Episode 51: So Tired of Patches


Last week, I talked about the upcoming update to one of my favorite games of all time, Street Fighter IV. The game has been updated numerous times since its initial release way back in 2008. Honestly, I’m fine with all of the updates to it. They weren’t tweaking anything because there was something broken in the game. I do have an issue with gaming companies releasing broken games and them patching them up later!

Look, I do understand why there are patches and I do appreciate the time game companies put into fixing those niggling bugs which affect my gaming experience. My question is why these bugs exist in the first place? Shouldn’t these issues have been fixed before the game was released? I mean, the game went through rigorous testing by the quality assurance department, right? I know there is because I can see them during the credits of the game!

See? Check out the 5 minute and 14 second mark!

There are some bugs I can sort of understand and forgive… somewhat. Fallout 3 on the PlayStation 3 has a bug that I don’t think could’ve been tested. I remember my brother encountering this game breaking bug after playing it for a little over a month. It would just slow down after loading the game and I think it’s because the game has to remember all of the dead bodies littered around the Wasteland and what each body is carrying.

I also can sorta forgive a game that’s as massive as Grand Theft Auto. With such a huge world and numerous things to do, it’s easy for some glitches to slip through the cracks. Still, it’s a game that caused massive headaches for me, fellow gamers and Rockstar themselves. Remember when some gamers found an exploit in the Online component and all of a sudden people were giving away money? Yeah, that sucked! But I totally got how this wasn’t seen since there has to be a really complicated, out-of-the-box process in order to do it.

Yes, it felt like I just robbed a bank!

Yes, it felt like I just robbed a bank!

So I’m not a monster that doesn’t understand when some bugs show up in a game. What I can’t accept are bugs that are so obvious and game breaking that it should’ve been seen and fixed immediately. While I’ve never seen it being played, Batman: Arkham Origins is notorious for having a ton of bugs and glitches; even some which prevents you from finishing the game!

I have experienced this issue when I was watching my brother play the new Tomb Raider on the PS3. It was near the end and I was all excited to see how Lara’s adventure would end. If I remember correctly, it was in an area that was blocked by a gate that you couldn’t destroy. We cleared out all of the enemies and the game didn’t budge! So, we tried different ways to break open the gate. We tried shooting the game with various weapons. We gathered all of the explosive barrels we could find and place them beside the gate then detonated all of them to no effect.

We even thought we missed an enemy and the gate would open by itself and searched every nook and cranny of the level to no success. As a last ditch effort, we even tried loading a very old save game and reaching that point in the game. Still nothing! It turns out we encountered a huge glitch that the developers and QA didn’t find! And we weren’t the only one!

So we had to wait 3 long agonizing months for them to patch the issue! Like I said, I do appreciate the patch and them getting the game up and running properly. What I’m mad at is the fact the bug is there in the first place! Now, I haven’t been playing games for a long time but I don’t remember seeing any bugs to this degree like in Final Fantasy X, Devil May Cry and the first Resident Evil. No, they ran without them crashing or stopping me from continuing with the story!

I hope game developers get their act together in the future. Just because you can fix a game remotely with a patch at a later date, it doesn’t mean that you should. They do have the responsibility to the consumer (that’s you and me) to make sure their products are free of defects when we get them.

Whew! Now that’s out of the way and I’m more calm now, and since I did mention Final Fantasy X, I’d like to talk about my favorite RPG of all time… and it’s not a Final Fantasy game!

Let me give you a hint what it is:

And there isn't a Mortal Kombat RPG... but that would be cool!

And there isn’t a Mortal Kombat RPG… but that would be cool!

I’ll reveal what it is… next week!


What are your thoughts on patches? Are they okay with you? Or are you just annoyed with them? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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