I’ll Review Anything: Street Fighter X Tekken


I’ve played a ton of Street Fighter and I’ve played a good number of matches on Tekken. I’ve always thought these two games are too different to merge into one game. But, oddly enough, they managed to do it with Street Fighter X Tekken. While Capcom and Namco were able to get both rosters to play nice and duke it out, they don’t play well with each other. In fact, I don’t think this game will satisfy anyone from both camps.

It's pronounced Street Fighter CROSS Tekken

It’s pronounced Street Fighter CROSS Tekken

I’m not saying the game is a bad game. There are a few things I like about it. For one thing, the fighting game engine is pretty solid and easy to get accustomed to… if you’ve been playing Street Fighter IV. It borrows liberally from Capcom’s latest entry in the Street Fighter universe. From the Tekken games I’ve played, I don’t think it plays anything like any of Namco’s brawlers, so Street Fighter fans will instantly get an unfair advantage over them. I also think they changed most of the moves of the Tekken characters so that they play like Street Fighter fighters which just feels unnatural.

That doesn’t mean veterans of Street Fighter can understand the darn system intuitively! It feels like someone put Street Fighter IV into Simple mode since there are instant combos by pushing the light, medium and hard attacks in quick succession to launch your opponent into the air. There are also Gems that activate when you reach certain conditions and will boost your character’s attributes temporarily. But it’s like these additions made the game less fun to play for me. It actually made it harder for me to do my normal combos since I keep slipping into the instant combo when I wanted to to a regular button timed sequence of attacks. And the Gems… I don’t know how to strategize the use of this thing so I just ignore them for the most part.

Also, there’s something about the graphics I don’t like. I have a hard time describing as to the specific reason why. The characters and the backgrounds are just so… colorful that it’s kind of hard to see what the heck is happening. It’s like the background clashes with the characters so it becomes hard to focus on the action. And there seems to be this weird red hue on all of the fighters so they look like their colored wrong. And the faces of most of the Tekken roster look… unappealing. And the Street Fighter cast didn’t fare too well also.

My God! What happened to Balrog's, Law's and Paul's faces?

My God! What happened to Balrog’s, Law’s and Paul’s faces?

Street Fighter X Tekken isn’t an unplayable game even with all these flaws. The characters are all filled with personality. I especially like the character designs of Asuka, Lili and Marduk on the Tekken side and Poison and Rolento on the Street Fighter side. Once I did get sort of accustomed to the new system, I did start to pull of combos fairly consistently (but I did slip back to my Street Fighter roots once in a while). I’m interested in getting some of the DLC characters in the future just to complete them all.

I’m still not sure who the target audience is supposed to be for this game. It doesn’t play at all like Tekken so it eliminates that demographic. But it also doesn’t play as solidly and fluidly as Street Fighter so this game doesn’t cater to them as well. I say it’s just a sideshow oddity and fun to play once in a while but it’s nothing I can really recommend, especially for a newbie gamer such as myself.


Have you played Street Fighter X Tekken? Did you like it or hate it? Let me know what you think of the game in the comments section below!




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