. In fact, I haven’t been able to move around lately. Not because I’m injured or hurt or anything like that. No, it’s just that it’s so hot in the Philippines, I don’t feel like moving at all!

Right now, I’m holed up in my room, with the fan directly blasting air at me in a futile attempt to keep cool. The fan helps only a little since, while it is blowing air right in my face, the air that I’m getting is still incredibly hot! I guess that’s better than baking in the sweltering heat of stagnant air. And you know the old saying “It’s not the heat that bothers me, it’s the humidity?” Well, yeah, I didn’t understand what that meant before but I sorta get it now. It just means that the weather feels hotter than it really is.

That's 96.8F and 105.8F to you foreigners!

That’s 96.8F and 105.8F to you foreigners!

While I do have an air conditioner in my room, I don’t even consider using it in during the daytime. The heat is just too strong and it takes a long time for the room to actually cool down! I don’t think it’s worth turning it on during the mornings and afternoon and it’ll be just a waste of energy (and money as well).

It’s getting so hot that it’s already affecting my lifestyle! Like I said, I don’t turn on my PlayStation 3 anymore when the sun is out. One of the reasons is the one I mentioned: it’s too hot to move. But the second thing is I don’t want my PS3 to overheat and die out on me. I think that’s what happened to our original PS3. We used it during the summer break playing various games and that’s when it started to die out on us. Sure it was already old but I can’t help using it in the sweltering summer heat helped bring it closer to death much quicker.

It's mine! All mine!

Don’t you die on me, too!

The heat also makes it incredibly hard to get some shut eye! It’s incredibly hot, even at night now! I wouldn’t mind if there was at least a breeze that would come in my window but no such luck there. The wind is pretty still and no wind enters my room. I guess the window is facing the wrong way or something. Thank God I can turn on the air conditioner before bed just to cool down the room to a more comfortable temperature before I sleep!

Anyway, I usually wear pajamas to bed since I feel really comfortable and “snuggly.” Yes, I know pajamas are pretty impractical in a tropical country like the Philippines but I’ve been wearing pajamas ever since I was a kid so I’ve gotten really used to it. Besides, I feel adequately covered up wearing them since I don’t like sleeping wearing a bra and panties (no dirty thoughts! Just the facts!)

But now, it’s too hot, I can’t wear them! I would wake up during the early morning (5am!) soaked in sweat. I had to switch up to sleeping in my oversized Hello Kitty shirts nowadays! But, now I have to wear panties when I sleep which makes me feel uncomfortable. And there’s no way I’ll even try sleeping without any bottoms with the huge shirt on because I’m afraid the shirt will ride up on me, where my other kitty would be saying “Hello” to the world.

I actually have this exact same shirt!

I actually have this exact same shirt!

Well, I have to endure at least 3 more weeks of this heat. I could go to the mall but, like I said, it’s too hot to move around! I can’t wait for school to start because, at least, there’ll be air conditioning there. Wait. I’m actually wishing for school to start? Now I know the heat is getting to me!

There’s also another saying: If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Well, I will be going to the kitchen… and I’ll explain why next week!


How have you been dealing with the summer heat? Let me know how you’re doing it by leaving your thoughts and comments in the section below!


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