Episode 49: My Favorite Games I Play Online


Last week, I told you guys about how my online personality is distinctively different from my real personality and how it’s somewhat of an act. Well, I guess it’s only fair to tell you guys where you can find my different persona! I don’t really play that many games and the number of games I play online is definitely not that big. In fact, I can count the number of online games I play on one hand! And I don’t have to use my thumb!

Without further ado, here are the four games that I actually have to go online for! They’re in order of frequency!

4) Ragnarok Online

I started playing Ragnarok on a whim. I just wanted to try reviewing something for this website. But I didn’t want it to be a television show or a movie. Instead, I wanted to try something I never tried before to get a truly unbiased review. I settled for Ragnarok Online for two reasons. One, it’s free to play so it didn’t cost me a thing. And second, it was the most popular online game in the Philippines for a long time!

Awww! :)

Look how cute they all are!

I never expected to play it for such a long time! I honestly though I would play it for a week or two and be done with it. And it’s been ages since I downloaded it to my PC. For months, Ragnarok Online consumed me! I was lucky I guess, since I went in when they were giving a 3x XP bonus, which definitely helped me like the game a lot more!

I don’t play the game that often anymore. I reached Level 98 for my Thief/Assassin a long time ago and I just can’t seem to find the best place to level up to 99 and finally switch to a new job. I do pop in occasionally once in a while to try (in vain) to gain the necessary XP.

Also, I’m sick and tired of just talking to bots!

3) Grand Theft Auto Online

Now, I’m normally a nice girl in real life. But, sometimes, especially when I just had a bad day, I just want to let loose and cause as much mayhem as I can. Thankfully, I can always boot up my PS3 and run over a few innocent people in Grand Theft Auto Online!

Like this would happen during my first day out!

Just a typical day in Los Santos

I never actually played Grand Theft Auto V (I did watch my brother play it from start to end) so my first experience with playing in the open world sandbox was its online component. And I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in the city. I loved it so much I bought the swankiest apartment, shopped (and “acquired”) the most amazing vehicles I could find and purchased all of the clothes I thought were fashionable. I even had my hair done!

2) PlayStation Home

My relationship with PlayStation Home is a complicated one. It’s like being officially exclusive with someone else. At first, you can’t help but spend as much time as you can with each other! Then, after a few days or weeks, the fiery love you have for one another starts to fizzle out. The both of you start to lose touch between each other and, before you know it, you haven’t even see each other for weeks! There’s never an official break up… you just don’t see each other anymore. A few months pass, you see one another in the hall and catch up… and the cycle repeats itself.

Is bigger better?

Why can’t I quit you?

Like that example, I’ve been going on and off PlayStation Home for 5 years! This is actually the first real “game” I played. I never tried any other game before since I always treated it like a colossal chatroom but you can dress up your avatar. Which I love doing!

In all honestly, the only reason why I have yet to even think of getting a PlayStation 4 for myself is to because there’s not a Home for the latest Sony console!

1) Street Fighter IV

I always found it weird that one of my favorite games is Street Fighter. Tekken is extremely popular here in the Philippines and not many people pay attention to Street Fighter. But I never really got into Tekken because there’s just so much guessing involved! It seems like you can’t react to high/low attacks, which really throws me off. And I don’t like guessing at all! I want my games to be more about reflexes, smarts and reaction times… not luck! Sorry Tekken fans but those are my thoughts on the game!

The gang's all here!

Looking for a fight?

I may not be the best in the world of Street Fighter IV but I do think I’m at least competent with my Vega! I may lose a lot more online matches than I win. But I don’t care! I enjoy my online fights… even the fights I lose!

Speaking of Street Fighter, I’m really excited for Ultra Street Fighter IV! Especially with all of the balancing they’re doing for it! And I’ll elaborate more on that next week!


What are the online games you play? Are there any other games you can suggest I should play in the future? Let me know what they are by posting your suggestions below!

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